In celebration of FEZ 5th birthday today Polytron had a series of Tweets about the game and one mentioning that FEZ will be coming to iOS this year! The reveal trailer above doesn't mention much about how the game will work but if they get the controls just right it might be great.

FEZ is a special game that features one of the best game scores of all time and once upon a time was getting a sequel that was later cancelled. I hold out hope that FEZ 2 might still be coming or will come back in some form but at least we have FEZ, which is one of the best platformers i've played in quite some time.

So it's post election time in the United States and I think we can all agree that it's been a very rough season. Many years ago I started listening to more Classical music during another particularlly charged election year because I was drawn to music that had less of an agenda by not featuring words. Which is why I think I enjoy listening to amazing video game scores. Not only is the music great but it's also a more personal experience beacuse the meaning isn't often as obvious.

FEZ is a very special Indie platformer that I consider to be one of the games that kicked off the Indie revolution. FEZ packs a bunch of charm and has a special kind of magic to it as you make... Read All

Recently FEZ got a huge new update and developer Renaud Bédard mentioned in his blog post that he was inspired to work on the new update by the speedrunning community. At this years Summer Games Done Quick Vulajin ran through FEZ at an impressive 28:30. FEZ is one of the more chill games I can think to watch so if you have a handful of minutes, checkout the run!
FEZ was one of the games that some consider to have started the new Indie gaming explosion. Originally launching on the XBox, it was later ported to PC and some time later Mac and Linux as part of the Humble Indie Bundle. In my opinion FEZ is an incredible game and one of my more moving experiences. FEZ designer Phil Fish dropped some news that FEZ 2 was being developed to only later scrap it and sort of disband his company in a sad snowball of events. It was a sad time to be a fan of FEZ as it seemed the future and present of the game wasn't very clear. But as it turns out FEZ is getting a fresh update from it's original developer Renaud Bédard.

"Since I shipped FEZ... Read All
I completed Fez on Mac after the Mac port came to Steam yesterday. The game plays beautifully and picks up my controller such that the game feels just as polished as the Windows version. Another rad feature is that Steam syncs your saves. I started the game on Windows and played it a bit on Linux and completed it on Mac.

You can unlock the final area with 32 cubes collected and I achieved that in about 6 hours of total play. I have many more cubes to collect and plan on doing that here and there over the next bit. The ending sequence was really interesting and I don't want to say much to spoil it but I will say that it was unique and thought provoking.

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After news that Phil Fish decided to halt Fez 2 development, in a fit of angsty sorrow, I decided to play Fez for the first time. From the intro screen to the first swaths of gameplay and score, Fez is magic. So magical that if video games can be art, Fez pushes that discussion forward. How much higher praise can a game get than it gave me genuine feelings of joy and exploration?

I am not sure what I can say more about a game that was featured in Indie Game: The Movie as well as reviewed and Let's Played as much as Fez. The rotating camera gameplay coupled with gorgeous retro graphics are a delight. Each new area offers new rich visuals and the unique gameplay Phil... Read All
"It's with a heavy heart that we announce that FEZ II has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment"

That wasn't something I had expected to hear this morning. But yeah, Fez 2 has been cancelled. It seems this has been brewing for sometime and recently came to a head for Phil Fish, creator of Fez. I don't want to outline the series of events here, there are plenty of gaming websites dedicating themselves to cataloging each bit of information. If you are interested in reading more, i'll provide a link.

That said, it seems Phil Fish is leaving gaming entirely and I find that sad. I saw Indie Game: The Movie and he seemed like a... Read All
Fez is now available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. Very interested in picking this up and trying it out. Are you interested in picking up Fez and if you have, how does it play on Windows?

The creator of Fez recommends you pick the game up on the Humble Store as they get more of a cut that way. Humble Store buy comes with a Steam key too, so win/win.

Probably fed up with XBLA; and spying a bright, shiny, Steam-Box-powered future; Fez is slated to come available on Steam with a Windows release in May. [Insert obligatory missed deadlines joke.] However considering XBox -> Windows port, it's probably not that much of a brainer, and wouldn't expect it to take terribly long, so May is probably pretty realistic.

In any case, being console-less, I'm excited to finally get to play this game.