Been listening to a lot of podcasts and reading articles and Portal 2 seems to be on most peoples game of the year lists. Im not sure I had a game of the year for 2011, but Portal 2 was on of the most unique experiences ive had behind the ps3.

For starters my wife enjoyed watching me play the game. She had the same feelings about Halflife 2, she wouldn't let me play it if she wasn't present to miss out on the story. Portal 2 starts out with a bang and throws you right back into Aperture Science as you wake up from a long hibernation period to a funny robot named Wheatley.

I never felt like the puzzles were impossible but occasionally I was stumped for a few minutes. More than once my wife helped me figure out how to complete a test chamber and I was on my way. The graphics are very good on the PS3 but some have said they are not jaw dropping. Everything looked just right to me.

One awesome bonus that Portal 2 came with on the PS3 was the inclusion of a free voucher for the PC steam copy. I bought it when the PS3 Network was down so I had to wait a few weeks to active the steam copy. I completed the game on the PS3 as I prefer shooters on the big TV in the living room, but it was fun to checkout the extras the steam version had.

Still have not tried out the co-op but plan to go through it with a friend a bit at a time. Ive heard co-op is where the game shines and I am eager to try it out.

Portal 2 was one of the coolest video game experiences I had in 2011, you monster.

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 02/05/2012 at 12:43am

This seems like a pretty rad game. I've never seen it before, but I like what I've heard

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/05/2012 at 12:48am

Yeah, the first Portal is very good and the second is even better!

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/05/2012 at 06:50am

It's my #2 of the year, hands down. With regard to the puzzles stumping you, don't you hate finally realizing how to do the puzzle and you get that sinking "I'm an idiot" feeling for a sec, but then it fades when you appreciate the design?

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/05/2012 at 04:24pm

For some, yeah I did. For others I thought I had solved something hard so I had a sense of accomplishment. Like when I found a few rat dens on my own and the Borealis dock. The HL2 tie in was fun.

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/20/2012 at 04:29am

The cliffhanger they left us with at the end of HL2:Episode 2 makes me think we'll see more tie-in later. I can't imagine that would be a throwaway line. The idea of killing headcrab zombies with portals is squee-worthy.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/20/2012 at 05:10am

I hope so. I think they are making HL3 now. And I hope they tie in HL3 and Portal in some way like you mention.

Travis   Admin wrote on 02/20/2012 at 05:24am

So you think they're abandoning Episode 3? Probably a good idea now that so much time has passed.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/20/2012 at 06:42am

Yes. People want more Half-Life. I think people would rather another full experience than 6 hours anyway. I would and if Portal 2 is an indicator, it will be way better.

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