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I feel like I've reached the end of what I can do in Terraria, which does make me feel a little sad at the least. I've reached another difficult part of the game, one in which I need something new and better to continue. I did both the Pumpkin and Frost Moon events, which were difficult once the bigger mini-bosses came out. The Paladin in the Dungeon is also a difficult foe. I haven't searched thoroughly enough, but I'm pretty sure I can't get stronger armor or a stronger melee weapon. My best bet against these more difficult foes is probably magic and ranged weapons.

I really haven't even touched magic in the game. Sure, I tried out the Scythe drop from Demons in the Underworld, but otherwise haven't used any other magic and didn't even use that one very long at all. As for ranged weapons, I've used my Star Cannon a few times, but I don't think it really helped me out as much as I needed. I did, however, use a nice Zealous Enchanted Boomerang near the very beginning, which was my weapon of choice for a while. I've also used the ranged ability that comes with having a Terra Blade. In fact, I've found it most helpful against bosses (the Twins and Skeletron Prime) that don't always get close enough to hit. I've also enjoyed hitting close enemies with the blade, while aiming at further enemies, defeating them before they could reach me, all at the same time.

I remember reaching this point a few times during the game, usually when I was up against a difficult boss, and I was able to pass it with upgrades to my weapons and armor. But, as I said, this is one time where I can't really upgrade my armor and I believe I also have the best melee weapon. I could be totally wrong, but I'm quite sure about the armor. Perhaps magic and ranged weapons are the key to surviving these new difficult threats. Maybe I should look further into both. I have been saving my Chlorophyte ore so that I can make Chlorophyte bullets.

Still, I've spent 159 hours in the game and I love it and want more! It is similar to Minecraft, even with it's own differences. I think both games are a bit new, at least new to me, and they seem to stand out among all else that I've seen or heard about. I want another game like these two games. Starbound seems similar, but after watching a trailer for it on Steam, I was wishing it looked more like Terraria. Both games are obviously not graphically intense, but Starbound just didn't look as nice and appealing as Terraria. I'm not sure if I'll give it a try.

What do you think? Are there other similar games out there that you'd recommend? Or what do you recommend for this point I've reached in Terraria? I'm still playing Pokemon X, I just captured the legendary Pokemon and have one badge left to get. After that I'm planning to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. I feel quite oblivious to the gaming world and don't know of much of what's out there and what's good and great. I just know that just about everyone's playing a bunch of FPSs, that I'm really not interested in. I enjoyed the Dooms and Quakes way back in the day, but also RTS games as well. But then, when I went to college, I fell in love with RPGs. Now I'm loving the mine and build kind of games, although I'm only familiar with 2 of them. So, what are your recommendations? Or, what are you playing? What have you played that you've really enjoyed? Also, what are you expecting to play soon or in the future?

Right now, I have no interest in a next-gen console, although I may get a Wii U if or when that new Zelda game comes out.
So, I was able to upgrade to a Terra Blade. It's an interesting sword, in that it's a bit of a ranged weapon as well as melee. I can't at the moment recall what bonuses are on it or what the damage stat is, but it's better than the Corsair I've been using all throughout Hardmode. In fact, that Corsair was better than a True NIght's Edge and a True Excalibur. I was surprised!

I was finally able to defeat Plantera, The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and the Golem. I know the Terra Blade was very helpful, especially helping me defeat those pesky bosses who wouldn't allow me within range to hit them with my sword before. They couldn't escape the power of the Terra Blade. Mwahahaha. I defeated Plantera a few times more to get more Temple Keys. I had a Hallowed and a Frozen Key Mold, then I got a Jungle Key Mold, and now I'm trying to get a Crimson Key Mold. I did go back into the Dungeon to open some chests and it was like, "who turned on the Hardmode in the Dungeon?" laughing

Seriously, the Dungeon (after defeating Plantera) is no joke! I beat the Paladin once, I think it killed me a few times, but it didn't drop anything I wanted from it, so I'm looking for it again. Some of the enemies in the Dungeon (the Skeleton Mages) are pretty annoying/frustrating.

