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Played a beta of this back a couple months ago. Really entertaining low-bit aesthetic, and I dare you not to shift up and down in your chair along with the opening montage.

Give it a look.

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So, when I first heard of this project a couple few months ago, I was dubious. I mean, prisons seem an odd setting for a tycoon-type game; it isn't exactly a lighthearted endeavor. This could probably easy drift into completely tasteless territory. Relevant: [https://www.google.com/search?q=prison+tycoon+4]

The game went up in its alpha state on Steam, and elsewhere, and last weekend I went ahead and bought it. Welp, it's been a seriously long time since a game has managed to keep me up to 3am without my realizing it. This game is horrifically entertaining, even with all the rough edges currently strewn about.

I attached the introductory video for the currently released version - give a look.

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Probably fed up with XBLA; and spying a bright, shiny, Steam-Box-powered future; Fez is slated to come available on Steam with a Windows release in May. [Insert obligatory missed deadlines joke.] However considering XBox -> Windows port, it's probably not that much of a brainer, and wouldn't expect it to take terribly long, so May is probably pretty realistic.

In any case, being console-less, I'm excited to finally get to play this game.


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Reports dribbling in regarding large changes in staffing at Valve, at least some of which are in the group focusing on hardware.

Anyone up for some speculation?

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