Hammerwatch is an upcoming Gauntlet styled hack-n-slash featuring 4 player co-op. Travis and I featured this game on the site a few months ago with an interview and early gameplay review. I am happy to let you know that Hammerwatch is available to pre-order from the Humble Store for $8. When the game is ready to ship the pre-order gets you access to the game, game score + Steam Key.

Seriously, this a crazy deal and its not even on sale.

No secret I am very excited for this game to launch and as such shipped over a few questions to the Hammerwatch developers about the pre-order and final release. I want to thank them for taking the time to talk with me and I wish them... Read All

After jdodson’s interview with the developers of Hammerwatch, we got to take a beta for a spin. We recorded a lets play of us playing Survival (in which Jon is awesome, by the way), which you can watch above as well as our first impressions below. Read on for our thoughts on this early build of the game, as well as some follow-up questions that came out of our test.

Let me just say, this game is amazing. It starts off tricky, and the difficulty curve continues at about the same pace as your upgrades, so be prepared to stay alert.

Hammerwatch is heavily inspired by Gauntlet but takes the genre a few steps forward in very unique ways. Choosing one of the four classes... Read All