I changed from Fairy Wings to a Jet Pack after I misread the wiki, I thought the Jet Pack was better, but I didn't read the chart correctly. I'm glad the Fairy Wings are better because the Jet Pack's sound is kind of annoying. I'd still like to upgrade my Wings, but I'm going to need some ingredients (drops) from enemies that spawn during the Pumpkin Moon. I'll work on that some time soon.

I haven't messed with magic yet, but I'm already impressed by the staves I have collected. I haven't even tried them out, but some of them look like they have awesome stats!

One last thought....sometimes I think there has to be some kind of formula for calculating drop rates for items wanted. The formula has to take into account how bad you want the drop, perhaps, because the listed drop rates seem to be way off when you're looking for something in particular. Haha. Yet, at the same time, sometimes I think the game knows what I want and lets me feel lucky (such as giving me the two Broken Hero Swords I needed to finish the rest of the ingredients needed for the Terra Blade). Still, it keeps me playing, which is good because in a way I don't want to "be done" with this game. I don't know what I'd move onto next, even though I'm still playing Pokemon X and planning to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds after that. Minecraft is still tempting, but I feel like I've reached a point where I'm not sure what I want to do with it next, probably go explore another area because I can't seem to have enough diamonds.
I think there are numerous things for me to report. I'm not sure where to start exactly. Luckily, I just received my first Broken Hero's Sword, so I can make a True Excalibur. It seems I'm going to need two more so I can make the True Night's Edge and Terra Blade. Right now, my defense is 80 and my Corsair has a damage stat of 69, I believe. I noticed that when I put on the Turtle Armor, my defense was 65, I expected it to increase since I have other accessories boosting my defense and the Turtle Armor has a defense of 65. I'm not sure when both stats, my defense and my Corsair's damage stat, changed, but I was glad that my defense changed (for the better). I'm not so excited about the loss of damage my Corsair does, but it was only reduced by one.

I'm currently working on getting the final ingredient that I need to make an Ankh Charm and thus an Ankh Shield, which will be an upgrade to my Obsidian Shield. The shield will make my character immune to all debuffs, I believe. The final ingredient I need is a Nazar, which is dropped by a few things such as the Cursed Hammer and Cursed Skull, among others. I've spent some time in the Dungeon hunting Cursed Skulls, but still none have dropped the Nazar yet. That said I have a LOT of Bones! I have a chest nearly full of them! I may decide to use them and the Bone Wand to make a Sky Bridge, because eventually I want to get some wings! I already have some Broken Bat Wings, but need some Souls of Flight.

I'm looking forward to upgrading my sword, eventually to the Terra Blade. Currently, the Hardmode bosses are defeating me. I fought Plantera a few times after getting the Turtle Armor and it still defeated me. One of the best things I found, though, was being able to fight it in a Bee Hive, so that I can get the regeneration stat buff from dipping myself in Honey. LOL Still, I think a better weapon is needed.

Skeletron Prime has defeated me as well. I don't believe I've summoned it, but it shows up. It showed up plenty of times as I was above ground hunting Pixies for Ankh Charm ingredients they drop (Alarm Clock & Megaphone). Fighting for those ingredients made me think that I really do like the Hallowed. It's "pretty" as I've said before. Pixies are cool, it's kind of sad that they're enemies. The Unicorns were cool, too. Also, I think my favorite Slime is the Rainbow Slime. It's just so "pretty!" It changes colors and drops Rainbow Blocks that do the same.

The Twins have also come out at night to fight me. I've found (what I think is) a great strategy for fighting them. I noticed in my above ground Snow biome (corrupted by the Hallow) that they can't shoot through the ground. There's one part where I have a tiny little island above my head and the area nearby is slightly hilly. That was a great defense against the Weapons of The Twins, although I was still susceptible to their melee attacks, but that's how I was able to hurt them. The best that I've done against them is defeating one of them, instead of both. I think I'm going to have to upgrade my ranged weapon to a Megashark, which means I'm going to have to find some Sharks! I've read that Vampire Knives are good for these bosses, too, but I haven't looked into them yet.

