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So.. I saw this and was like hmm, I have most of those games, right? I checked GOG and Steam and I did indeed own a good half of the games offered here plus some not offered.

I got the full package anyways. I looked up each game offered and saw some promise. The Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is apparently really fun and plays like Puzzle Quest (a rpg match 3 style game). So, that alone I'm glad I picked this up.

But then I looked at Might and Magic X Legacy...The game at a glance has mixed reviews. That's because the game is tailored for a group of older gamers wanting a turn based rpg again. Most of the reviews either love it (for reasons I would) or condemn it (for same reasons). So, I'm realyl looking forward to it. I never got into too many Might and Magics, but one of my first RGPs was on Sega Genesis. Might and Magic II. Oh how I still love this game. So much depth and open world to a game.

I'm eager to try some others.

Also, the Heroes of Might and Magic VI looks worthy (I already had V) as does trying out that Duel of Champions card game.

So, even though I owned half these games, I think for $15, it's one good bundle. (At least do the pay what you want for the Might and Magic 1-6 collection if you haven't grabbed from GOG yet.

Anyone else play many of these games?

I play this game at work, I play this game at home. I play it probably 4-5 days at least out of the 7 day week. It's easy to play for 15 minutes or for 3 hours. There is no pausing while in your 10-15 min match, but you can jump up to refill water or something and not lose your turn.

I play MtG competitively every week still (in person). I love card games. What I like about Hearthstone is the following:

1. The game IS free, albeit with options to buy stuff.
2. There's no trading, so there aren't people farming all the good stuff and then trading/selling.
3. Since the game does earn money for Blizzard, they are invested to keep the game balanced and update it.
4. The gameplay is actually balanced. I enjoy playing the different "classes" and making lots of different decks. (You get a 30 card deck that contains no more than 2 of any one card).

I saw an earlier post that mentioned how grindy the game is. I feel the opposite. I've played my share of MMOs and thus my share of grindy games. I have never felt like I needed to grind in this game. I play for the fun of each match. If I happen to get gold out of it, sweet. If it feels like the matches are a grind to you, then you definitely wouldn't like this game. The game IS the matches. That is the end game. You grind in a game to get to that end game, no grinding really needed here.

Sure, better cards win games, but you also can play against the computer early on, play non-ranked matches, or play ranked matches which will keep you pitted against equal opponents. Then there's arena. I had a huge arena obsession for a while. You can spend coins or $2.00 for an arena match. It's basically a draft. You make a deck based on 3 random cards popping up. You pick one and a new set of 3 pops up. Repeat until you have your 30 cards. You can play around with some awesome cards you don't have yet and you can bypass the 2 card per deck limit (I once had 5 of an awesome card).

This game is super easy (for me now) to play well while watching tv as it doesn't require full attention. You gain cards by playing. As your class-character levels up, you unlock the base class type cards for that person. Also, as you win matches you get gold and complete the quest of the day for gold. Doing really well in the arena also wins you gold. You use gold to either buy packs or compete in the arena again. Packs give you 5 cards (one at least will be rare). You also get dust. Dust can be obtained from breaking down cards you don't want or copies of cards you don't need (more than 2) and is used to craft other cards.

I thought I'd put in my 2 cents to the game as I play this game more than any other right now (and for the past year) and I only saw negative to middle of the road reviews.

I won't make this long winded, because I barely have time to write this, I'm sure you have little time to read it!

I had picked this up a long time ago on sale and finally tried it out.

It had much more detail to it than I thought. I mean, you had to research topics for your games (like subject matter for your game) and you had to research new game engines (2d or 3d graphics), game saving, tutorials. You had to pay fees to get a license to make games for different systems. You had to eventually hire staff and train them. You had stats and leveled up as you made games.

Many many many choices throughout the game.

My company Circlehard did quite well for itself. It's main franchise game Early Reality was quite a hit and I got up to about 70-80K fans before losing to penalty fees and interest charges incurred for signing on to make a hit game and then falling short when no one liked the combination of a post-apocalyptic simulation game. I thought it sounded awesome myself which is why I pumped so much of my soul into it (and money into advertising).

PS, if you get my joke in company name and game name, my hat off to you.

All in all, I spent 3-4 hours playing this game last night and I look forward to starting over and playing again tonight.

This was a flash sale game on PS3 for 99 cents. Glad I grabbed it! It harkens back to the days of Maniac Mansion (for good reason, Ron Gilbert, creator of Maniac Mansion, helped develop this game).

You pick 3 of 7 unique characters to explore "The Cave." You swap between them similar to how you did in Maniac Mansion; needing to use one person to trigger a switch so that another person can go through a door, etc. I really liked the puzzle solving (simple as it was). It seems so far (on my 2nd play through) that you don't do the exact same play through each time. First, each character has a unique skill to use and they have their own quest to solve. So there's kind of a giant dungeon that leads to these exhibits you play through. Second, there's generic "exhibits" to encounter and they aren't in the same order. (And I have not confirmed if you do them all each time or if there's a pool of them).

There's humor. The Cave is personified and plays as a humorous narrator. The exhibits/quests that you go through or also quite entertaining and have funny twists.

My daughter liked watching me play and later my wife even played with me....yes that's right, it's 1-3 players!

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