The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Released on January 22, 2007 by Nintendo

Developed by Nintendo

Return to an age of magic and heroes! When an evil magician named Agahnim begins kidnapping young maidens in Hyrule in a quest to break the imprisoning seal on Ganon, a young boy named Link is called upon to stop him. Link must venture into twisting mazes, dungeons, palaces and shadowy forests as he searches for the maidens and Princess Zelda. Traversing both Light and Dark Worlds, he must navigate eight dark dungeons, fighting evil enemies and huge bosses. Help our hero prevent Ganon and Agahnim from shattering Hyrule forever.
"This week, a new release of the popular Zelda game franchise was announced for the Nintendo 3DS. It is to be set in the world of “A Link to the Past”, a game that was released in the early 90’s on the Super Nintendo platform.

It was always my favourite game when growing up, so what better way to celebrate than to recreate part of the opening sequence to the old SNES game using nothing but HTML and CSS?

I like sharing these projects because its cool to see people doing awesome stuff in HTML and CSS. If you are looking to get into HTML and CSS I recommend you read through the steps of how they made this happen in the browser.

Happy hacking!

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On a lark yesterday I decided to start a game of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I was kind of deciding between games and picked out a classic. At first I thought I might really only play it for a few minutes of nostalgia, but after I beat the intro I decided I was up for more.

As I have been playing more modern indie titles that use pixel-art or try and riff the Zelda motif I have noticed they do quite a good job of harnessing that tone and style. After playing the first bits of Link to the Past these games seem a bit further away from the absolute amazingness of this game in particular. I am not saying modern indie takes on the retro 2D games are bad, far... Read All

A few seconds into this video the person taking it asks for the Zelda song and Boba Fett plays a song out of Link to the Past. Listening to the song being played by Boba Fett made me smile.


I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows who Link is, and who Zelda is, but, here's a chick dressed up as Link playing a rad medley of songs from the Zelda theme. Beautifully shot as well. Enjoy!

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