Riot Games has published a digital and physical art book for League of Legends fans that is available free to view online or for purchase. It covers the some of the main parts of League such as the games champions, main map Summoner's Rift and some other odds and ends. If you love League of Legends or behind the scenes look at the art process of making games this beautiful online art book is well worth checking out.
Been posting a flurry of things about some of the games I saw this year at PAX 2014. This isn't about any game specifically, but a place to dump all the pictures I took. They didn't all turn out as works of art, but they do highlight some of the cooler things I saw. One thing the pictures don't capture is how insane and crowded PAX Prime is. The crowds being the prime reason why I can really only handle the event for one day.

That said, it was fun attending and there really isn't anything quite like it. Click through my imgur album below and also realize the order of photos is reversed.
I was talking to a friend today that mentioned something pretty interesting. League of Legends is getting the "fantasy league" treatment. If you enjoy playing fantasy football with your friends and want to spread out to League of Legends, now you can. I sort of see this as the normalization of video game culture coming full circle. I really hope that DoTA 2 & Starcraft 2 eventually get a fantasy league draft!

In the latest episode of Game Show, Jamin Warren talks about how League of Legends has dealt with trolls. League uses a Tribunal to deal with trolls and it seems to have really impacted the game in a positive way.

When Cheerful Ghost launched I checked out the League of Legends community and it was a cesspool of horrible. Using both positive and negative reinforcements RIOT is doing something that seems to have worked.

As always, another rad episode of Game/Show.
League of Legends regional tournament at PAX today. Riot is taking up a large part of the 6th floor at PAX and they still don't have enough room. I was able to see Dignitas vs Dynamic and CLG vs Legion. This is way more fun than going to a football or baseball game.

After watching a baseball game I want to take a nap. After watching CLG vs Legion I wanted to get online, call my friends and play ranked matches all night. By the way, if you didn't watch that match you should!!!

If you ever find yourself getting bored of ranked games you should give some of the popular custom games a try! I have been playing ARAM and ARAB with my friends for a change of pace. These are the "all random all mid" style on summoner's rift and "all random all bottom" on the dominion map. If you're looking for something new to try in LoL you should give these a shot!
This is a free to play DOTA style game that I find wildly fun and addictive! Gamers who enjoy online competitive play will probably enjoy this title quite a bit.

There are two resource systems in the game: Riot Points (RP) and Influence Points (IP). You obtain IP from playing games while you buy RP from the store. Either resource can be used to buy champions and runes. But if you want to buy a skin for your beloved champs you can only use RP.

The graphics and animations are very good and gameplay is generally smooth. My biggest complaint with this game is the community. You should either turn chat off or be ready to be trolled consistently by one of the worst communities... Read All