Released on November 8, 1998 by Valve

Developed by Valve

Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's debut title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

"To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Half-Life we reunited the original development team to share their memories of creating Valve's first game."

Oh and not only did Valve decide to celebrate Half-life's 25th anniversary with an awesome documentary, they also released an incredible quality of life update to the game updating it for 4K as well as running on the Steam Deck!


The latest documentary from Noclip is out and it's all about the history of Half-Life. Noclip wasn't able to talk to anyone from Valve about the game but managed to create an incredible documentary from interviews with Geoff Keighley, Scott Smith, Randy Pitchford and a lot more. One thing I learned while watching this is that Gearbox got It's feet wet as a game developer making a ton of Half-Life expansions and then jumped into their own IP to create the Borderlands franchise. The doc covers Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and other Half-Life mods and maps as well as Episode 3 and Mac Laidlaw's Epistle 3 as well as fans trying to finish up the Half-Life story... Read All

Half-life is a classic PC game that I bought to play Counter-Strike. I knew it was a fun game, but discovered that later after playing a ton of Counter-Strike. Truth be told I was never really good at LAN Counter-Strike but I was pretty good at Half-life as it was one of the first first person shooter games to blend puzzle solving with a first class sci-fi story.

"Few games have made an immediate impact quite like Half-Life. From the narrative, to the level design, to the numerous spin-offs and mods! The original 1998 PC gaming classic is well worth revisiting."

I remember there was a time when the thought of buying a game on Steam seemed crazy. Why wouldn't you want the actual game install disc? What if the servers went down or if you weren't online? Buying a game on Steam seemed crazy and I stuck to purchasing games in a box. The thing that finally got me to actually use Steam was the second Humble Bundle. I much preferred the DRM free downloads for the games but since I had those Steam keys lying around I decided to redeem them. It was really nice just downloading the games and playing them from Steam and I ended up buying the Binding of Issac on Steam, then another game then another and now nearly all my modern game... Read All

This speed run is pretty incredible and even if you haven't played Half-Life before this is a pretty fast walkthrough.

"Starting back in the summer of 2010, the estimated time for this run was thought to be roughly 27 minutes. However, after almost four years of painstaking planning, theorycrafting and execution, we have arrived at our final time, smashing all of our wildest expectations."

Black Mesa, the remake of Half-Life in the Source engine with all new textures, has been out on Steam for a while for free. Currently it's only about the first half of the game, but there's more coming! They'll be sprucing up the whole game and selling it via Steam, and updating the free version as well.

There's no specific info about the differences between the two, but I'm just glad to see this getting off the ground. What's available right now is quite good, and I can't wait to see more.


Interesting video covering the history of Half-life and Valve. Much has been said about both topics but this video covers them well including who was the inspiration for Gordon Freeman.

I was exposed to the Black Mesa project a few months ago in frenzy of its initial release. Black Mesa is a fan recreation of the original Half-Life built on top of the amazing Half-Life 2 Source Engine. Since I never quite finished the original Half-Life I decided to give this version a shot and potentially complete the original Half-Life as it stands atop a list of games I need to complete. I loved Half-Life 2 and both episodes so coming back to the franchise is a pretty cool notion.

After booting up the game the visuals look really fresh compared to the original. The original looks good, don't get me wrong but atop the Source engine it looks fantastic. I played about... Read All

I just recently downloaded and listened to the Black Mesa score from the fan re-visioning of the original Half-Life game using the Half-Life 2 source engine. I really like the takes on the original score and new directions they decided to go. The score is free so no reason not to pick it up.

One song, "Apprehension" is featured above. The score seems to paint pretty awesomely broad strokes for what game scores can be and it inspired me to give Black Mesa a shot.


Reddit user jackaljayzer recently posted a pic of his alpha disc from 97, which of course led to many requests for info, and eventually a request for a disc image. Since then he's ponied up the goods, and has put the disc on eBay. Currently the auction is up to $610!

Please note that the legality of this is a bit gray, and the morality is entirely up to you to decide.

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