Azurephile gives this a solid "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is fun, with very few issues, and is well worth your time.
Azurephile gives this a "Rad" on the Ghost Scale
This is fun, with very few issues, and is well worth your time.
Recommendation and what’s new
  • Recommended +1

  • New region, professor, and Pokemon

  • New Fairy-type

  • Mega Evolution

  • Exp share is now a key item

  • Improved graphics, now in 3D!

Basic summary:
As usual, the game takes place in a new region with new Pokemon and a new professor. Fairy-type has been introduced and added to some older Pokemon. Mega Evolution is a powerful temporary evolution you can use during battle. It requires your Pokemon to hold a special Mega Evolution stone. You’ll get one with your starter Pokemon and can only use it once during battle. Exp Share now works as a key item in your inventory, so you don’t have to give it to one Pokemon to receive extra exp, now all of your Pokemon will receive some. This is also the first 3D Pokemon game!

Recommendation: I have no shame in admitting I’m a Pokemon fan. While Pokemon came out when I was in high school, it wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally got into it. At the time, I was quite obsessed with RPGs, particularly Final Fantasy games. Pokemon is a very interesting and good game. There’s a reason it’s so popular! So, yes, I do recommend you check it out.

After finally defeating the Wall of Flesh, my first little world has ventured into Hardmode. It's definitely hard! Although the level of difficulty has increased (due to stronger monsters), I feel like I'm enjoying my first little world all over again. After destroying three Demon Altars, I began my hunt for Cobalt, Mythril, Adamantite, and Crystal Shards. I have found enough Cobalt to upgrade my armor, which is blue and therefore I love it. I am now searching for Mythril to upgrade my armor yet again (I definitely need better armor in this world now). I had to upgrade my pickaxe. With my new Molten Pickaxe, I'm now able to mine Cobalt. Along with the Cobalt, I had to create a Cobalt Drill in order to mine the higher-tier ores such as Mythril. It's an interesting tool, but I love my Molten Pickaxe because it lights up the area where I'm mining. I am also mining Crystal Shards as the guide on the wiki recommends a Phasesaber. I have a Blue Phaseblade awaiting an upgrade (but I'm not currently using it).

After a while, Pirates began to attack. This is much like the Goblin Invasion, except the Pirates can't get inside your house, unless a door is open. I died many times! Luckily, during the fight, one of them managed to drop some Cutlass swords. Even luckier, one dropped a "Very Sharp" Cutlass, which is pretty strong! I have since put away my Night's Edge, since it isn't better than my new Cutlass. I miss having a sword that shined light when swung, but I can't complain too much as my new Cutlass has a damage stat of 59 (I believe) and some good modifiers on it. Along with the high damage that it does, one of my other favorite things about it is that it is fast! I don't think I've ever been able to swing a sword so fast, I love it!

In order to create a Molten Pickaxe (as recommended by a guide on the wiki), I had to mine more Hellstone. On my way to the Underworld, I noticed that my world changed. Not only were there new enemies, but part of the Underground layer containing lava got a graphical upgrade. One funny thought I had was that the Cave Bat has been upgraded to a Giant Bat. This made me think "Zubat has evolved into a Golbat." laughing

I've now spent a little over 100 hours on the game and I'm still loving it. As I said, the new additions due to Hardmode are making me love it more. I have briefly encountered The Hallow, which seemed to be taking over my Crimson area. I also found a new Crimson area. Oh, and I did use my Obsidian Skull and a Cobalt Shield to make an Obsidian Shield, that was pretty helpful. I have not yet set about trying to contain The Hallow, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that and when, but for now I'm working on upgrading my gear. Oh, and I did find the Wizard. Also, earlier, the Party Girl moved in. I also have Wetbeard the Pirate in my house since I defeated the Pirates.
So, in the comments of my last post, I told you I figured out that the reason the Goblin Tinkerer and Mechanic didn't respawn in my house when I found them (and then they died) was because I didn't create rooms properly. Luckily, after figuring that out, both have respawned. Unfortunately, I thought (well hoped before really reading the wiki thoroughly enough) that the Tinkerer Workstation would allow me to combine some of the items I had. It apparently only works with certain items. Bummer.

