Borderlands 2

Released on September 17, 2012 by 2K Games

Developed by Gearbox Software

The Ultimate Vault Hunter’s Upgrade lets you get the most out of the Borderlands 2 experience.

Moar DLC to whet your Borderlands 2 palate in Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. According to Gearbox this DLC will be released next week.

Excited? Interested? Looks pretty bad ass.

You might not have known that during the original run of Borderlands Claptrap had his very own web series. Gearbox recently released a new season and episode. Ill link to the previous episodes at the bottom of this post. Now you can get even more Claptrap!

A few other interesting Borderlands 2 bits. You can now pre-order the new Art of Borderlands 2 book. Sort of thing they should have released in the collectors edition but better late than never I suppose.

Gearbox is also outsourcing the Mac port and it should be released sometime soon. I hope this means Mac/PC Steamplay. The original Borderlands had a Mac port but it wasn't available via Steamplay, it was available on... Read All
Borderlands 2 is quite a lot of fun. As I continue on with it I keep running into quests and events that make me smile. The loot I am collecting is pretty bad-ass too. Compared to other loot based games like Diablo 3, Borderlands has it beat in my view. I never feel like any weapon I collected in Diablo 3 held any advantage over another save attack power going through it the first time. I have nabbed a few items now in Borderlands 2 that are not just overpowered awesomeness, but have unique abilities that actually can change how you play the game.

For instance, I got a shield that when depleted, explodes a few times. When the shield depletes and the explosions start I... Read All

So I was asked by Jdodson to give my thoughts and opinions on borderlands 2 after playing just about everything the game has to offer. I am a level 50. I've never cheated and played it duo with my cousin and we have everything. This has NO SPOILERS. It's simply an objective look at the game as a whole.

+Better Characters
+More Varied Environments
+Better Enemies
+More Challenging

-Change to the gun system (It's also a plus but let me describe it later in the review)
-A few broken new mechanics (completely objective)
-Not as much endgame as I feel was promised

So let's start off with characters. The characters this time around are quite humorous. Tiny Tina herself is... Read All
Rumors have surfaced on the web of a new Borderlands game to be released soon on mobile. A screenshot found by someone on the Gearbox forums. Borderlands on mobile sounds awesome and I will pick this up when it comes out.

Hopefully it will be an awesome slice of one of the best games released this year! Will you pick up Borderlands mobile?

In other Borderlands news, looks like Borderlands 2 shipped 1.4 million units since its launch to date.... Read All

Are you picking this up? If you have how does it play? Did you get it as part of the season pass or on its own?


As there have been many Borderlands 2 posts recently and I wanted to celebrate the event with one more!

Gearbox dropped the last echo log entry for Gaige completing her entire back story. I really enjoy these recordings and they paint a compelling picture of her character and how she became a vault hunter. Gearbox writing style has stepped up with Borderlands 2 and the Mecromancer back story is a great example of it.

Without further text, here are all of the echo logs for Gaige:


  2. ... Read All
So we all got access to the Mechromancer early (yay!)

Today it was announced that the next DLC installment will release next week (wha..?)

Here's a link to Joystiq's article on the upcoming DLC, titled Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty:

While I'm happy for more Borderlands, and I definitely am going to buy this* I don't even have 4 gun slots open on any of my characters yet and we're already getting our second dose of DLC. That... seems kind of quick. What are your thoughts on the new DLC?

*Actually I'm just going to spring for the season pass. I know I'm going to buy all the... Read All
So last night @jdodson, my brother-in-law and I took the new Mecromancer class for a spin. And wow, is she awesome.

DeathTrap is quite possibly the most helpful special ability in the early levels. At level 9 I ran into a pair of Badasses (one Psycho, one Nomad with a shield) and DT tanked them both without any trouble! His damage so far is pretty impressive too.

As far as the Mechromancer's skills go, I haven't gotten very far into the Little Big Trouble skill tree to comment too much on it. For one, the skills I've gotten so far buff my chance to cause elemental effects, but I've only found a handful of fire weapons. That said, it did seem like the fire SMG I picked up... Read All