Star Wars

Released on November 1, 1991 by LucasArts

Developed by LucasArts

Nineteen years after the formation of the Empire, Luke Skywalker is thrust into the struggle of the Rebel Alliance when he meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who has lived for years in seclusion on the desert planet of Tatooine. Obi-Wan begins Luke's Jedi training as Luke joins him on a daring mission to rescue the beautiful Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire. Although Obi-Wan sacrifices himself in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader, his former apprentice, Luke proves that the Force is with him by destroying the Empire's dreaded Death Star.

Yesterday during the Super Bowl we got a teaser for the new Han Solo movie trailer and today we got the full meal deal.

The movie looks to be very well pretty and I really dug the new droids and some of the shots looked very stunning. I'll put more of my thoughts below in the comments and i'm also curious what you think of Solo from the trailer. Solo is coming out May 25th and if history is a guide i'll be watching it that opening night.

You can also watch the TOTALLY DIFFERENT trailer TEASER that played during the Super Bowl linked below. It shows a few different scenes and it is more of an actual teaser.

If you are interested in knowing more about how Rian Johnson came to direct Star Wars The Last Jedi you absolutely must listen to this epic two hour interview with him about The Last Jedi. Firstly, the whole interview is incredible and you should listen to it all but Rian mentioned a few things I thought were interesting based on some of the feedback for The Last Jedi. One interesting bit is that Rian was writing The Last Jedi as The Force Awakens was filming and, at that point, he had the script and dailies to help him write The Last Jedi. He notes that he had no idea what aspects of The Force Awakens would resonate with fans. Rian also mentioned that Snoke seemed to... Read All

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases tomorrow night and i'll be there in line with the rest of the nerds to take in director Rian Johnson's visual space fiesta. And because Star Wars is a big deal the trolls are out in force on social media spoiling things so I want to recommend that you take a break from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and even some online games if you want to keep your first experience spoiler free.

As Cheerful Ghost tradition we will be doing a Star Wars Special episode where we talk about the Last Jedi and will make part of that spoiler free and then let everyone know when we switch to talking spoilers. We're recording the show this Sunday and hope to have... Read All

The new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer dropped and it's great. It's a bit darker and way more edgier than I was expecting. As I was watching the trailer Luke looked... really on the edge of a breakdown or maybe it's the fact that he's been living as a hermit for a while?

What do you think? I've been watching the new Star Wars movies on opening night for the last 2 years and I plan to do the same here too.

This weekend at Disney's D23 Expo there was a Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi panel and as part of that director Rian Johnson dropped a behind the scenes video that I found fairly surprising. From the looks of the puppets, effects and more it looks like Johnson is taking things in a slightly new direction while keeping the spirit of Star Wars intact. Or at least that's what the feature told me. I'm really happy to get these behind the scenes videos and trailers spread out over the months leading up to the December release date for this movie. It's nice to see how things are moving along and have fresh stuff to talk about while we all dig in for 5 months until... Read All

Lessons From the Screenplay has a new video out that compares Rogue One to the Force Awakens. Spoiler alert, they think Force Awakens is a better movie with better developed characters and after recently watching them both I agree. In our Roundtable episode of Rogue One I said that my thoughts on Rogue One were mixed and I still stand by that but they have evolved some. Rogue One has one of the most incredibly well executed endings to a Star Wars movie that feels a bit muddled in the first half. It's not a bad movie to watch at all, but the reshoots are felt and I think the first half suffers partly because it seems that Disney may have wanted to change the tone of... Read All

If you're a fan of Star Wars you've seen Rogue One and if you still buy films you might be interested in picking it up. Recently I bought up the special 5 disc Collectors Edition at Target and if you are looking for a nice collectors item with some extra special features, it is something you should look into. Disney has worked with a few retailers to bring out a few unique versions of Rogue One and I chose the Target Collectors Edition because it's the only one that came with two extra behind the scenes extras. Personally I love watching behind the scenes special features and generally pick whichever copy has them. When Disney released The Force Awakens last year... Read All

I only know one truth... it's time for the Jedi... to end

This looks great! I'm leaning back and forth how much info I want on the movie, but in the end, I probably won't be able to resist watching all the trailers :)

Rogue One A Star Wars Story blew up the box office pulling in over a billion dollars! Because Disney didn't make quite as much as they should and also because I can't stop buying Star Wars movies I am going to pickup Rogue One when it hits video. There are a couple options on the table for how you can pick it up and I felt it was worth a bit of time to discuss our options.

If you want to get the new movie but can't stand buying physical copies you might want to pickup Rogue One March 24th. I still don't quite get why people do this as nearly all Bluray releases contain a digital copy, but if you don't want to add to the landfill going digital is the best way to go.

If... Read All

In this special episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and wax philsophic about ATAT walkers which some question the utility of(not naming names). This episode features Cheerful Ghost community member Adam who is filling in to bring his take on what he's been playing(FTL) and his thoughts on Rogue One.

We break the review in two and start things fresh spoiler free so rest assured that if you watch start to finish we will give you plenty of time to bail during the spoiler section.

Bullets for your pleasure:

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