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Wanted to send everyone a special Holiday greeting and hope that today is a fun and restful day. As we open our IRL loot boxes please drop what you got from the Holiday Loot Elf in the comments to share!

Pictures get you a bonus accolade!

Sony just released a brand new Lemmings free to play game on iOS and Android which is a interesting turn as just yesterday I pined for a new mobile release. It's a classic franchise that deserved an updated version and after I heard the news this morning I downloaded it and gave the first few levels a try. So far, the game is fine, it uses energy that slowly refills over time or you can purchase an instant refill for money. That energy is what you use to activate your Lemmings abilities to float to the ground, build up and dig. It lacks some of the polish of the DOS original but as I've said, so far it's a fine port. I'll do a more formal review later but I wanted to let you know that it exists and that you can pick it up for free on Android and iOS now!


"Lemmings: A cute, clumsy and clueless species of green-mopped creatures on a journey home, in desperate need of help. For over 25 years, players have answered their call, with millions playing the puzzle game that became a pop-culture phenomenon.

We cheered when we saved them, cried when they died and as a schoolkid back in the ’90s, my classmates and I seemed hell-bent on killing the poor things in the most barbaric way possible. Kids were cruel in the ’90s. We had no internet.

Now it’s time for a whole new generation to save/slaughter those adorable critters once again, with a brand new Lemmings game out today, designed specifically for your mobile device.


Lazy Game Reviews is a YouTube channel about game reviews, retro reviews as well as retro PC hardware reviews. It's one of my favorite channels and I wanted to share one of his latest videos that was seasonally appropriate. Holiday Lemmings started out as a few level demo and got a full fledged release later on. I had all the Lemmings demos I could get my hands on but never was able to buy the full versions. It's not a hard game to find now but I wish Sony would do more with it and release a new Lemmings game on all platforms including mobile.

Macaulay Culkin has been showing up in a few YouTube shows I watch regularly including the most recent episode of The Angry Video Game Nerd talking about all the Home Alone Games. The Nerd has reviewed a few Home Alone games before but talking about each one with Mac himself is pretty incredible.

Macaulay Culkin has also showed up in two Red Letter Media shows re:View and The Best of the Worst. In re:View Jack and Mac talk about the 90's incredi-bad film Hackers and in Best of the Worst he reviews a couple terrible films alongside Home Alone 4!

re:View (Hackers): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM7_oyCZqj0

Plinketto (Best of the Worst) Prototype, Quigley & Home Alone 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_FURNuBeQg

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Doom, designer John Romero is releasing SIGIL a free Doom megawad that continues the original Doom campaign. Can't use enough words to say how badass this is and how simple the concept is. John Romero is releasing a free Doom wad you can play for free but also, if you want, get a Limited Run pressing of it for a $40 box and $166 Beast box.

The box copy comes with a 2 CD jewel case with the Megawad plus original music by Metal God Buckethead. For original Doom fans the Megawad seems like a must play and for avid PC game collectors this Limited Run pressing seems just as important. Please believe I'll be playing the Megawad on launch and I'm still deciding if i'll be picking up a physical release.



"SIGIL is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM created by John Romero. It contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. The free megawad will be released in mid- February 2019 and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM in order to play. SIGIL is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM, and picks up where the original left off.

You can play SIGIL with several modern source ports such as GZDOOM, or the Steam version of DOOM. You must own the original registered DOOM or The Ultimate DOOM to play. SIGIL is playable in Co-operative, Deathmatch, and Single-Player modes. SIGIL is for PC/Mac.

"Over the past several years, the work of evaluating our development processes and making hard decisions has led to new games and other products that we’re proud of. We now have more live games and unannounced projects than at any point in the company’s history. We’re also at a point where we need to take some of our talented developers and bring their skills to other projects. As a result, we’ve made the difficult decision to shift some developers from Heroes of the Storm to other teams, and we’re excited to see the passion, knowledge, and experience that they’ll bring to those projects. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to make tough choices like this. Games like Diablo II, World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Overwatch, and more would not exist had we not made similar decisions in the past.

Despite the change, Heroes of the Storm remains our love letter to Blizzard’s worlds and characters. We’ll continue actively supporting the game with new heroes, themed events, and other content that our community loves, though the cadence will change. Ultimately, we’re setting up the game for long-term sustainability. We’re so grateful for the support the community has shown from the beginning, and the development team will continue to support Heroes with the same passion, dedication, and creativity that has made the game such a unique experience.

We’ve also evaluated our plans around Heroes esports—after looking at all of our priorities and options in light of the change with the game, the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm will not return in 2019. This was another very difficult decision for us to make. The love that the community has for these programs is deeply felt by everyone who works on them, but we ultimately feel this is the right decision versus moving forward in a way that would not meet the standards that players and fans have come to expect.

Heroes of the Storm is a very cool MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) set in the Blizzard-verse where characters from Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft and the Nexus get together and duke it out. Heroes of the Storm is different in that it's a bit more accessible, exp is earned as a team and has a huge assortment of different maps and objectives(most MOBA games feature just one map). That said, it's struggled to find a massive audience even though it's totally free to play and has the backing of Blizzard in the wake of titans such as League of Legends and DoTA 2 and it looks like that struggle has cause Blizzard to halt it being a top tier game in it's crown after 3 years.

The good news is that Blizzard supports games for a long time after they've been released so the servers should remain online nearly indefinitely. The sad part is streamers, pros and the community will falter a bit and eventually lessen to a dedicated few. Still, Heroes of the Storm is a great free game to get in and play with friends and if you are looking to give the whole MOBA craze a shot I can't think of a better game to start with.


