In the latest episode of Game/Show Jamin talks about the Apple classic game The Oregon Trail. He starts things off with a seemingly ridiculous premise that everyones favorite squirrel shooting simulator lied to us. I recommend you watch the video to experience a really interesting and light history of the The Oregon Trail but also educational games as a genre. Apparently educational games are not very good at educating people and if they are it's generally not for what they set out to do. In the end Oregon Trail does a good job teaching us about simulation and economic basics but doesn't do a great job teaching us what it's like to have actually been on the trail.... Read All
Like @Adym, I too remember this game.

I pretty much always played as the Banker from Boston so I could buy a ton of bullets and shoot squirrels. One time a classmate and I shot a squirrel hunderds of times to see if the amount of squirrel meat in pounds would increase.

Sadly it did not. It was still only 2 pounds.

Who didn't play this game at school? Remember to buy as many bullets as you can!

The game still holds up. There's a Facebook version that's decent, but the original is pretty awesome.

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Wyvern 0.9.7 Update Drops this Thursday(Hats + Rogue Update)!

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Wyvern 0.9.7 Update Drops this Thursday(Hats + Rogue Update)!

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