Portal 2

Released on April 18, 2011 by Valve

Developed by Valve

The "Perpetual Testing Initiative" has been expanded to allow you to design co-op puzzles for you and your friends!

Wanted to share a recent Digital Foundry comparison of all the Portal console versions. According to the review, the Switch version may be the best console version of both games. Too bad Valve doesn’t support the console versions of its games more but then again they are fairly old games too.

The Portal Companion Collection is available on Switch today! If you wanted to replay these classic games on Switch, now’s the time.

It’s currently only available digitally with a physical release later this year from Play Asia.


The Steam Deck has finally started shipping to nearly universal praise. I think they only downside to the Steam Deck I've heard of is that if you play hefty graphical games at 60fps the battery life doesn't last very long. Valve has some toggles to downscale games to get more battery life, but if you can only get an hour or two from any modern intensely graphical game.

To date, Valve has released some innovative hardware that hasn't quite achieved mainstream status. The Steam Deck seems like it might be the magic hardware that a lot of gamers may get. That said, if you signed up for the Steam Deck late in the game it might take you a long time to finally get one. Let... Read All

The latest Nintendo direct brought some great news for Switch fans. One new game collection to be announced was quite a welcomed surprise in the Portal: Companion Collection. Basically it's just as it sounds, Valve is releasing the Portal & Portal 2 Companion Collection on Nintendo Switch. My hope is this has a physical release, because if it doesn't i'll pick it up. I still play Portal and Portal 2 with my 5 year old son on the Series X backwards compatibility and getting a new fresh port on Switch would be awesome. My hope is Valve releases this collection on the other consoles in 4K but if this is simply a Switch port, that seems fine too. It's an interesting... Read All

Alienware unveiled the Concept UFO PC handheld at this years CES 2020. I've been clamoring for a PC handheld like this for years and last year bought a Switch because it was everything I wanted in a handheld gaming device minus my Steam library. The Concept UFO is essentially a handheld PC that has nearly all the features of the Switch except it runs Windows 10. The Verge has an incredible video i've linked above that gives the device it's due and even though it may or may not come out it looks quite good. With that, now that I have a Switch and the fact that so many PC only indie games are coming to it it makes a device like this less appealing. Still, taking your... Read All

In a spate of great video game news today Valve and Apple worked out their differences such that Steam Link has now come to your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It works just like the Android app except Valve has simply allowed you to stream your steam games to your iOS devices due to Apples policy of not allowing other competing stores on it's hardware. All that said, I tried it out on my iPhone and Apple TV and Steam Link works flawlessly.

You can pair a MFI controller with Steam Link on your Apple device, Steam controller in bluetooth mode or use touch if you prefer. I was surprised to find touch isn't too bad and many games already have somewhat serviceable controller... Read All

After each Games Done Quick stream is over I get a bit depressed because I honestly love watching the streams so much. The speedrunning community and organizers at GDQ create such a fun event it's sad when it's over.

This will be the first of a couple posts where I highlight the runs from Summer Games Done Quick 2017 so expect a few more of these over the coming weeks.

Kyatto Ninden Teyandee OR Samurai Pizza Cat is a relatively unknown NES Japanese game in the states. Usedpizza blows through the game with ease and it's a fun run to watch because it's always good to see games i've never heard of be played quickly.

Marble Madness... Read All

I was able to attend this years Steam Developer Days and had a great time. One big draw of the conference was the talks and Valve has dropped them all on their YouTube page. I linked to one really great talk above by Mike Ambinder on the Psychology of Games I recommend you watch. There are 25 talks available from this years Dev Days so if you are in need of some awesome game talks and have some time, hit the link below.


If you want to read my thoughts on my two days at Steam Developer Days hit the links below.

... Read All

If you love Portal 2 and by some chance missed the writers of Portal 2, Chet and Erik do a post mortem of Portal 2 at GDC I highly recommend you watch it. They cover the original designs of what Portal 2 was supposed to be and how it became the game we all love. They give some hints at some secret mechanics of a future Valve title called "F Stop."

I see many reviews on Steam like this. They basically give the game a bad review but play it... a lot.

So you dislike the game, don't recommend it but you suffered through it for 452 hours? Games I don't like get a few hours at most. confused

I don't entirely understand many parts of gamer culture, this kind of thing in particular.