I just watched the latest Rogue One trailer and I wasn't sure it was possible but i'm even more interested in seeing this film in December than I was before. The new trailer features a better look at the movies tone, characters and even drops a few more story beats. The end of the trailer also shows the back of Darth Vader's helmet and his signature respirator.

What did you think of the new trailer? Still interested in checking this out in December or are you going to pass on this one?

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 08/12/2016 at 12:34pm

I might go see it. Is this supposed to take place during the time the first Death Star was constructed? Isn't that the pilot and main lady in the last Star Wars movie?

Will_Ball   Game Mod   Super Member wrote on 08/12/2016 at 04:25pm

I think that was dark helmet. This takes place in the space balls universe.

I hope this movie is good. All the bad press about the reshoots have me worried.

hardeyez wrote on 08/12/2016 at 05:36pm

Exactly, getting more and more excited about this...

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/12/2016 at 06:28pm

"Isn't that the pilot and main lady in the last Star Wars movie?"

You mean Rey? Nah she wasn't even born when this movie takes place. This one takes place right before Episode IV.

As for reshoots, don't worry. A ton of movies have reshoots.

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 08/12/2016 at 06:31pm

Yeah, I thought that was Rey. I thought the pilot was BB-8's pilot. I guess I'm too lazy to look up character names. LOL Anyway, thanks for the clarification, Travis.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/13/2016 at 02:40am

> I think that was dark helmet. This takes place in the space balls universe.

HA! I've heard Spaceballs IS getting a sequel. Mel Brooks involved even.

> I hope this movie is good. All the bad press about the reshoots have me worried.

It's pretty uncommon to do reshoots for films where budget is an issue. One thing I've heard is that Disney is spending money keeping the films of rather high quality. The reason they are doing this is to keep the films top notch so they can milk the brand for infinite money. It seems to have worked with The Force Awakens and frankly I don't mind if the end result is good. Reshoots mean they are rework stuff that didn't work as well before. Sounds good to me!

All that said let's consider a world where it's maybe not as good as the Force Awakens or not even really on the same level. Not sure that will be the case, but let's assume it might not be.

Let's say the film is no better than Garth Edwards two previous films Monsters and Godzilla. I'd say Monsters was the better of the two and so let's say Rogue One is only going to be as good as Monsters. Well a film that's just as good as Monsters set with the rebels at war and with this sort of more gritty feel would be FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Seriously that shot with Ben Mendelsohn in the trailer makes me believe we might be surpassing Monsters in terms of how good this will be. But even if it's simply just as good as Monsters or maybe even Godzilla, that's still something i'd watch again and again.

A couple more pro Gareth musings:

* Monsters and Godzilla dig BIG and scale really well and from all the shots in the trailer it seems Gareth's style is on full tilt here. I've never seen scarier or bigger shots of Star Destroyers, AT Walkers or get more of an impression of the absolutely crushing power of the Empire. When those Rebels are being led through the streets in cuffs and then we see the absolute monster power of the Empire I was scared for the Rebels. I've never seem the Empire this strong before and I believe that is due to Gareth's visual style.

* Monsters is essentially a movie about two people trying to get to the US from Mexico during an alien invasion. It's not really about the Aliens as much as it's about those people and them being very human on a road trip. The monsters are used sparingly and to very good effect. The world is dangerous and mysterious and Gareth's use of Mexico as a backdrop really highlight his focus on a different culture and their loss due to the aliens. He doesn't really even explain the aliens very much which adds to the films overall mystery and rewatchability.

Monsters is on Netflix so if you haven't seen it, queue it up and remember Gareth did all that on a 4.2 million dollar budget! It's not perfect and at times I think the actors could have been a bit more serious with the material(maybe just Whitney Able, I don't think she is entirely on point here).

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 08/13/2016 at 12:19pm

I'll have to check out this Monsters movie you mentioned. I assume you're talking about the latest Godzilla movie, which I enjoyed, but I'm not sure I've seen a Godzilla movie I didn't enjoy and I've seen a lot of them (including the one from the '98 or so).

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/13/2016 at 03:49pm

Yeah I'd never heard anything one way or the other about Monsters. I'm intrigued now.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/14/2016 at 04:08am

So one minor correction: Gareth did all that on a $500k budget. $4.2 million was the gross at the box office. So the movie wasn't a commercial hit but it's an indie darling.

And for good reason, we watched it tonight and were hooked throughout. Seriously, this is how you do a monster movie that's not about the monster. You get the feeling that the BIG world-defining stories are going on somewhere else in the world, but we're focused on these two very human people with very human motivations.

There are some problems with it. The effects are used sparingly but they aren't incredible (but with $500k they're still very impressive). There were a few very "convenient" plot devices to push the characters into situations.

I thought Scoot McNairy did a fantastic job, but I love him in everything I've seen him in. He wasn't pitched as the star of Halt and Catch Fire but in the first season, but I kinda thought he filled the male lead role with his wife and Cameron on equal footing. Fantastic show, btw. But you're right, Whitney Able wasn't stellar.

We watched the trailer first and weren't really into the idea of watching it, but we wanted to see what Gareth could do. Wow, that trailer did a terrible job of explaining what the movie was about. But then I guess it's hard to sell a monster movie that isn't about the monster.

Seriously, masterfully done, and more to the point it really makes me look forward to Rogue One even more. As I said earlier, it's a story going on while the big story is happening somewhere else, and I think Rogue One really fits that narrative in many ways, based on the trailer. This is the story that took place in Episode IV's opening crawl.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/14/2016 at 05:47am

> So one minor correction: Gareth did all that on a $500k budget. $4.2 million was the gross at the box office. So the movie wasn't a commercial hit but it's an indie darling.

Oops, well even better smile

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/14/2016 at 05:48am

Also glad you liked it!

GregoPeck   Super Member wrote on 08/15/2016 at 02:15pm

I watched it the same night Travis did apparently, just hours later. I also liked it. I'm going to try to explain my thoughts on it without giving away spoilers (or too much). Unfortunately, it triggered my....let's call it "romantic frustration." It didn't end as I expected (or even as my dark side hoped). Still, it was good. I thought it was dramatically relevant right now as we have a Presidential candidate who wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the USA. Even in the movie we see just how well this might actually work.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/15/2016 at 10:23pm

I think the concept of Aliens is used quite a few ways in that movie too.

Travis   Admin wrote on 08/16/2016 at 02:33am
jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 08/16/2016 at 02:46am

Thanks Travis!

AdamPFarnsworth wrote on 08/19/2016 at 04:43pm

Here's a rad version of the trailer recut with Sabotage by the Beastie Boys

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