Desctructoid interviewed Tommy Refenes, the other half of Team Meat, about his upcoming game Mew-Genics. Mew-Genics is a cat breeding simulator with pretty dark style. The interview covers a few aspects of the game and as the interview happens you can see some of the game play in the back. They discuss a few of things you can do with your cats after you breed them such as beauty pageants and cat fighting.

How can this game be bad?
Since Team Meat announced they were working on Mew-Genics many people have wondered what kind of game it will be. Some kind of cat breeding simulator is a good start, but not many details have surfaced. Over the weekend Edmund McMillen has loosed a few more bits of Mew-Genics .. WITH PICTURES!

I seriously recommend you check it out by clicking the link below.

"as the weeks inch closer to our release, sometime next year ill be dropping in little tidbits of info, filling in all the rest of the gaps and maybe even posting some gameplay!
all in all mewgenics is currently the biggest project Tommy and I have ever worked on, and... Read All

The new Mew-Genics teaser dropped on YouTube and is both fun and disturbing. So apparently in Mew-Genics you rub cats together to get another cat, WHO KNEW? Can't wait for more information on Team Meat's next game to surface but it seems still very deep in development right now.

Never knew I wanted to breed cats so badly.
We've been waiting for weeks now. Seventeen weeks of teasers, and finally we know what Mew-Genics actually is: A cat simulator. The player is essentially a virtual cat lady! :)

Mixing elements of The Sims, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Tamagotchi, Mew-Genics aims to create a lively world full of adorable cats that you have to take care of. Edmund McMillen says about the game, "at its core, the game isn't really like anything we've seen before."

This game looks strange and wonderful.

After watching this I am WAY more excited about Mew-Genics than I was as this soundtrack seems totally level 50 max level awesome-rad.

CAT FIGHT, CAT FIGHT! So very catchy.

Yeah, this will be a day one purchase for me and I have no idea what the game is about yet.