Quake III Arena

Released on August 3, 2007 by id Software

Developed by id Software

Welcome to the Arena, where high-ranking warriors are transformed into spineless mush. Abandoning every ounce of common sense and any trace of doubt, you lunge onto a stage of harrowing landscapes and veiled abysses. Your new environment rejects you with lava pits and atmospheric hazards as legions of foes surround you, testing the gut reaction that brought you here in the first place. Your new mantra: Fight or be finished.

Today in the good news/bad news department...

Good news: Quake Live is finally getting out of your browser and into a downloadable game. Even though it always worked fine, having to go to the site to launch always seemed odd and added a few steps.

Bad news: As part of the transition, they're dropping support for Mac and Linux. The browser plugin they previously used was cross-platform so they didn't have to maintain three versions of the game, but rather than putting a little more effort in to support everyone, they're skipping Mac and Linux.

This is disappointing, because id used to be the one company you could count on to release Linux versions. It may require an extra... Read All

Just wanted to remind everyone that tonight we are having an online meetup and play session for Quake Live! It will start tonight 10/24 at 6pm PST.

Ill use this thread to co-ordinate the game, so check back for what specific games we will be in and the sharing of our in-game accounts to play together.

Original Post:

I want to meet up with you all and play Quake Live next Wednesday the 24th @ 6pm PST. Quake Live is a modern port of Quake 3 Arena that is sponsored by iD Software and free to play at http://www.quakelive.com.

See you Wednesday!