I don't know if I would say Super Metroid is the best video game of all time, but it ranks very highly on my top list of awesome games. NESComplex does a great job showcasing the game and talking about its place in the Metroid timeline. If you haven't played Super Metroid you should at least watch this video to find out why this game is as beloved as it is.

When this game launched there weren't a ton of dark games with a really compelling story. Super Metroid really nailed making you feel like the game world was real and that the story and elements have weight. This game went off to spawn the Metroid Prime series, which decided to change the series into a 3D first... Read All

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I want to preface this by saying that this is not intended to ridicule anyone. Please bear that in mind.

The image contains posts on the Super Metroid Miiverse page from quite a number of people who have gotten stuck in Super Metroid, mostly at the same place. I can clearly remember the wonder of playing this game the first time. It was my first Metroid game and when I got to this area I just assumed that I would come across something later that would let me get through.

These posts, however, show that things have changed. There was no NPC standing there telling them that this was blocked without... Read All

Decided to spend this Retro Tuesday talking about Super Metroid. I was never really a fan of the original NES Metroid as it was fairly challenging and I could never figure out the steps to complete it as they were largely un-intuative. My brother had the Gameboy version and that made much more sense to me and I completed that. I liked the Gameboy version much better and felt it was a bit more accessible. That said, I wasn't a huge Metroid fan until I borrowed Super Metroid from one of my high school friends.

Super Metroid takes the Metroid formula built up in the first two games and ups the ante on all levels to craft a game that really set the bar for other games to... Read All