In a MASSIVE update today, Aspyr has brought Knights of the Old Republic II to Mac and Linux, along with giving all versions a slew of features. It will support Steam Cloud, Achievements, and Steam Workshop mods, and the Restored Content mod will be available day 1; It comes with native widescreen support in resolutions up to 5k; and the big one... CONTROLLER SUPPORT. The keyboard/mouse controls really turned me off of these games, so it's good to see controller support, and from what I've heard the Restored Content mod makes the game infinitely better.

The game is 25% off in celebration of the new stuff.

Info here:
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Experiment time!

With the recent Star Wars Humble Bundle Jon and I were discussing playing through The two Knights of the Old Republic games at the same time and discussing our play throughs as we go. Well, I got to thinking, what if I invited the rest of the CG community to participate too? Sort of like a book club, but for games! So here's the deal:

For the rest of the month of February I'm starting an event where we can all discuss our play-throughs in depth. If you've never played Kotor before you can pick it up on the cheap through right now. Anyone is welcome to join!

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Recently GOG picked up a ton of classic Star Wars titles that were previously a bit hard to track down. If you were waiting to pick those up on GOG you might want to checkout the latest Star Wars Bundle. All the games come with Steam Keys with PC ports and Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Academy and The Force Unleashed are also available on Mac.

So far you can unlock all the games at $12 and more will be added to the bundle later, making this a crazy great value.

Some really interesting bits of trivia about one of Biowares best games. Did you play Knight of the Old Republic on XBox or PC? What did you think of it?
Happy LIFE DAY... oh wait, er.

Happy Star Wars day everyone! I know its fairly cliche to say, but I really do have an unironic love for Star Wars. I hope that on this, one of the most sacred days in Geekdom you can do something Star Warsy and awesome.

Some ideas(not ordered for practicality):

  • Go to Antartica with a friend. One of you should partially freeze and then the other one can stuff the other one in a Polar Bear for warmth. This may be dangerous, so consult a wildlife specialist before you begin.

  • Step 1. Build a very large space station that looks like a Moon from a distance. Step 2. Put it in space. Step 3. Anger people such that they want to destroy it. In... Read All