I enjoy these game lore videos. Enjoyed the fake lore video playing up the hyper difficult and addictive qualities of Flappy Bird.

After watching this video I wondered what kind of faux lore would exist for Pacman?

The somewhat reclusive creator of Flappy Bird recently accepted an interview with Rolling Stone. In it, he discusses the ups and downs of creating a hit mobile game.

I have to admit to a slight addiction here, folks. I've criticized the game and Mr. Nguyen on the site before, and I still stick by those criticisms. The game is derivative and unimaginative, and its creator handled criticism very poorly. I still believe that. However, upon the news that it was being removed from the various app stores, I re-snagged it just in case I changed my mind. Well, I have. Kinda. The art is incredibly derivative, going farther than just homage, and the mechanics are identical to a... Read All

In Flappy Bird the tagline is simple with "flap your wings to fly." That said, the game is anything but and for me, I might rank it as one of the hardest games i've played and it's on my iPhone. The game mechanics are simple, tap the screen to keep the bird in the air and avoid hitting the super Mario pipes. Each pipe you fly past nets you a coin. Rinse, repeat. The game is deceptively simple and hard as %@##.

That said, I seriously recommend you guys download the latest gaming craze on your smartphone and give Flappy Bird a try. Currently my high score is 14, but my Mom seems to have gotten a 41 according to iOS's Game Center. Apparently my Mom is a Flappy Bird... Read All