So, when I began to play Terraria, I decided to create a small world, since I was just beginning. Now I'm thinking of making a new world, either medium or large. It made sense at first since I was new to the game and getting used to it. In a way I was afraid of not being able to find anything because the world was too big. Now I feel as though I have pretty thoroughly explored my little world and I'm not sure what else to do in it (except what I'm getting to).

That said, I read the wiki about Hardmode. I found out that to have your world upgraded, you need to defeat the Wall of Flesh. To summon it, you have to drop a Guide Voodoo Doll into lava. I had no idea what those voodoo dolls were for so I sold them. I didn’t even look them up on the wiki. I have one for the Clothier, too, I think. I finally took a piece of advice from the wiki and created an "arena" for this battle. That is to say, I made it so that I pretty much had a straight path to and from both sides of the Underworld. It wasn't difficult to set up and it was a great idea. I also read that it's a good idea to back up your world in case one of the bugs occurred or you later decided that you weren't ready for a Hardmode world. So, I've made a back up.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to defeat the Wall of Flesh. I have gotten it's HP into the red, but I still fail to defeat it every time. At this point I'm not sure whether I'm going to keep trying to defeat it or create a new world, both options are very tempting. I'm currently looking up some things that will help me in this battle. I'm thinking that if I create a bigger world, I might have more room for this battle, since my "arena" isn't perfectly flat. Also, I'd really like to explore new (to me) areas that aren't in my little world and hopefully to also find more items and such.

So, what are your thoughts on the Wall of Flesh battle? What strategies and items do you recommend?
Having a gaming blog is now my new "thing." I've always considered myself a writer and one of the things I want to do with my gaming blog is to write about my experiences in the games I play. That said, you can expect to see lots about Terraria as I've been playing it lately. I also intend to write about Pokemon X, which I've been playing and enjoying as well.

So, during my visits to the Underworld, I noticed Shadow Chests, which require a key to open. I looked on the wiki and found out that those keys are in the Dungeon. I tried to get into the Dungeon, but was killed by the Dungeon Guardian. I, again, looked on the wiki and found out that you have to speak to the Old Man at the entrance at night about his curse and defeat him once he turns into Skeletron. So, I decided to do that today.

Skeletron was easy! Maybe it's because I'm using Molten Armor and a Firery Great Sword, but I didn't have any trouble defeating him. However, once I got into the Dungeon, things quickly changed. The Dungeon is crawling with enemies, traps, and spikes! If you go deep enough, the rate at which monsters spawn will increase. The Dungeon has lots of chests, some of which require a key to open. Shadow Keys are used for Shadow Chests located in the Underworld. One Shadow Key will open all Shadow Chests. However, Golden Keys can only unlock one Golden Chest. These keys are dropped by some of the monsters.

I found out on the wiki that the Dungeon is created to the far left or right of the world that was created, opposite of the Jungle. Apparently the color of the interior is random. I'm happy because my dungeon is made of blue bricks. Blue is my favorite color, I may have to steal some!

I finally have an avatar! I signed up with Word Press and created a Gravatar. I took a screen shot of my character, Blue. It looks like he's standing on water. See this link:

A couple of notes...I haven't found the Goblin Tinkerer yet since the first time when I met him and he died in lava. In the Dungeon, I found a Mechanic (and wish I bought the Wire Cutters from him), but he didn't survive very long. Yesterday, I counted my NPCs and chairs and tables and I should have one or two openings. I'm not sure why those two NPCs have not yet respawned in my house. I may add more to my house to make sure that they come back, eventually I suppose. I'm thinking that in order to get the Goblin Tinkerer back, I'm going to have to defeat the Goblin Army again. They have not shown up for a second time yet, but today I did run into a Goblin Scout.

