Released on May 26, 2016 by Bethesda

Developed by Id Software

You are the last defense against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever!

I recently found a video that catalogs the history of Doom and also briefly discusses iD Software. I've posted videos before talking about iD Software but this is a bit different in that it mostly covers Doom, it's origins and the most recent Doom 2016 installment. Not a huge amount of new information here but if you don't know the story of Doom, this is a very good way to get it.

During E3 iD released a demo for the new Doom game that was only supposed to run for a limited time. Sometime afterward iD and Bethesda decided to extend it so if you haven't tried out the new Doom game, now is a good time. There isn't a firm demo end date and I hope they just leave it up indefinitely. A limited time demo is a far cry from Doom's Shareware roots but then again, we ain't dialing up to BBS's anymore. Which honestly is fairly sad as I always loved BBS's myself.

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Fans have been loving Doom, and with good reason. It's a super fun campaign full of all the mayhem and secret rooms you'd expect from the franchise. But it hasn't all been rosy: most reviews of the game are glowing, but mention the lackluster multiplayer.

Currently there's no way to have a private game with friends, no custom matches, no bots. These are not the only issues with the multiplayer in Doom, but these are on id's radar to fix.

In an interview with Eurogamer, id's Marty Stratton outlines the changes coming. Private matches and custom game settings are coming later in the summer in a free update, but bots will take a bit longer to roll out.

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It seems that if you are a certain age gamer you grew up playing Doom. I remember downloading the shareware version off a BBS, playing it at night and have the sound and ambiance freak me out. The carnage and gameplay was incredible and I was hooked. I loved the shotgun and it was so satisfying reloading it and blowing demons away. I never did sit down and complete the entirety of the shareware version but I played the hell out of the game for many years. Later on as Doom became more popular I played it multiplayer with friends over our modems and on multi-node BBS's.

I also enjoyed Doom 2 and much later Doom 3. Whereas it's not very brave to say you like Doom 2, Doom... Read All

Doom modders are bringing back the gameplay, maps and guns from the new Doom to the... original 1993 version. I love these sorts of demakes and in this case it's a demake of a reboot to get back to the roots of the original which is now becoming the reboot.... or something. Regardless these kinds of projects make the amazing aspects of the mod community shine.

Jack and Rich from PreviouslyRecorded released their Doom review and like much of their show, I love it. I also tried Doom today and I love that too and for only having played it a couple minutes I can say that it's one of the better shooters i've played in years. It's nice to see Doom go back to the good ol' days of a simple fast paced game.

The new Doom is out and it seems to be getting great reviews. I found an interview with Doom's composer Mick Gordon discussing his process for making the crazy metal insanity that backs new Doom. Spoiler alert, he tunes the guitar really really low to get the extra evil tones.

"This is the new Doom on Ultra Nightmare difficulty, it is identical to a single segment Nightmare difficulty run, as in you cannot die. Should be the first completed Ultra Nightmare after game released, but let me know if someone did it earlier."

I haven't played it yet but I imagine new Doom's Ultra Nightmare mode isn't a cakewalk yet YouTuber Zero Master completed it in 4 hours and 43 minutes. Even more impressive considering if you die you have to start over. The video linked above shows off the impressive run and spoiler alert, it shows the whole game start to finish.

iD Software recently revealed to IGN that the the upcoming Doom game features hidden easter egg levels from the original Doom and Doom 2. In each level of the new Doom campaign there is a secret lever that if pulled opens a door to a classic mission. This mission is then playable in the current mission you are in or unlocked and playable from the main menu. This iD tradition of including the original maps from classic games started with Rage continued to Wolfenstein: New Order and now to the upcoming Doom game. Hopefully you can unlock much of original games this way to play through it in total in the new engine.
If you missed the Doom closed beta, iD is opening up the doors to hell to allow anyone the ability to try it before launch.

"If you were unable to join us for our recent DOOM closed multiplayer beta, you’re in luck! From April 15 through 17, you’ll be able to jump straight into the open beta – no code necessary. Simply download the beta and let the viscera fly. Like the closed beta, you’ll have access to Team Deathmatch and Warpath on the Heatwave and Infernal maps."

I didn't have a great time with the Doom closed beta as it crashed on my PC each time I tried it so heres hoping... Read All

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