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This made me laugh. I hope you enjoy it.

I had such high hopes. I can't believe this... just ruined my day.

This is playing on repeat while I code.
Here's a cool infographic showing D3's one year stats. Link to the page:
League of Legends regional tournament at PAX today. Riot is taking up a large part of the 6th floor at PAX and they still don't have enough room. I was able to see Dignitas vs Dynamic and CLG vs Legion. This is way more fun than going to a football or baseball game.

After watching a baseball game I want to take a nap. After watching CLG vs Legion I wanted to get online, call my friends and play ranked matches all night. By the way, if you didn't watch that match you should!!!

PAX today - WOW. I am continually floored at the dedicated community that are gamers. From the most intricate cosplay costumes, to hardcore e-sports fanatics; gamers turn out in mass for their passion.

I saw lines to play unreleased games that were a multiple hour wait. I went to panel discussions where the entire room was dead silent in anticipation of developers sharing their knowledge. I watched the League of Legends tournament live and the crowd was louder than any professional sporting event I've ever attended.

This is why I love the "nerd/geek" community, this is why I love gaming.

Valve continues to amaze me! Bravo.

I sit here at work dreaming about Diablo 3. This is the first time in a very long time that I have agonized over waiting for a game and it doesn't disappoint me. I simply can not wait to go home and play more.

Oh Guild Wars 2, it has been a long beta weekend. Such a laggy weekend indeed! With the pre-purchase (notice I didn't say pre-order) of GW2 it gave us access to a beta weekend starting on Friday and ending Sunday. I made preparations with some old gaming friends and jumped in this weekend. I hope you enjoy my thoughts.

First off, the game is beautiful. NCSoft has a stellar art department and their stylized art direction is consistent throughout the game thus far. Most quests have an audible cutscene to depict the situation at hand. Definitely blows reading a wall of text out of the water.

Each race has its own starting area and they feel very different. Even though I wasn't very drawn in I'll give them credit for making each race feel very distinct. We got to play the Charr, Human and Norn races this weekend. The Norn are very nature focused, revering the spirits of the animals and the spirit world that only shaman can travel into. They are large too, I was towering over my Human friends. The Humans are exactly wat you would expect, homeland lost they fight on with unwavering spirit. Nothing too special here but the female characters are really beautiful. Lastly I tried the Charr as I wasn't very excited for them. I think they have the strongest story in the beginning. They are singularly focused on their militaristic lives. I was impressed that their gritty and visceral heritage played well into their storyline.

I played Guild Wars 1 quite a bit and have fond memories of that game. Though the characters and story are easily recognizable, not much is the same. Everywhere you run there's a "dymanic quest" which doesn't feel dynamic at all. If you ever played Warhammer Online you remember the public quest system. Well, this is public quest of steroids. The quests became so repetitive and boring I actually started avoiding them.

PVP is something I participated in quite a bit. I played a battleground, which almost put me to sleep, but I kept coming back to WvWvW. That stands for World vs World vs World if you were wondering. In a 4 continent battle putting 3 servers against one another in a very long battle of taking and holding objectives, WvW can be a blast! At times it becomes mindless as you run around in huge groups zerging each other. You will quickly find out that melee is painful, being on the front lines means getting focused pretty hard. Even on my warrior I was mostly using a rifle in combat. There is much less mindless auto-attacking as you need to use skills, dodge attacks and projectiles and revive teammates. The biggest problem I faced was being unable to melee enemies in certain situations due to so much server lag.

All in all it was a fun weekend. Beta's aren't meant to be perfect and this was sure was not. Lots of disconnects, lag and bugs to report. I hope the feedback makes the release a better product. After waiting so long for this title I am a little disappointed. I miss some of the simplicity from the original Guild Wars. Now we can jump in a persistent world, but that doesn't make up for some of the best balanced collaborative PVP I ever played in the original.

If you ever find yourself getting bored of ranked games you should give some of the popular custom games a try! I have been playing ARAM and ARAB with my friends for a change of pace. These are the "all random all mid" style on summoner's rift and "all random all bottom" on the dominion map. If you're looking for something new to try in LoL you should give these a shot!