Oh! Last night I found out that Minecraft is now on the PS3! I downloaded and played the (timed) demo. Unfortunately, one of my biggest gripes about the game, Creepers blowing up structures and other useful things such as farms, happened again. I was delighted that the game contains the same music as the PC version (I really love the music of Minecraft). As for the controls, I think it would just take a little time to get used to, but I think they're ok, maybe even better than the controls for the console version of Terraria. I'm not sure if I will buy the game as I can play it for free on the PC and I think I prefer the controls (for both games) on the PC. If you're a fan of the game, I recommend watching the documentary, which is almost two hours long. I watched it last night. Here's the link:
Recently, I successfully beat The Brain of Cthulhu after making Crimson Armor ( and a Blade of Grass ( It was a tough battle. I've only beaten this boss once and I stopped trying once I did. I fought it probably three or four times in total. I was afraid that I'd end up destroying all the Demon Hearts and wouldn't be able to summon it again, but luckily there are still some left. In the battled I used an Eggnog (to boost all stats) and a Thorns potion (because it runs into you).

After that battle, I thought "what next," and it was suggested that I get Molten Armor ( It was easy to mine the needed Obsidian as I found some lava hiding under some water. The obsidian was in between the two and every time I mined some Obsidian, some more was created. The Hellstone that was required was much more difficult to obtain. I went back to the Underworld, where I previously had trouble surviving. This time, however, it wasn't that difficult. I did find it humorous that I was defeating fire enemies, such as Hellbats, with a Blade of Grass. You would think such enemies would be immune to a sword made of jungle grass or that the sword would catch on fire.

Luckily, I was able to mine the amount of Hellstone I needed, but I found a tip to share. It is a good idea, when mining Hellstone, to have something else in between your character and the Hellstone. It's also a good idea to have an Obsidian Skull as well. But, while mining the Hellstone, I found out that lava comes out of it, so I almost always made sure there was dirt or something between me and the Hellstone. Of course, I didn't always follow that tip as I have an item that gives me 7 seconds of protection from lava.

Not only was I able to make a set of Molten Armor, but I also made a Flamarang ( and finally a Firey Greatsword ( I have not yet used the sword I made, but it was nice to upgrade the Zealous Enchanted Boomerang to a Flamarang. I did not sell my Crimson armor, I put it in a chest, but I'm tempted to use it again because even though it does not provide as much defense as the Molten armor, the set bonus is faster health regeneration. Still, one thing I wish the set of Molten armor would provide is immunity to lava, that would have been sweet.

I'm still hoping to find something that provides me complete immunity to lava. I'm also still hoping that I find a key to those chests I found in the Underworld. I also need to talk to the Old Man near the Dungeon so I can check that out. Also, I defeated the Goblin Army that arrived and I met the Goblin Tinkerer, but he ended up falling in lava and dying. I'm hoping he's respawned some where so I can find him again, but if he hasn't, I'm ready to defeat the Goblin Army once again (that would be for a second time).

Anyway, that's my latest Terraria update. I thought I'd write a new post about it instead of just commenting on my original post. Hopefully soon, I'll take a screenshot of my character to use as my avatar. I'm thinking I might use one without his armor (because I want to show off all the blue I put in him). I may also take an updated screenshot of my house, since I've added one or two floors since I took the last one.

