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As a 15 year old basketball fan when Space Jam came out, and it having my all time favorite player (Larry "Grandmama" Johnson), I've always been a huge fan of the movie.

There's a long standing debate amongst fans whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in history (which often is split between generations. Gen X and older generally say MJ, whereas Millennials and younger often say LeBron).

I personally fall into the MJ camp, and therefore kinda have a bias against LeBron, unfortunately. He is far and away the best player of this generation, and I shouldn't let my "get off my lawn" attitude take away from how great LeBron is, but I'm just not a fan of his.

So, when I heard they were "remaking" Space Jam with LeBron, I *hated* the idea. I was simply not going to watch it out of spite.

But, that's pretty childish of me, I know lol. And this trailer looks like a lot of fun! I have HBO Max, so I'll be watching this soon after it comes out 🙂🧡🏀🧡

OH, I almost forgot to actually talk about thr trailer! Dude, this has some serious Ready Player One vibes, and I'm 100% into that :)

We've all played First-Person and Third-Person games, but this video takes a look into what a Second-Person game would look like.

The narrator defines what first-person, second-person, and third-person voices in writing is, and then shows a very cool example of what could be considered a second-person level in the game Driver: San Francisco.

A second-person mechanic could be an interesting thriller/horror game. Making a Friday The 13th type game, where you see your character from the point of view of the killer, as you attempt to get away (or fight back).

A teaser trailer for Spider-Man, with the name announcement!

I absolutely love the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man, and I can't wait for Christmas! Hopefully we'll all be vaccinated by then!

As much as we give George a hard time about writing the prequel trilogy, he has some really good thoughts on The Force, and life in general.

I don't have much to add to what he says in this video; I just recommend watching!

Now that it's October, Halloween 🎃 season can begin!

This song has a fun "This Is Halloween" type vibe to it and I just thought I'd share!

I used to play a lot of fantasy sports. You'd generally pick a team of players (football, basketball, baseball, etc) from all the guys playing that day, and then as they compile stats (points/rebounds/steals/etc in basketball, passing yards/catches/touchdowns in football, just to name a few), you get a cumulative point total for your team.

But now there aren't any sports being played...
at least no sports being played by humans.

In the video above you'll see 2 virtual NBA games being simulated by a Playstation. No one is playing the characters, it's just a simulation. (My wife thinks this is the dumbest thing ever lol) On the various fantasy sports apps, before the games, you can choose lineups, just as if they were real games, and then watch along and root for "your" players. The website has been running both NBA and NFL simulations, and I've found it really fun to watch along with. And really, I don't see much of a difference in passively watching real players play games, or simulated players play games (my wife strongly disagrees and thinks this is the dumbest thing ever lol)

I'm not really into NASCAR, but today I stumbled upon eNASCAR/iRacing, and I might become a full-time fan. Actual NASCAR drivers race virtually against each other, using realistic multi-monitor simulators on their computers. The graphics of the simulation look really, really good.
Here's an example of what a race looks like (this was on FOX, and had real racing commentators)
And here's an example of what their racing setups look like:

There are a ton more Esports/Virtual Sports out there. I've seen Virtual Golf (sometimes there are simulated players like Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin lol), Virtual Baseball in addition to various Virtual basketball and football simulations. And fantasy apps are venturing into Reality TV as well. You can create a "team" of players for the show Survivor, and you get points for things like Wins Immunity/Cries on camera/Catches Seafood.

And of course League of Legends has had fantasy sports for years now. Here's a post Jon wrote back in 2014

Almost all the Virtual/ESports contests are free to enter, and many allow multiple entries, so you can try different lineups and see how they score. It's a fun thing to fill the time with, and occasionally you can win 5-10 cents lol. My favorite app is FanDuel, which you can download from any app store, or go to this website

I geek out over superhero movies, and this camera test just dropped for The Batman.

I didn't think we needed another Batman movie... but we probably always will lol.

This is very simple, but looks so rad!

Since speedrunning is often topic on Cheerful Ghost, and we run Speedrunning competitions at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, I figure this is a fitting video :)

It covers the history of speedrunning, from the super old school "demo" days of Doom to the current Games Done Quick.

The first trailer to Black Widow is out!

I'm still a little worried that this will suffer a similar fate as Rogue One and Solo for (prequels where we know the ultimate outcome, thus making the stakes for the main character not as high, because ultimately they live), but I am more excited for this than I thought I would be.

Maybe because I'm in the middle of a Winter Soldier rewatch (as I'm rewatching it, I honestly wonder if I ever actually saw it? It feels like the first time I'm seeing scenes in it lol), but I'm just lately getting into Nat's character. Endgame was sad for her, but wasn't *that* sad to me, but I bet next time I watch Endgame, it'll hit even harder after watching Black Widow.

Enjoy the trailer! It has Hopper in it!

For something completely different, here's a high school dance team, performing the story of Infinity War and Endgame :)

*spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame* lol

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