"The trial chamber is a structure packed with new adventures and filled with traps, trial spawners, mobs, and (as an extra bonus) treasure! Trial chambers are procedurally generated, which means you’ll face a new challenge every time you venture into them, and find something different behind each door! Explore deeper and deeper and you might find yourself stumbling across resources that’ll help you, or mobs that’ll hinder you. The trial chambers are also home to a playful (and dangerous) hostile mob: the breeze!"

Trial Chambers seem just like what Minecraft needs which is more dungeoning adventures added to the base game. That said, I'm curious how it will work and... Read All

"To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Half-Life we reunited the original development team to share their memories of creating Valve's first game."

Oh and not only did Valve decide to celebrate Half-life's 25th anniversary with an awesome documentary, they also released an incredible quality of life update to the game updating it for 4K as well as running on the Steam Deck!


I picked up the Steam Deck some time ago and I still think it's one of the best things to happen to PC gaming. Playing the Borderlands 4K remaster and everything else in my catalog on my couch is a magical thing and if Valve releases another Deck successor, I'll buy it. Well, apparently Valve has released a new Steam Deck and it looks incredible even if it's not a massive leap forward in performance.

The Steam Deck lineup has been revamped and the Deck at the top of the heap features a stunning OLED screen, 1TB of storage, Wifi 6 and a 50 watt hour battery! Digital Foundry and other tech review outlets have put it through the paces and found the screen absolutely top... Read All

Video games that are created to advertise fast food chains don't typically achieve renown and cult status often but the original trilogy of XBox Burger King games are legendary. If you have no knowledge of these games or have played them all, this documentary covers these very unique classics.

An incredibly interesting video about From Scratch building a working computer inside Terraria!

If you aren't playing anything interesting and wanted to try something a bit different, why not try the Doom II mod Venturious?

"A The Mummy/Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider -inspired partial conversion for Doom2.
I'm releasing it as-is for now. There's 7 completed maps, and I'm hoping to add some more in future, but no idea when that will be.

Dynamic Lights need to be ON.
Crosshairs ON is recommended.
GZDoom's Alternate HUD is suggested, set to show only Available Weapons.
If the game seems too dark, set Sector Light Mode to 'Standard' instead of 'Software'.
I don't expect compatibility with other mods. Damage Numbers by Xaser Acheron is already built in.

... Read All

Starfield is out and seems to be doing well according to reviews.

Starfield Reviews on Platform:

Steam: Very Positive
Metacritic: Metascore 87 / User Score 5.6
Google Audience Rating Summary: 3.3
PC World: 5/5
IGN: 7/10
PC Gamer: 75%

It seems most folks seem to think Starfield is pretty great even though there are some critiques. Some mention the 30 FPS cap on XBox being a problem, some note that they expected Starfield to be a bit more like No Mans Sky and less like Fallout and some people just don't seem to like Bethesda RPG's. Originally I was going to buy Starfield on day one, but due to it not being a great experience on Steam Deck quite yet I am holding off a bit and... Read All

In 2015 Double Fine released the Double Fine Adventure documentary series that cataloged the journey for their latest point and tap adventure game Broken Age. Created in partnership with Double Fine and 2 player productions this deep dive docu-series really impressed me. So much so that I watched it start to finish on YouTube and then later bought it on Blu-Ray.

Double Fine recently released it's latest 2 player production documentary for free streaming online on YouTube without ads in 4K! Double Fine PsychOdyssey is available now and features 37 separate videos with a total runtime of 23 hours! So if you are looking for a long series to binge, this is the one to... Read All

After watching the recent Nintendo Direct that features 15 minutes of Gameplay it seems like Super Mario Wonder may be one of the more re-playable Mario games I've seen in sometime. Super Mario Bros. Wonder will release on October 20th and for me, it's a day one purchase.

Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest Indie games to go from rags to riches and Noclip recently released a documentary that highlights it's rise in popularity. How does an Indie game make it from humble roots to become a mega popular winner of many game awards? Apparently all you need to do is develop a new kind of genre that mixes retro elements with incredible game play!

All that said, Vampire Survivors is one of the most creative Indie Games I've played in a long time and I am happy it's done well.