The Legend of Zelda

Released on February 21, 1986 by Nintendo

Developed by Nintendo

Experience the original smash-hit adventure on the NES! Ganon, the King of Evil, has broken free of the Dark World and has captured Hyrule's beloved Princess Zelda. But, before she was caught, Zelda managed to shatter the Triforce of Wisdom and scatter its eight pieces throughout Hyrule. You begin your adventure by finding a small wooden sword in a dark cave. Then, as you grow in stature, experience, and strength, so do your weapons. Help Link collect the captured pieces of the Triforce, rescue the princess, and thwart Ganon’s evil plans!

In this recent episode of Game/Show Jamin asks "Why can't Link be a girl?" And whereas that's not a bad question, i'd rather flip it to ask why Zelda can't be the hero of a game named after her? She seems capable and I bet Link could use a vacation. Jamin asks the question if people may be turned off by Link being a female and as I thought about it I imagine some would be. That said those people are more rare these days and getting a great Zelda game featuring Zelda or Femlink would be too interesting to avoid.

I was talking about this the other day with friends and one of them mentioned Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon as a game that features Zelda as the main character. I... Read All

“The Legend of Zelda,” one of the most popular videogame series of all time, is in the works as a television show at Netflix.

The video streaming service is in the early stages of developing a live action series based on “Zelda,” about an ordinary boy named Link who must rescue a princess named Zelda and save a fantasy world called Hyrule, said a person familiar with the matter. As it seeks writers to work on the show, Netflix is describing it as “Game of Thrones” for a family audience, this person said.

My first thought "Oh no... this can't be anything but bad." But, who knows. I will check it... Read All

Oh that sweet Hyrule board game unboxing. The game looks beautiful, I just wish it weren't Monopoly and I would actually pick it up. Like some kind of Hero Quest adventury game featuring different colored Links working together in some kind of threaded mission based game?

That said, if you are a Monopoly and Zelda fan, this seems like the right kind of Christmas gift for you.
How Nintendo has drawn Link has changed from game to game. This image references the different stages of his design and sort of shows off how his style varies from consoles to handhelds releases. It seems that the console versions feature a much more adult Link as the consoles have him at a younger age.

I imagine when we get a Zelda game supported by the Oculus Rift Link will be well into his late 30's.

This is a VR clone of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The gameplay and artwork are virtually identical to the original NES classic, however in this version you see the world through Link's eyes, in all of it's virtual 3D 8-bit glory. Explore the world, find weapons, kill enemies, collect items, discover secrets, buy upgrades, delve into dungeons, defeat bosses, restore the Triforce, and rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon.

First thought:
Zelda in VR? That's so rad!
Second thought:
Hmmm, 8-bit graphics don't translate well
Third thought:
Has this guy never played Zelda before?
Final thought:
I'd like to see more

Any thoughts on this? The... Read All

"The Legend of Zelda has been massively popular for over 30 years running. People LOVE the series, creating fan art, cosplay, and diligently purchasing each new release in the series. But does this Zelda series exploit our feelings of nostalgia? We remember playing as kids, and the music, world, and even sounds bring back warm fuzzy feelings. Are the creators riding that success and using our childhood memories to their own gain?"

I would say that the Zelda series is absolutely aiming for nostalgia. That said, like Jamin states, Nostalgia isn't a bad thing. Personally i'd like the Zelda franchise to take a bit of a different direction occasionally BUT then they release... Read All

A very cool video that explores the random paterns of enemies and more in The Legend if Zelda.

Awesome Link comic I read on Dorkly today I wanted to share. Funny, sad and true all at the same time.

Don't walk away Link, you need to save Hyrule... again.
Take a peek at a capture of a segment from the original Legend of Zelda Manual. This was one of the first open world games I played and it blew my mind with its awesomeness. Hoping the new Zelda game Link Between Worlds really brings back some of the old magic these early games had.

Just watched an awesome fan video called "Link to the Future." It starts off as a pretty reasonable Zelda fan film and then Doc. Brown shows up with a DeLorean. You heard me, now watch it, watch it now.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Behind the scenes+more info on how they were made:

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