Alienware unveiled the Concept UFO PC handheld at this years CES 2020. I've been clamoring for a PC handheld like this for years and last year bought a Switch because it was everything I wanted in a handheld gaming device minus my Steam library. The Concept UFO is essentially a handheld PC that has nearly all the features of the Switch except it runs Windows 10. The Verge has an incredible video i've linked above that gives the device it's due and even though it may or may not come out it looks quite good. With that, now that I have a Switch and the fact that so many PC only indie games are coming to it it makes a device like this less appealing. Still, taking your... Read All

I've been covering the Mother 4 fan game since 2013 as it's one of the best looking fan projects I've seen. Recently the project rebranded the game from Mother 4 to Oddity to avoid trademark and copyright issues with Nintendo. This is a pretty good idea to give the project a long life and also, make a few bucks if they want to sell it or take donations. The project looks largely the same as before and I hope it keeps the massive homage to the Mother series.

"ODDITY is a surreal urban fantasy role playing game set in the Seventies. Play as Travis Fields, an ordinary boy who leaves home in a bid to save the world Travis takes to the field armed with a baseball bat and... Read All

Awesome Games Done Quick starts tomorrow at 8.30 am PT / 11.30am ET and will run all week day and night ending on Saturday the 11th. Like every year there are going to be some incredible games run such as Super Mario Bros. 3, Doom SIGIL, Doom 2016, Terraria, ActRaiser, Donkey Kong Country 3, the Fallout Anthology, Final Fantasy VIII, Zelda Ocarina of Time, NES Barbie and a ton more!

I'm excited to see the Terraria run which is a Moonlord Normal Seeded run and the estimate is an hour, which is wicked fast. If you are interested in watching the Terraria run it will be Tuesday at 4pm but for more information on the whole event clickety-clack or tippety-tap that link... Read All

I recently discovered Arlo, a gaming YouTube channel featuring a puppet and shared a video a few days ago about Arlo's predictions for 2020. He just released a new video cataloging Nintendo's accomplishments in 2019 and not surprisingly, Nintendo had a really full year. The standouts for me were the new Pokemon game release, Link's Awakening and I've also been hearing a lot of good things about Ring Fit Adventure. I think we're looking at an even stronger 2020 and if the rumors are true we are in for two Wii U game ports to launch soon. I'm fairly certain Super Mario 3D World is one of the games but the other one i'm less certain of.

What Wii U ports would you love to... Read All

Video game documentary channel Noclip recorded an incredible documentary about Doom 2016 and while they were at iD headquarters also shot a short with Tim Willits about the history of Quake. Quake is a pretty special game to me because it's the first shooter I played over a LAN with my friends. At the time I only had the demo which meant we could only get about 3 people in the game at a time but it was a ton of fun anyway. Later on Half-life and Counter-Strike dominated LAN parties but until I was able to buy Half-Life Quake was my LAN shooter of choice.
Tonight at Midnight PT the first season of Tale of the White Wyvern begins. This game will run alongside our main Wyvern game and see some changes to the base rules that make it a bit different. The biggest change is that our first season game will end on March 1st when the winners will be forever immortalized in-game.

There are a few other posts about the new season game as well as a podcast we recording talking about it. Check those out below and we'll see you January 1st 2020 for our first competitive season game!

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The Angry Video Game Nerd has reviewed many games some consider classics and when I saw that he recently released a video reviewing Majora's Mask I figured it would be another review praising it. While Majora's Mask has been enshrined with nearly universal acclaim it's a game I picked up and played recently on 3DS but didn't get further than the first full dungeon. One of the Nerds biggest complaints is that if you go over time the whole dungeon resets and when that happened to me I was quite surprised and stopped playing it. I thought I did something wrong and the dungeon reset really caused me to instantly lose interest. Now that I know that part of the game I think... Read All

Now that Nintendo has focused all of it's attention to the Switch many people are clearing out their old 3DS libraries and systems and because of that, if you collect for the system now is your time. I've been collecting DS and 3DS games a bit at a time and have nearly everything I need. The games I have yet to acquire are mentioned in this video such as Bravely Default and the Ultimate NES Remix. I'd also love to get Shovel Knight on the 3DS but I have it on PC and Switch so it's not essential yet the collector in me really wants to pick it up and compare it to the rest of the versions I have. Any 3DS/DS collectors out there looking for anything hard to find?

I've recently discovered a new gaming YouTube channel by the name of Arlo. The premise is Arlo is a puppet that is into gaming. Arlo's puppetry style is akin to Sesame Street and the humor and puppetry is top notch. That said, Arlo has focused a bit on Nintendo in the last few years and recently dropped a prediction video that is very specific about what Nintendo will do in 2020. It all seems entirely plausible and the prediction that Arlo makes that I'm most keen to see happen is a port of the Super Mario 3D World from the Wii U to Switch. Arlo notes, and I totally agree, that it seems like we should have got many more Wii U to Switch ports and also predicts this is... Read All

It's been four years since the Star Wars sequel trilogy began, and with The Rise of Skywalker, the trilogy concludes. If you've heard any previous episode of this show, you likely heard a tangent about Star Wars, so it's no surprise that we are talking about this, one of the biggest events in recent Star Wars history. Come join us as we discuss the film, and share thoughts from some members of the Cheerful Ghost community as well.

In this episode, Jon references this GamesRadar article:

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