The latest documentary from Noclip is out and it's all about the history of Half-Life. Noclip wasn't able to talk to anyone from Valve about the game but managed to create an incredible documentary from interviews with Geoff Keighley, Scott Smith, Randy Pitchford and a lot more. One thing I learned while watching this is that Gearbox got It's feet wet as a game developer making a ton of Half-Life expansions and then jumped into their own IP to create the Borderlands franchise. The doc covers Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike and other Half-Life mods and maps as well as Episode 3 and Mac Laidlaw's Epistle 3 as well as fans trying to finish up the Half-Life story themselves. It's a great Half-Life love letter and clocks in at 1h 47m so set some time aside!

"What happens when one of the most revolutionary series in video games suddenly goes dark? To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Noclip hits the road to investigate the legacy of Half-Life and the incredible community working to keep the dream alive."

After watching this documentary I re-read Marc Laidlaw's Epistle 3 and saluted the Half-Life series without Episode 3. Marc's ending was spot on even if left me with a bit of a low feeling. Sometimes things can't be wrapped up in a bow and in the case of Half-Life maybe it's better that way?


Good morning Ghosts! Today is fairly special as we are launching the Cheerful Ghost BBS 1.4 Update: The Desktop Games Pack! This themed game pack is focused on the old school Desktop Games Packs of yore and specifically harkens to the Microsoft Entertainment Packs of the 90's. These three open source games are pretty special and very addictive so brace yourselves!


Designed by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli. The game's objective is to slide numbered tiles on a grid to combine them to create a tile with the number 2048. However, one can continue to play the game after reaching the goal, creating tiles with larger numbers.

2048 has been described as very similar to the Threes! app released a month earlier. Cirulli himself described 2048 as a clone of Veewo Studios' app 1024, who has actually said in the description of the app to be a clone of Threes!

Play 2048 on Cheerful Ghost:


Description of 2048 by Wikipedia:



No Desktop games pack would be complete without Tetris and since we've all played Tetris, I felt including a Tetris inspired but not quite Tetris game would be interesting. Hextris is Fast paced HTML5 puzzle game inspired by Tetris that you must play! If you like hard games, this one's for you.


Hextris was finished (gameplay mechanics refined, game polished, UI redone, marketed, etc) by Logan Engstrom (GitHub: @meadowstream, Twitter: @logan_engstrom) and Garrett Finuncane (GitHub: @garrettdreyfus) over 3 months.


Minesweeper is a game where you clear a rectangular board containing hidden mines without blowing yourself up! Created by Reed Jones to thematically feel like it's running right from your Windows 95 Desktop! This game is very cool and feels beat for beat just like the original Minesweeper I grew up playing.


The Cheerful Ghost Games BBS is now at version 1.4 and has 12 awesome games for you to play right now in your web browser from old school DOS BBS titles to more modern takes on that genre. If you haven't tried them out I recommend you head over and check them out at the link below!


Counter-Strike Global Offensive just went free to play with the addition of it's all new Danger Zone Battle Royale mode. So Counter-Strike is going... Fortnite? Well, sort of, Danger Zone is a mode where you jump in to an area and fight it out with everyone else or in a squad but it's at a much smaller scale with each match having a max of 18 players. But much like Fortnite or PUBG, Danger Zone has you collect weapons and items to shoot it out with other players until the last gamer is standing.

As the update went live I downloaded CS GO to give it a shot and found the whole game download process and install to be fairly quick as the game is only about 17 gigs. After the game started it perfectly set itself up and I was in and playing an old school CS Dust 2 round with bots in no time. After playing the classic Counter-Strike I cut my teeth on in the early 2000's I decided to give Danger Zone a shot. Took me a handful of minutes to get into a match and after a few minutes of waiting around in a map for everyone to start, the game began. I collected a few items, some cash and had a drone deliver me an item I purchased. After picking up a few more items I had a tussle with another player and was killed handily by them. I wasn't the first person to die, but 12th.

After a couple more matches I'm happy Danger Zone is a new mode but more happy that Counter-Strike Global Offensive is now free. I'm kind of kicking myself for buying it a few years ago as I haven't really played much of it and for my usecase it makes more sense as a free to play game. That said, it's cool now that the base Counter-Strike game is free to play for anyone and it makes sense too as CS GO has had the micro-transactional lootbox to get weapon skins thing going for it for a long time. Plus it will be awesome to be able to play it with any of my friends regardless of if they own it.

"Introducing Danger Zone — a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish. Play solo, or work together as a squad of two or three!


So there’s never been a better time to bring in your friends.

All players who played CS:GO before today’s update will receive a commemorative Loyalty Badge they can display on their profile. You were there from the beginning, so show it off! Additionally, all existing CS:GO players have had their accounts upgraded to Prime Status.

As before, Prime Status matches you with other Prime Status players. Additionally, your Prime Status will give you access to the new Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats (available by earning XP while playing Danger Zone matches) and the all new Danger Zone Case.


I don't have time to play each new release in gaming, but in some rare cases I'll make the time and Rage 2 is one of those games I'm gonna make time for. The open world trailer dropped tonight during The Game Awards and I was happy enough to watch it and then nab the link on YouTube to share with you here. The game looks even better than what they previously showed and the artistry shown in how the trailer is cut is superb. My only question is how much like the real game is this? If they can deliver on most of what we see here this game is going to be bloody great.

Oh and the Russo Brothers just came out at The Game Awards making a finger snap joke and delivered the win for on-going game of the year and Fortnight won! No surprise there, Fortnight owns the gaming world right now and it's a well deserved win.

"The wasteland of RAGE 2 is your playground – your very bloody playground –and in a world where there are no rules, insanity rules. Go anywhere, shoot anything, explode everything. RAGE 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 14, 2019."

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