Your comments are always appreciated and I also greatly appreciate the help and suggestions you have given me (with regards to Terraria and CheerfulGhost). I really do enjoy the game and this website. smile
I've been playing Terraria a lot lately and I intend to write much more about it. For now though, I think I'm going to try posting more of what's going on (for me) in the game here. For now, I'm going to start out with last night and recent events. First, I thought I found a bug in the game after the new Holiday update. When I get presents, they are stored in one box in the inventory. What is inside the present doesn't show up until I right-click the present (or presents) and exit the inventory. This does not function as it previously did when the presents seemed to only contain candy cane blocks, where as a right-click opened the present and showed its contents without having to exit the inventory. After a while, it feels like this is less of a bug and something that makes sense some how. It doesn't really bother me anymore. I now let my presents stack and open them up later when my inventory is less full, so that individual pieces don't crowd my inventory when I'm out in the open world exploring. I reported the issue, but have not seen a reply about.

After looking at some tutorials to learn how to play, I decided to create a small world for my first world to explore. Apparently this would make it easier for me to find things. Well, it seems as though my small world has stuck me in the middle of some hard places. To the right of my house is a Snow biome which contains the Crimson. Further on I found a Dungeon, which even with 400 life and less than 20 defense I could not survive one hit from the Dungeon Guardian. Shortly to the left of my house, I found an extensive underground cavern, which I thoroughly explored. I found an Underground Snow biome, which was cool, but then I also found the Underworld, which I thought was cool. Unfortunately, I don't have any lava protection, so that is a dangerous place, let alone the creatures there that are difficult to defeat. I kept dying and going back, wondering why I kept repeating that cycle. Finally, I explored a bit and got to a point to where I couldn't walk on the abandoned structures because walking on them caused me to catch on fire. So, I decided to go look elsewhere for adventure for now.

Further to the left of my house (and really not that far from the first cavern I discovered) is a very small Desert biome. It's so small that it's not even worth mentioning, really. Going further, the environment turned back to "normal" as it looks where my house is located, but I found another cavern that I began to explore. This cavern lead to an Underground Jungle, which is dangerous due to lots of hornets and slimes that can shoot poisonous projectiles at you. There are also some kind of brown vines that hurt, too, when touched. There, I also found another Underworld, which I did not explore. In the Underground Jungle, I found a structure, which I cannot enter without a key or a much better pickaxe as it's made of Lizhard (I'm currently using a golden one as the cool made-of-bone one I found wouldn't mine Crimtane). I did, however, find a hive and after making it inside and smashing something, the Queen Bee was summoned.

The Queen Bee was my second boss battle. The first boss battle was the Eye of Cthulhu. I was in my first cavern and I saw the message that I was being watched, which I later found out was this boss, but I did not see it until maybe the third time I saw the message. It killed me at first as I was unprepared, but the second time I summoned it after being prepared and using a Suspicious Looking Eye. It wasn't an easy battle, but I survived. The Queen Bee was a different story. Unfortunately for her, we were in a small cavern and she got stuck in some blocks and could not move nor attack, so I just sat there with my Zealous Enchanted Boomerang and killed her. I'd blame her getting stuck on a bug (kind of ironic now that I think on it). But, I was delighted that she dropped some very nice rewards. I now have an awesome sword that has an attack of 22 and summons killer bees to help fight my enemies. The boomerang has been with me for a long time since I first (luckily) found it some how and I'll still keep it as it helps me fight from a distance and also lights up areas where it goes.

Before playing Terraria, I was playing Minecraft, which I fell in love with, but got frustrated by Creepers blowing everything up (such as my farms or buildings) and falling into lava. The two games are similar, but they are different. The thing I tried doing in Minecraft seems to be what Terraria is all about, that is exploring and fighting monsters and such. Some say Minecraft is more about building and Terraria is more about exploring. I think they're both about building and exploring equally, however Minecraft does not have bosses.

I'll write more later as I play and I will try to participate more here at Cheerful Ghost. I was recently thinking that I should start a gaming blog, well it looks like I'm off to a good start. I want to leave with one final tip, though. The best way to protect your NPCs in Terraria from the effects of a Blood Moon is to get away from home. During my first Blood Moon (I've survived all of them), a few of them died, but since then I have been away from home for each following Blood Moon and my NPCs were apparently undisturbed.

I'm still looking for better armor so that I can survive lava and harder monsters. I may fill in some details about my current defense later.