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The place for conversation that doesn't make sense to talk about in any specific game in our list. Think of General Discussion as a "catch all" for conversations about gaming, game culture or anything else worth sharing.

The Games Done Quick Speedrunning charity is a week long livestream dedicated to raising money for charities and this year it's The Prevent Cancer Foundation. The start of the livestream was pretty unique as they started things off with a speedrun of Ocarina of Time 3D that was complete a couple minutes under two hours. Usually Ocarina of Time is a huge draw but this is the first year they've run the 3DS version, which coincidentally i'm playing right now(expect a partial review soon).

"The Prevent Cancer Foundation is one of the nation’s leading voluntary health organizations and the only U.S. nonprofit focused solely on cancer prevention and early... Read All

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Hey everyone. After collecting all the entries for this years Game of the Year, I have them now in poll form for you to vote on. Thanks to everyone that added games to the list.

Triple A Game of the Year:


Indie Game of the Year:


Update/DLC Of the Year:


Mobile Game of the Year:


Please select your top games and the winner will be the highest voted game. I will also list out the others so we all know how it turned out.

Voting... Read All

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In the hopes of making my workstation more efficient, I've been experimenting with different application launchers. When I was on the Mac, I was using a program called DragThing, and I loved it. Now that I'm on Windows, I've found a couple that work well enough, but nothing that I really loved. Then I stumbled on Launchy, which is similar to Spotlight on the Mac: A pop-up search field that lets you search for and launch the application your looking for, without the need for mouse clicking. I never gave this option much thought, until I started using it. Now I find it highly useful, to the point that I can't imagine having never used it.

As great as this is,... Read All

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I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holdays and I hope you spend it with amazing people. Some of us will be opening some presents from Santa so if you get anything particularly noteworthy feel free to share it in the comments.

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Back this on Kickstarter!
If you've been looking to get more into retro gaming on the go and Raspberry Pi you might want to check out funding the Raspi Boy Kickstarter project.

"The idea came when I saw on internet projects of "GameBoyZero", awesome raspberry pi based consoles. I was amazed, but it looked pretty difficult to build one, it was a 3 months work and over 100 for all components! And last, you need an old gameboy to rip open.

RaspiBoy is conceived such that everything fits together perfectly and the build is a 5 minutes task without soldering!

The RaspiBoy comes as a kit, with easy mounting tutorial PDF and video. Don't worry ! It's super easy and we will guide you step by... Read All

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Do you like puzzles?

William Elshoff scoured the globe for artifacts of great power. His findings had turned up little until now, he claimed he had found the key to Nibiru!

He locked himself in his study and began to work, he was in there for over a week! When we went to check on him, we discovered he had vanished. That’s why we have summoned you here. We are hoping, with your unique skill set, you and your team can unlock the secrets to Uncle William’s whereabouts and bring him home!

Last week, I received a review pass to Hour To Midnight - Room Escape Games to check out their first puzzle Room, titled The Secrets of Nibiru. I happily accepted it and joined a... Read All

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Ubisoft is giving away a free gift every day for the next thirty days! Just sign in and reap the rewards. Today's is Rayman Classic on mobile.

Thanks to some people digging in the source, we know what's coming up as well.

Day 1 (Today - 24/11) : Rayman Classic on Mobile: Android - iOS
Day 2 (25/11) : 30% off Ubisoft Games
Day 3 (26/11) : Exclusive Collection of E3 2016 Cards
Day 4 (27/11) : Ubi30 Exclusive GIF
Day 5 (28/11) : For Honor GIFs
Day 6 (29/11) : Ubi30 360 Image
Day 7 (30/11) : Just Dance Greeting Card
Day 8 (01/12) : Ubisoft DIY Advent Calendar
Day 9 (02/12) : Steep Wallpaper
Day 10 (03/12) : Exclusive Digital Posters from E3 2016
Day 11 (04/12) : Rabbids... Read All

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The Blackest Friday is nearly upon us and as such there will be some pretty crazy video game deals coming and I am going to collect the ones I see here. If you pick something up or find something too good not to share, drop it in the comments to share with everyone.

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Conan visits the YouTube Space in New York City and is presented with some of the most high-tech, cutting edge virtual reality technology in the world, but he mostly wants to know about porn.

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Just wanted to wish everyone a very Scary Halloween! Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year I imagine most celebration happened over the weekend but i'm still curious what you all are doing this year? We were going to have a small party but instead we all got sick so we cancelled that and are going to watch the new Ghostbusters later tonight. Also wondering what people have been playing lately? As per normal i've been playing ... Hearthstone. Yeah, I know, not a huge surprise there but I have been continuing my Final Fantasy VI advance game as well as really tearing into Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis.

Stay safe if you are going to be out celebrating... Read All

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When Joel Hodgson created the Kickstarter project to bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 I was in a blissful nerdvana. Before that I didn't think the show would even come back and then it was funded. Recently they just wrapped up filming the new season of the show and are talking about releasing the new episodes early next year. We are so close to a new movie sign I can almost taste the satellite of love.

Shout Factory is the company that has released the old classic MST3K seasons on DVD a bit at a time and recently they have been dropping free episodes on YouTube. If you haven't seen Mystery Science Theater or want to revist it you should hit play on... Read All

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Today is Sunday and it's Day 2 of the Portland Retro Gaming Convention! Jon and I are manning the booth, talking to people and right now we have a speed running competition for Super Mario Bros 3! If you are at the convention come stop by!

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"Within ten years the computer games of today will probably seem very basic and primitive. The games of the future will be faster and more exciting with superbly realistic screen displays."

I always love reading old ads or articles of how people viewed the future of gaming. This article pretty much nails most of what gaming has become. The ad even sort of plays at room scale VR, which isn't something i'd really have thought would have been a thing even after watching Lawnmower Man so many times I wore out the VHS tape.

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An http://www.inquisitr.com article quotes a Takashi Mochizuki (Wall Street reporter) tweet saying "Speculation is Nintendo would unveil NX details in coming week. I guess all we can do is just wait. No announcement from company yet." and speculation that details will be announced as soon as this week!


The article also pulls a lot of information from this reddit post, by FlapSnapple:


I really hope some real information comes soon! But until then, hearing about some... Read All

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Jack has never built a PC.

Rich has built a PC.

Rich has the fantastic idea of hooking up a heart rate monitor to Jack as Jack build's his first PC.

This was actually a lot more enjoyable to watch than I thought it would be! I did watch all 4 hours and 49 mins of it (over the course of 2 days). There is a lot of good banter between Jack and Rich, and the twitch viewers were both helpful and entertaining in their hazing of Jack.


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