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If you follow me on Twitter, no doubt you've seen how into cryptocurrency I've gotten. But I've withheld from talking about it in Cheerful Ghost because I didn't want to look like I was pushing something like an MLM, nor am I wanting to give financial advice lol.

But, now there's a game I can share about!

The Strange Clan is a fantasy game where players have unique NFT (non-fungible token, basically a unique digital asset that's saved "to the blockchain" to prove ownership) with which they can eventually farm, quest, explore, etc.

The game is pre-alpha currently, so there's nothing to try out yet, other than buying our characters, but the world is being built on Passage 3D ( which is a virtual shared space, created for virtually meeting others, so eventually when the alpha goes live next year, we'll be able to start exploring.

There are thousands of unique combinations of charater/class/options/stats, so *every( character will be unique! I got a Rabbit and a Frog character, which I believe are a Mercenary and Hunter respectively.

I made this video to talk more about what The Strange Clan is, and my minting process (it's like the old school days of opening a baseball card pack to see what you got!)

I didn't expect to be excited about a Hawkeye show. I generally am not a fan of the character.

But, I *love* that this is leaning heavily into the Christmas theme! I hope the show keeps that vibe throughout!

Also, "Rogers: The Musical"? YES PLEASE

My childhood just came rushing back!

I had *all* the He-Man toys (probably nowhere near "all" lol) as a kid, but eventually gave them away to a neighbor kid... and then would go over to his house and play with the toys with him lol.

I LOVE He-Man, and this trailer looks so good! I will definitely be watching this on Netflux next month!

HOLY HYPE, BATMAN (er, Nighthawk?)

Marvel just released a nice look back on the movies that came before, then shows clips of Black Widow and Shang-Chi... Then shows clips from The Eternals! Then goes on to reveal all their Phase 4 movie titles and release dates!

I cannot wait to watch all of these!

2 of my interests are colliding on Friday!

In collaboration with the MothRuby community, we will be running a scavenger hunt for 1000 AKT in the world’s first Minecraft server hosted on Akash. Akashcraft will be the first scavenger hunt ever for a cryptocurrency in a Minecraft server hosted on a decentralized cloud. Yes, this is extremely meta. Yes, you should be excited for this historic event.

The Akash Network is a decentralized cloud computing network that runs on their cryptocurrency "AKT." I already own some AKT, so I'm biased, but I'm a huge fan of Akash and am excited to see where it goes. Currently 1 AKT approximately equals $5.66, but the value fluctuates, similar to a stock price.

If you're interested in finding AKT in a Minecraft treasure hunt, I highly recommend you get your wallet setup before playing, as you'll need a place to deposit the AKT you find. There's a link in the article about how to set up a wallet through Cosmostation. If this is your first wallet, it can be a little daunting, but just keep following the steps 😀
(Here's the link, so you don't have to hunt for it
If you have any questions about your wallet, feel free to reach out to me and I'll try and help 😀)

Happy Hunting! Make sure you join the livestream event Friday 4/30 6PM PST!

As a 15 year old basketball fan when Space Jam came out, and it having my all time favorite player (Larry "Grandmama" Johnson), I've always been a huge fan of the movie.

There's a long standing debate amongst fans whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in history (which often is split between generations. Gen X and older generally say MJ, whereas Millennials and younger often say LeBron).

I personally fall into the MJ camp, and therefore kinda have a bias against LeBron, unfortunately. He is far and away the best player of this generation, and I shouldn't let my "get off my lawn" attitude take away from how great LeBron is, but I'm just not a fan of his.

So, when I heard they were "remaking" Space Jam with LeBron, I *hated* the idea. I was simply not going to watch it out of spite.

But, that's pretty childish of me, I know lol. And this trailer looks like a lot of fun! I have HBO Max, so I'll be watching this soon after it comes out 🙂🧡🏀🧡

OH, I almost forgot to actually talk about thr trailer! Dude, this has some serious Ready Player One vibes, and I'm 100% into that :)

We've all played First-Person and Third-Person games, but this video takes a look into what a Second-Person game would look like.

The narrator defines what first-person, second-person, and third-person voices in writing is, and then shows a very cool example of what could be considered a second-person level in the game Driver: San Francisco.

A second-person mechanic could be an interesting thriller/horror game. Making a Friday The 13th type game, where you see your character from the point of view of the killer, as you attempt to get away (or fight back).

A teaser trailer for Spider-Man, with the name announcement!

I absolutely love the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man, and I can't wait for Christmas! Hopefully we'll all be vaccinated by then!

As much as we give George a hard time about writing the prequel trilogy, he has some really good thoughts on The Force, and life in general.

I don't have much to add to what he says in this video; I just recommend watching!

Now that it's October, Halloween 🎃 season can begin!

This song has a fun "This Is Halloween" type vibe to it and I just thought I'd share!