If you're a fan of Star Wars you've seen Rogue One and if you still buy films you might be interested in picking it up. Recently I bought up the special 5 disc Collectors Edition at Target and if you are looking for a nice collectors item with some extra special features, it is something you should look into. Disney has worked with a few retailers to bring out a few unique versions of Rogue One and I chose the Target Collectors Edition because it's the only one that came with two extra behind the scenes extras. Personally I love watching behind the scenes special features and generally pick whichever copy has them. When Disney released The Force Awakens last year Target also got the extra behind the scenes version YET the packaging was inferior/not great and the extra special scenes were online only. That caused more than a couple fans to complain as those features were not advertised as digital only so for Rogue One's release this year Target and Disney upgraded the packaging as well as included a bonus DVD disc with the extra features.

The two extra behind the scenes features are "Digital Storytelling" and "Inside the Creature Shop" which give a better look at how the movie was made but I don't feel they are must watch unless you need to watch every bit of behind the scenes footage. The standout part of the Target Collectors Edition is the absolutely incredible packaging that will look amazing on your shelf if you are into that sort of thing. If you watch your movies digitally Rogue One also comes with a digital code to redeem your movie with Disney and push it to nearly any movie store you can think of.

If you're a Star Wars fan and love to collect these films this is something you need to look into ... at least until Disney releases another edition with the conspicuously missing directors commentary, deleted scenes and other behind the scenes features that somehow didn't come out with the first release.


Travis   Admin wrote on 04/19/2017 at 01:09pm

I actually kinda doubt we ever get deleted scenes on this one. Or maybe not full-on doubt, but I wouldn't be surprised if we don't. Since so much of this ended up on the cutting room floor because of reshoots, it might be something they don't want people to see.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/19/2017 at 01:37pm

Yeah, hopefully that changes because there seems to be slot of footage that would be interesting to see.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 04/19/2017 at 04:25pm

Or they can completely surprise us (and make a ton more money in sales) if they re-release the movie at some point with the original footage. With the disclaimer that it's not a finished product, they could piece together (even with storyboards for parts that maybe weren't shot) the original script. I'd definitely pay to see that.

Of course, this won't happen, but the thought is neat :)

Travis   Admin wrote on 04/19/2017 at 09:52pm

Adam, I would buy the hell out of that.

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