Imgur is a great photo sharing site that has quite a lot of video game related content. Recently I found these photos of some cool art with a retro gaming twist. I love seeing those Goombas fishing but I don't want cheep cheep to take the bait. Flip the boat cheep, flip the boat.

Jack and Rich are back with a new episode of Previously Recorded that discusses quick time events, cut scenes and game immersion. They note that when you drop instructions on screen to press buttons you remind the player they are playing the game instead of being the character on the screen. This is a good point and I think that it often gets worse when you are playing a PC game that asks you to press a button on a controller that you are not using.

What do you think, is Super Mario Brothers more immersive than Call of Duty? Do quick time events ruin game immersion? Are Jack and Rich horrible frauds?

Jamin brought up a really interesting point in this episode of Game/Show. Humans aren't very good jumpers but that doesn't stop us from building games with really cool jump mechanics. Jamin covers some history of game jumping and tries to answer the question if Mario's crazy jump ability effected any video games that came afterward? Spoiler alert, apparently it did.

If you are looking for some daily LOL's this Pete Holmes video will foot the bill. That said, I want everyone to read the next few sentences with the nerdiest fanboy stereotypical vibe imaginable.

Mario hit blocks with his clenched fist, not his head. Seriously. I mean, here.

Box cover proof.

Same in Mario 3.

Super Mario World.

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When I was a wee lad in the 90's Nintendo ruled my world. Not only did they make the best console at the time, but they also had a foothold in many other areas. Nintendo trading cards, Nintendo Cereal & Nintendo Comics were all things I desperately needed. Even though my childlike yearning was real, I didn't have much money so I really only had Nintendo Games and some trading cards. My cousin, WhiteboySlim had the comics books and I loved reading them when I went over to his house. To this day "Pihrana-Round Sue" and "Money Changes Everything" are some of my most beloved comics of all time.

I recently found a website that has scanned in all the old Valiant Nintendo... Read All

Seems hack free and also contains a strange set of actions to achieve. I wish we have the source for these old games so I could find out what game state triggers this bug.

That said, 2014 and the game community is still discovering more about Super Mario Brothers.
Game Trailers show Pop Fiction recently produced a really great episode about the secrets of Super Mario Brothers. In this episode they find out if there are more secret levels in Super Mario Brothers than just the minus worlds. It's a very technical episode and goes over mechanisms on how people found these levels and how you can go about playing them now.

If you love Nintendo lore and knowing as much as you can about Super Mario Brothers you need to watch the video linked below, your inner nerd will thank you.

"How well do you know your enemies? That's the question we set out to answer in our premiere episode of Know Your Enemy. Join us as we take a look at one of our favorites: The Goomba, from the Super Mario Bros. series."

Awesome new YouTube series "Know Your Enemy" debuts with a classic Mario enemy, the Goomba. Providing some really great history to the character as well as it's many cultural and game appearances. Whenever I see one of those little guys I just want to stomp on it. Good thing they are not modeled after an actual thing in real life.
IGN recently released a new website cataloging the history of Mario. Starting with his early roots in the game Donkey Kong, IGN new site is an fun jaunt down memory lane. IGN parented with HTML5HUB to create the Museum of Mario entirely in HTML5, so if you are flash adverse this is your jam.

Speaking of doing awesome things in HTML5 with Mario someone recently recreated Super Mario Brothers in HTML5 and released it as Open Source on Github. You can play each level from the original game and also play a special random world mode where each level is procedurally generated. Check it out.
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Hey Paisanos! For retro Tuesday I decided to talk about a television show I watched the hell out of as a kid. It is a show I rarely ever missed and had a blast watching each episode. The Super Mario Brothers Super Show was the first taste I got of a video game theme show and quickly became my favorite of its era. Watching Mario, Luigi, the Princess and Toad foil Bowser over and over again never seemed to get dull. The plots were interesting and they seemed to add in the right amount of Mario-ness to the show. I even liked the live action set pieces between animation.

Each season of the Super Show is available on Netflix and YouTube now, so if you are interested in... Read All

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