Borderlands 2

Released on September 17, 2012 by 2K Games

Developed by Gearbox Software

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Gearbox released an image of Gaige the new Mecromancer class for Borderlands 2 as she appears in game. The Mecromancer will finally be released October 16th for anyone that pre-ordered Borderlands 2.

Gearbox just released the first in game echo log for Gaige:

Gearbox has been talking about the Mecromancer for sometime and as such I am really looking forward to trying her out. I think I am a bit more interested in her class than the other in game classes I haven't tried yet.

When she drops will you give her a shot or are you more interested in your current character? Maybe another character you haven't tried thus far?

Who Doesn't Like a good sequel to an amazing story ?

If you havnt played borderlands original you have missed out on the back story of DAHL and will never know who Atlas Steel was D: comment on what was your favourite part of the original BORDERLANDS
I think I have finally hit a good note with my Gunzerker. My strategy is to hit every side quest before I continue the main quest line. This means I get some great guns from the missions but I also get other loot as well. For instance, I just completed a quest line called "Eternal Flame" where these cultists worship Lilith, the Siren from Borderlands 1. It's a fun, messed up and quirky quest and by the time you finish it you get an amazing shield. The shield has a fairly high armor rating but it has an awesome ability in that when it depletes it creates 4-6 massive fire explosions around you. It took a few times to remind me "oh right, this is a good thing that is... Read All

The one benefit to playing Borderlands 2 on the PS3 is split-screen multi-player with friends. Tonight one of my friends came over and we played a few hours together. He went Gunzerker and I went Commando. It was a good pairing but it took me a bit to get the hang of Axton. Was used to run and gunning with Salvador so it took me a bit to get used to dropping a turret and staying behind it. Axton's skill tree isn't my cup of tea, but I found one path that was interesting.

As we were playing it went like this: See a group of bad guys, I drop the turret and he pops into Zerk mode and runs in. Clean up. It broke down a few times when we were not working together but overall... Read All
My First 5 Hours with Borderlands 2

Picked up Borderlands 2 today and started making my way through Pandora after Handsome Jack. My character is Salvador, the Gunzerker as I was most interested in playing him from the other new classes. I have quite a few thoughts about Borderlands 2 and am not really sure where to start. From a high level my first 5 hours were very fun with a few nit picks.

Stuff I Loved

I really like that the game has settings other than desert. So far the game has all been snow for me, but I have heard it has quite a few new settings beyond the snowy mountains. The art style of Borderlands 2 seems pretty much like the first game but much much more... Read All

It was the night before Borderlands 2 launch and all through Pandora... Not a creature was stirring except for a bad-ass Skag wearing a Fedora! 50 bazillion guns were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that would use them to light up the morning air!

@panickedthumb and I were nestled all snug in our cots as visions of loot danced in our XBox(1). @panickedthumb as a Commando and I ask a Gunzerker had just settled our Borderlands game saves for a long nights overture.

When out in the tundra there rose such a clatter I sprang from my cot to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash and blew it open with a shotty that does fire and acid damage...... Read All
The Borderlands 2 Haiku contest is now over. We've tallied the score, and the preliminary winner is Jacob_Richardson with 56 votes! We are only human, so we are going to give the game to the winner tomorrow at this time, to give us and the community time to check our work, and to confirm the validity of all votes cast. Please note that no more votes will be accepted: +1's given after 4PM EST today do not count.

The winning haiku:

In a very close second, Axel_Mller's haiku:

Also a shout-out to our winner in the SteamGifts giveaway:

Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Here is my Haiku.

It is time again,
Loot and Shoot bring out the pain
Throughout Jack's Domain.

Good Luck everyone

In the celebration of the Cheerful Ghost Borderlands 2 Haiku Contest finishing up tomorrow I decided to stuff a bunch of awesome Borderlands 2 news in a post for everyone.

If the Haiku contests wasn't enough chance for you to win awesome Borderlands 2 stuff, checkout the Gearbox "Weapon of Choice" contest. Check it out by the link below:

The Totally Rad Show recently interviewed the Borderlands 2 lead writer and the video is above. Its a pretty interesting conversation and he drops the details on a fun quest made entirely of Top Gun references.

A few sites in the game press have been privvy to early copies of... Read All

My Turn, Haiku in Japanese (Watashi wa Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu ne) =)


So-re wa na-ni?
Bo-ru-do-ra-n De-su!
Ni-ba-n De-su =)

What is that?
It is Borderlands!
The second one =)

By the way, what I am submitting is the Hiragana/Romaji Haiku..
Read the Hiragana if you understand, if not the Romaji =)