Secrets of Grindea is an upcoming game that aims to put a modern spin on the beloved SNES era action RPG’s. I discovered it while looking through the list of games that had been Greenlit on Steam. Seeing as many of you CheerfulGhosters like retro-styled games like I do, in addition to sharing my find with all of you I decided to reach out to the developers and see if they were willing to do an interview for us. As it turns out they were happy to oblige!

Whiteboyslim: Could you please introduce us to your team and briefly explain your role in developing Secret of Grindea.

PixelFerrets: Our team consists of three members; Teddy the programmer, Vilya the graphic artist and... Read All
A.N.N.E. is a gorgeous upcoming 2D pixel side-scroller that mashes up elements of Contra, Castlevania and Blaster Master. It recently caught my attention from its Kickstarter campaign and after I watched the video I was hooked on its interesting gameplay and lush visuals. Currently A.N.N.E. is 7k shy of its backing goals and has 13 days left to achieve it. If this game strikes your fancy and you have a few bucks between stuck in your couch cushions I seriously recommend you consider backing this project.

I want to thank Travis and WhiteboySlim for tossing questions into the hat for this one.

jdodson: From the initial concept to now about how long have you been working... Read All

Its no secret I am very excited about Starbound. After pre-ordering the game and tearing through the score a few times, I decided to reach out to Curtis Schweitzer, one of the Starbound composers. This interview to date, has been one of the most fun things I have done and I am very happy with how it turned out. I wish Curtis, Solatrus & Chucklefish to a speedy 1.0!

jdodson: Could you describe how the process has been working with Chucklefish on Starbound to this point? What did they say when they approached you initially and what was your reaction to it all?

Curtis: This has been a really amazing experience, and the folks at Chucklefish have been fantastic. I... Read All
Shovel Knight is the awesome retro styled 2D sidescroller that was recently catapulted to Kickstarter success blowing by its initial $75k level to land on a cool $350k. The fans of this upcoming game spread the message far and wide and as such gained some awesome stretch goals such as Linux & Mac ports, playable boss characters, a gender swap mode(woot), challenge mode and a 4 player battle mode.

Since I am very interested in dispensing shovel justice to evil in 8-bit I decided to reach out to the Shovel Knight team. They were awesome enough to respond and what follows is the historical accounting of that conversation.

Oh and for all of you wondering, we did talk... Read All
Chasm is an awesome new "Metroidvania" 2D fantasy RPG that is currently on Kickstarter. It is a really interesting mashup of 2D RPG side-scrollery and as such wanted to talk to Jame Petruzzi of Discord Games about it. I want to thank James for taking the time to talk with me and am looking forward to the new beta that should be coming out very soon!

jdodson: What prompted you to decide that you wanted to strike out on your own and bring this game to the world? It seems like you have done everything you could to bring the game to this point, did you consider an eventual Kickstarter or did that evolve later?

James: I was pretty much done with the corporate world, and... Read All
Legend of Dungeon is fun new rogue-like that was recently released on the Humble Store. I picked it up and was instantly taken with its unique look and fun gameplay. It is in my "regular rotation" of games I am currently playing and I can say that, for me, it works flawlessly on Mac and Linux(so far I haven't actually played it on PC). I reached out to Alix Stolzer, one half the amazing Robot Loves Kitty Indie duo that created Legend of Dungeon and other lovely games such as Tiny Plumbers.

Since I sent out the questions to Alix, Legend of Dungeon has been successfully Greenlit on Steam and the game has continued on to garner more fans and positive reviews. I want to... Read All
FTL is one of the most unique games I've played in the last few years. Many gamers started following the game since its successful Kickstarter till now. Being a huge fan of the game myself, I contacted the FTL folks to ask them a few questions about the game and how things have gone since launching it. I want to thank Matthew Davis and the FTL team for taking time to talk to me and for also making such an awesome game.

Thanks to @scrypt & @CapnCurry for adding questions to the interview!

jdodson: FTL was successfully Kickstarted, has been reviewed very well by gamers and recently you guys won an award at GDC. How as all the attention been and what has been the one... Read All
I have a desire to own a well made gameboy styled handheld that I can do with what I wish. After searching for a bit about what was available the recently Kickstarted GCW Zero caught my attention. As such I asked them if they would answer a few of my questions about it and the retro community that surrounds its potential awesomeness.

jdodson: For you, what is the coolest thing the GCW Zero does?

GCW Zero: It allows people to do things for free gaming wise they would normally have to pay more then they can Afford and if a cost is involved it is so low it won't hit you in the bank where it hurts most.

jdodson: I find that touch games just don’t draw me in when compared to... Read All

After hearing great things about StarDrive from its recent Steam beta launch I decided to check it out. I pre-ordered the game and as such was able to try out the Beta. If you are looking for a deep space warfare game, StarDrive is the game to get. I was very impressed with StarDrive and when I reached out to Daniel DiCicco for an interview realized that we both hail from the always amazing Portland Oregon area.

jdodson: You just posted the StarDrive beta to Steam for people that pre-order the game. What is your reaction to how people have been playing the StarDrive beta?

Daniel DiCicco: I am absolutely thrilled with the response that we've gotten. People seem to be... Read All

I have really been enjoying the Zelda Sundial of Shadows animations created by Isobel Kelly. I wanted to ask her a few questions about the series, her process and thoughts about creating it. If you haven't checked out episode 1 I highly recommend it!

jdodson: I really like the style of Sundial of Shadows as it has the guts to do something a bit different. Instead of providing a paint by numbers generic story it takes its time to build its own style, and narrative. I wonder what you wanted to accomplish when you started the concept of Sundial of Shadows and wonder how you look at your first few episodes?

Isobel Kelly: I could've illustrated a comic book of this fan... Read All