"Test your skills in confined areas while fighting gravity (and walls) or brave the asteroid fields in zero gravity and experience firsthand the weirdness of the friction-less void."

Hard Lander is a really cool new co-op game by one of my Portland developer friends, Nic Blondi. I have played a few versions of Hard Lander as it has made its way through development and I am pretty excited to see it launch on Ouya. Hard Lander is a blast to play with other people and one time while playing it with Justin Baldwin(Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake) I got pretty good at ramming into him such that he would lose the match. And really, that's a ton of the appeal of Hard Lander,... Read All

Crawl is a top down chunky pixel hack-n-slash co-op rogue-like. You take your turn playing as the bad guys and when you turn comes, you can play as the lone hero. After contacting Powerhoof games I was able to land a press copy and brought it to a PIGSquad meet up and played it with a few people. I had a great time and after emailing Dave and Barney at Powerhoof they were kind enough to agree to do an interview. I wish them well to a speedy launch and hope you you create a special place in your heart for playing as evil incarnate in Crawl when it launches.

jdodson: Couch co-op seems to be making a comeback in the Indie scene. Some of my best memories in gaming are of a... Read All

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is the game that got me hooked on Kickstarter. From seeing the first few minutes of the video to looking at the lush game art, I was impressed. After seeing the game first hand at Portland Retro Gaming Expo, I can say that I can't wait to get my hands on the final product. I've been curious about the progress of the game for quite some time so I decided to ship over a few questions to Sleep Ninja Games. Justin Baldwin got back and as a special treat gave us two exclusive screen shots of the game in development. The first shot above is of the Village with the in game character Altus. The other screen grab is of The Apricot Acres and you... Read All

After the Starbound beta hit, like many of you, I played the heck out of it. Now that there have been a few game patches and people have tried out the beta, I wanted to ship a few questions over to our friend Curtis Schweitzer, who composed the game score. I was happy to hear that he was interested in talking with us about how things have gone since launch and what we can expect going forward.

jdodson: The Starbound beta has shipped and the reaction seems to be quite good. Right now, Starbound is the number 3 played game on Steam and all those people are listening to your music. How are you processing all of that right now?

Curtis Schweitzer: I'm just enjoying seeing... Read All

If I were to create a list of my top video games of all time, Legend of the Red Dragon would be on the list. Legend of the Red Dragon is a DOS based BBS Door Game that dominated the scene back in the 90's. If you had a BBS and didn't run LORD, it wasn't a BBS worth spending time on. Legend of the Red Dragon was edgy, dark, fantastical and irreverent. Plus it was a hell of a lot of fun. Seth Able Robinson is the creator of Legend of the Red Dragon as well as other BBS classics such as Planets: The Exploration of Space & LORD 2. Not to have his best work end in the 90's, Seth has gone on to create Dink Smallwood, Dungeon Scroll, Funeral Quest, Tanked &... Read All

One of the best parts of the recent Terraria 1.2 patch was the addition of more awesome music. Having a larger canvas of sound to accompany you while you are mining, building and slaying bosses is important. From the first time I heard the music in Terraria I was in love. Composer Scott Lloyd Shelly captures the wonder that you experience playing Terraria very well and I have wanted to talk to him about the game for some time.

Very excited to bring you our interview with the amazing Scott Lloyd Shelly. Don't hold the applause.

jdodson: The music in Terraria is incredibly iconic. From the first time I heard “Overworld Day” to hearing the new tracks from the 1.2 update,... Read All

Legend of Dungeon tops the list of awesome games i've played this year. The game brings a fresh face to the rouge-like genre while keeping it true to its most basic dungeon exploration elements. One part of the mix that makes the game work so well is its score. I was able to contact David Dirig, the composer for The Legend of Dungeon score and he agreed to talk with me about it.

jdodson: When you started the process of creating the music for Legend of Dungeon, what was the sound and tone you were going for?

David Dirig: -When I started the project I wanted to maintain a very strict ancient/traditional sound. I had a very limited palette of instruments and sounds that I... Read All

A few weeks ago Escape Goat came to Steam and like many people I decided to give it a go. Escape Goat is a pure puzzle platformer and offers really fun mechanics that will keep you playing "just one more level." The Steam version supports Mac, Linux and Windows out of the box and I found the controller support to be superb. After getting hooked in by Escape Goat's retro charms I wanted to ask its creator Ian Stocker about the game and if there will be more Goat adventures coming up.

jdodson: Escape Goat was recently released and was just Greenlit on Steam. Now that people have played it I am curious what your reaction to the launch and peoples responses have been?

Ian... Read All

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Back in July, Chroma Squad was successfully Kickstarted. This made me happy as Behold Studios, the company behind the magic, is setting out to do something pretty unique. Chroma Squad is a tactical turn-based game where you manage your set of heroes as well as TV studio. The concept is really quite innovative and I have been wanting to talk to the developers about it. As luck would have it, they had some time to talk with me and I want to thank them for doing the interview and wish them well in finishing the game!

jdodson: The game was successfully Kickstarted last month and was recently Greenlit on Steam, which is pretty awesome. How has development on the game been... Read All

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Death Road to Canada was one of those games I was very impressed with at PAX 2013. It has 21 days to for its Kickstarter and it is doing quite well. I want to give the game more exposure on the site because this game needs to be made.

I want to thank Kepa Auwae and Rocketcat Games for doing the interview and I wish them to a speedy game launch and Kickstarter funding!

jdodson: For me, Death Road To Canada was one of the most compelling games at PAX. How did your experience at PAX 2013 go and how do you think people responded to the game? Did Tarn and Zach bring the star-power the booth needed?

Kepa Auwae: Thanks, glad you liked it! PAX 2013 did really well. Got to meet a... Read All