Super Meat Boy

Released on November 30, 2010

Developed by Team Meat

The infamous, tough-as-nails platformer comes to Steam with a playable Head Crab character (Steam-exclusive)!

If you love Meat Boy and want to have a box copy of it along with a ton of swag to go along with it you should check out IndieBox. This month they are packing up Meat Boy in the "Super Dumb Boy" collectors edition packaging alongside a DRM free copy of the game, 2 disc soundtrack and more.
Recently Super Meat Boy on Steam was updated to add Linux as a platform and refresh the Mac port to fix some bugs and get it working on newer Macs. The port and fixes were done by everyones favorite Linux port guru Ryan Gordon. To celebrate the games 3rd anniversary and its recent Mac and Linux love it is 80% off on Steam right now.

Ryan Gordon recently posted a bit about the update:

"- Linux version now available on Steam. If you already own the game for Windows or Mac on Steam, you get the Linux version for free right now. Otherwise, your three dollars gets you three platforms of Super Meat Boy, plus SteamOS support some day.
- Now using SDL2, which means...
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It's hard to write about Super Meat Boy as it has been cover by the press and was given some major treatment in Indie Game: The Movie. That said, I found this fast facts video pretty interesting, if not a bit short.

I've been playing Super Meat Boy a bit at a time over the months and am currently pretty far into the salt factory. Currently the Steam Mac version is broken and the only Linux version of Meat Boy was released with the Humble Bundle. That said, I do plan on finishing this one but I hope it is ported to Steam on Linux so it can be played on the Steam Box.

All that said, how far have you made it through Meat Boy? What is the furthest you have gone in the game?... Read All
Its pretty good too, regenerates and only costs 3 mana? Not bad.

Means the only way this thing goes bye bye is with some kind of lock down or exile.

After watching Indie Game: The Movie I decided to try Super Meat Boy. From what I saw in the movie, it looked awesome. I know I am behind on giving this game a shot, but I am glad I tried it out as it is a really unique modern experience.

First off the game really feels like Super Mario Brothers. Well, that's not entirely true, it feels like a more... stripped down Mario Brothers. Something more... focused perhaps. Think Mario, with just platforming. It is also quite challenging but that didn't hit me in the feels, I like how hard it is.

The premise is you are Meat Boy and Dr. Fetus keeps capturing your girlfriend Bandage Girl. In every level you make it to her and that... Read All