Borderlands 2

Released on September 17, 2012 by 2K Games

Developed by Gearbox Software

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I need a little help. I can't decide which copy of Borderlands 2 to pre-order. Ive pondered for a month+ now and I can't do it. I am leaning to the Standard Edition on PS3 at Gamestop for the extra goodies, but should I get a collectors?

All the versions are listed here:

What do you think? Did you pre-order it? If you what did you get?

I am going to make a choice and pre-order this weekend, a little help would be nice.
I read a cool article on gearboxity that featured the new Gunzer from Borderlands 2. They interview Paul Hellquist, Creative Director for Borderlands 2 as well as Scott Kester the Concepter Designer and Jonathan Hemingway the Game Designer. The article is note worthy because it traces the evolution of the Gunzer design over the project. I don't see that in interviews so it seemed radtacular.


"The Gunzerker started as an action skill in a long list of potential action skills. The draw of dual wielding in our gun-centered game was immediately very strong. It was an idea that was kicked around during the development of the first game but with all of the other major... Read All
I love Borderlands and as such am very excited about Borderlands 2. More gun collecting RPG shooter mayhem? More guns? Going more places than just the desert? Uhm.... Totally in. So totally in.

When I love a game++ I am drawn to pre-order it. Often times I buy the collectors edition. What can I say? I am sucker when people say "game, art book and soundtrack." I just have to pay more because I love that kind of stuff. Borderlands 2 seems willing to indulge me with pre-ordering and they upped the ante with TWO collectors editions.

I am going to pre-order the game I am just not sure what version of the game I will actually buy. To my eye there are actually 4 different... Read All

2K just dropped two gameplay videos for Borderlands 2. They handed out the same gameplay footage to all the big game news sites and then the news sites commented over the footage. The above video is IGN's take on the siren video drop. Some interesting footage of the class.

2K also release some footage of the gunzerker:

The game looks mad epic. Can't wait for Clap-Trap to bring the wub wub. This is a game I will pre-order and nab on the PS3. What will you play it on? Are you going to pick it up?

One minor gripe from the IGN video commentary: "How many times do you need to mention Borderlands is like Diablo?" Yeah, we got it when... Read All