Cygnus opens this video saying that Bubsy is one of the most hated mascots in all of video games. I'm not sure about all that but Bubsy 3D is considered one of the worst games of all time and rightly so. When Bubsy came out on the Super Nintendo I rented it and found it to be a really visually fun game but nothing really hooked me so I didn't buy it. It was obvious to me that Accolade was trying to make it's own Mario or Sonic but way more 90's X-TREME and TOTALLY IN YOUR FACE so it felt a bit forced but my biggest critique is that it's fairly derivative. I look back on Bubsy now as a fun historical point in gaming and something that they are trying to... Read All

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This year my friend Dan gifted me a BlizzCon virtual ticket and I spent this weekend basking in 24/7 Blizzard live stream goodness! I watched a bunch of the BlizzCon panels and tournaments and if you are into Blizzard and want to experience it live I recommend looking into the virtual ticket. Not only do you get a live stream of the events but also a bunch of digital bonuses and some are really compelling(like the Hearthstone golden Legendary).

New Hearthstone Expansion Kobolds and Catacombs

I think one of the biggest news nuggets our of BlizzCon is the new Kobolds and Catacombs Hearthstone expansion. Not only is K&C an all new expansion but it also comes... Read All

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I played Legends via the Bethesda Launcher, when it was first released (before it was on Steam). I'm not sure why I stopped, but I later decided to get it on Steam. I recently thought about playing it again, so I spent some time with it last night. I really enjoyed it, even more than Hearthstone, because it has a deeper single player mode to it. In fact, there's single player story mode and the solo arena.

I was surprised, when I opened it up with Steam, that I was continuing from the progress I made from first playing it via the Bethesda Launcher. So, I didn't have to restart at the beginning. I learned a bit more about the game. In most battles there are... Read All

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BlizzCon opening ceremony drops @ 11am PST and will cover all the upcoming Blizzard stuff for the upcoming year. If you have some time to watch it and love all things Blizzard you should click play. Posting this a couple minutes before the festivities hit and I imagine there will be plenty of things to discuss afterward!

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Metal Jesus has a new video with John Hancock where they cover the Super Nintendo, it's hardware and the games for the system they consider must buys. Nearly all of the games the include in their must buys are included in the SNES Classic but a few weren't such as Actraiser, Chrono Trigger, Biker Mice From Mars, NBA Jam & Mario All Stars. I agree with them on nearly every point but i'd personally put in Sim City, Mario Paint, Romance of the Three Kingdoms II & King Arthurs World.

And in thinking more about it i'd also put in Genghis Khan Clan of the Grey Wolf but like I think i'm the only one of the only people in the US that played that one.

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16bitbrit reviews the all new Super Nintendo Classic Playing With Super Power book and it looks to be better than I was anticipating. Not only does 16bitbrit give it two big thumbs up but the Amazon reviews for the book seem to be really solid as well sitting at a 4/5 stars. Looks to be a massive upgrade from the NES Classic Playing with Power but only focusing on the Nintendo games on the SNES Classic.

Let me know if you plan on picking this up and while you are waiting for your shipment check out my review of the NES Classic Playing With Power below.

... Read All

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According to legend, Polybius is arcade game that is so addictive that it can control your thoughts. Polybius was rumored to have been created by a rogue branch of the US Government and in 1981 was tested in an actual arcade. The Angry Video Game Nerd found a Polybius arcade cabinet and in his latest video reviews the game.

Watch it.... if you can.

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Wanted to wish everyone a very happy Halloween and safe night out at tricks or treats!

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On this episode of Cheerful Ghost Radio, we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Valve's Orange Box by talking about what the games mean to us, then we discuss how our feelings about DRM have changed over the years. Are we in a DRMPocalypse, or DoesitReallyMatter?

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If you keep pace with the latest releases in gaming this is an interesting week to be paying attention. Today saw the launch of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Super Mario Odyssey and Assassins Creed Origins. If you count all the other not-quite-new-releases such as Destiny 2, the Super Nintendo Classic and the new South Park game how can anyone play all this stuff? Well if you're me you don't even try and just keep playing Mega Man 2 and Castlevania every night on your NES Classic. Which has honestly been a ton of fun and with a job how would I have time for a 60+ hour game anyway? That said, I absolutely loved Wolfenstein: The New Order so I bet that's... Read All

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As a big fan of Rick and Morty, and a casual fan of Community, I find myself gravitating towards anything Dan Harmon is involved in. Harmon Quest popped up in a YouTube ad and I had to check it out. So far I've only watched 1 episode, but I love the style of it.

Dan plays as Fondue Zubag, a half-orc ranger, and he has a regular cast that plays with him, in front of a live audience, with a guest comedian. The episodes are then animated and cut between the animation of the game and the players around a table.

Paul F. Tompkins was the guest in episode 1 (who played as Teflonto, Earthscar's village champion and captain of the town's militia. Also a friend,... Read All

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This last weekend at Portland Retro Game Expo we had a Marble Madness High Roller Score Tournament. I decided to run with Marble Madness for the score tournament on NES because I think that's one of the best ports of Marble Madness and also because the game is really unique. Marble Madness is a game where you roll a marble around an obstacle course and it only has 6 levels. I'm a huge proponent of small games and Marble Madness is a really great example of that and is also a fun game to watch a speedrun of. That said, it has been sometime since I played Marble Madness and I forgot about the magic wand.... which actually is supposed to help you, unless you... Read All

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Recently the Day of the Devs Bundle hit and it contains a game I wanted to add to my collection in Full Throttle Remastered. I loved the original LucasArts classic and I've been really happy with how Double Fine has remade a bunch of the old LucasArts games for the modern era. Originally I was going to pick this up SIMPLY because I wanted Full Throttle Remastered but after watching the trailer for Everything I am thinking i'll be playing that too. Actually, I watched the trailer for Everything had no idea what it was and watched the gameplay video linked above and was ABSOLUTELY floored by it. I've never been drawn to think about life in the way I did after... Read All

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Kotaku reported that the upcoming Zelda Encyclopedia is getting a deluxe release that looks strikingly like the original NES cart. This looks like total "collectors bait" and as such I really want one. I might try to add this to my Christmas list but at $80 it's not really in the "stocking stuffer zone."

"Due out in April from Dark Horse, The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is a 320-page tome covering the characters, places and things from the first 30 years of Nintendo’s RPG series. The newly-revealed $80 deluxe edition looks very familiar. It even has an instruction booklet polypropylene sleeve that folds out.

Covered in gold foil paper with embossed, debossed... Read All

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Cheerful Ghost was at this years Portland Retro Game Expo and it was the best expo yet! I guess I say that every year but this is my favorite convention and this year everything came together really well. Everyone that came out to the booth to hang out with Adam, Wick and I were really great to talk to and I want to send a special shout out to the people that took part in our Tournaments and specifically:

Super Mario Brothers Speedrun to the end of World 1-4

  1. Kevin - 2:06:00

  2. Andres - 2:07:20

  3. Aaron - 2:14:27

Bubble Bobble Score Tournament

  1. Justin - 125,490

  2. Eddy - 118,190

  3. Kevin - 111,890

Marble Madness Highest Roller Score

  1. Kevin - 75,070

  2. Timothy - 26,820

  3. Fritz - 20,420

... Read All

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