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I'm an Engineer and built the video game community Cheerful Ghost and text based mini-MMO Tale of the White Wyvern.

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I've been following the news that The Witcher show is coming to Netflix and have seen some pictures of Henry Cavill as everyone's favorite white headed monster hunter but haven't thought much about it. Live action adaptations of video games don't always work out well and Henry's white hair didn't settle well with me. That said, after seeing the new trailer I'm excited for the show. It's no secret Netflix wants a fantasy show that can top the popularity of Game of Thrones and i'm glad they seem to have given The Witcher show the budget and time to make it look pretty darn good, or at least the trailer. The Witcher show drops on Netflix on December 20th giving us all a fun horror present to open around the holidays!

Wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween as everyone eats way more candy than they should and hangs out at The Pumpkin Festival in Tale of the White Wyvern! As this spook season is upon us, i'm curious what everyone is playing and watching? I started a play through of Final Fantasy IV on Gameboy Advance which has been a fun way to replay this classic RPG. There are a lot of noticeable changes with the Super Nintendo version and so far, it's nothing too intense but I'm not sure I love all the translation changes they've made.


Hey everyone! This thread is for all the bug reports you have for Tale of the White Wyvern. As this thread gets longer we may make a new one but we will keep this one open as long as it's sustainable.

If you have a general question or support, please post over in the thread below:


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Thanks for playing, and we're looking forward to what you have to report!

Hey everyone! This thread is for all support and question you have for Tale of the White Wyvern. As this thread gets longer we may make a new one but we will keep this one open as long as it's sustainable.

Feel free to post any support topics such as game suggestions, questions about how the game works, or other types of feedback. This is also a space where you can find out why we made the game the way we did, as sometimes it's not obvious.

Before asking a question, please check the game Instructions first. Your question may already be answered there, as we update them regularly when new things are added, and when we run into things that are not obvious about how the game works. Many frequently asked questions are covered in the Instructions:


If you comment on this post, you will automatically follow it and get notifications, so if you don't want those, you can de-select the star on this post, next to the "Comments" button. Similarly, if you want to opt into notifications, just make sure it's selected.

Thanks for playing, and we're looking forward to what you have to say!

A few weeks ago The Oregon Trail Handheld was marked down to under $10 and I picked it up. If you don't remember, last year Target had the Oregon Trail handheld exclusively in stores alongside an Oregon Trail card game. I picked up the card game and wasn't impressed but when I recently got the handheld I took it to a beach trip with some friends and asked them if they wanted to play it. We had a very lucky run and made it all the way to Oregon only having one person in our party die on the rapids on the Willamette River. The Oregon Trail Handheld is a great port of the game that looks like it might not work with the odd controls on front but I was very surprised how seamless everything worked. The games screen is light enough to see quite well and the speaker is good enough to do the original bleeps and bloop effects justice.

At the end of the day these kinds of handhelds are a great way to come back and play a game you miss but if you didn't grow up in the glow of Oregon Trail on the Apple II this might not be interesting to you. The game itself is quite good and i'd my only critique is that some runs are so punishing as to be quite dark in tone. In one run everything might be going in your favor and the game seems easy and the next run you can have everyone in your party wiped out before you hit the halfway point.

As I said before I took this game to a beach house and played it with friends and if you are so included, I recommend playing it that way. Not that you must play this game from a beach house but playing this with friends feels like a shared experience game akin to Dungeons and Dragons. Basically you have one person take the roll of the Wagon Leader who controls the game and reads out what's happening on screen and everyone takes part in what choices you make to head west.

It seems that the incredibly cheap price I picked up the game for was a discount to clear out stock but if you can find it, i'd recommend getting it. As LGR says in his video above, this handheld will become collectable at some point and if it's well worth a couple bucks to play every so often to die of dysentery, a broken leg or actually make it to Oregon alive.

When it was announced The Witcher 3 was coming to the Switch many people were excited about being able to play it on the go but had doubts about how it would perform. The Witcher 3 finally launched on Switch and Digital Foundry reviewed the port and it looks to be a pretty good port of the game that is cut down visually to accommodate the hardware and fit on a 32G install. I haven't played Witcher 3 yet and this seems like a great way to check it out.

Night of the Living Dead legendary film maker George Romero's first film that create the entire Zombie horror genre. Night of the Living Dead is a black and white film from 1968 that hold's up today as a "bottle" horror film in that it all takes place in a farmhouse. Night of the Living Dead would inspire Romero to create the Night of the Living Dead series including the incredible Day of the Dead.

The original copyright holder didn't renew Night of the Living Dead so it fell into public domain allowing it to be put on YouTube for free and included on Cheerful Ghost for your viewing pleasure. Night of the Living dead has some pretty campy effects but i'd argue the film holds up and is one of the best horror films of all time.

Check it out, IF YOU SCARE! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rZX1JCPAXQ)

Hey everybody! Thanks for playing Tale of the White Wyvern and reading this game update, we’ve been working on a bunch of quality of life updates to the game as well as getting ready for Portland Retro Game Expo. As such there is a lot to share and we’d love to get your input on it all so let’s dive in!


Wyvern Balancing: Significantly changed the 5th Wyvern fight balancing and how the fight operates. The fight is much more fair to players that don't dual class. 🐉

PvP Update: You can now attack players one level below you in the fields. We’ve also Increased the cost of staying in the Inn to a graduated scale that is roughly the amount of gold you find from 3 forest fights at your current level. The Inn protections stay the same.

One piece of feedback we were hearing from players is that they wanted more opportunities to engage in PvP. Also, the Inn protections are so good it was discouraging people from attacking. We think that Inn protections as is are something we want to keep but we thought we could make changes to the fields to encourage more PvP. The goal of increasing the cost of gold to stay at the Inn and broadening the levels you can fight in the fields increases the distinction between the Inn VS the fields and gives the choice more weight.

Player List Update: Change (L)ist Players to (P)layers Online in the menu for clarity and consistency. We now have two selections in the Players Online section in Active Players and Full Player List. Active players is the new top most selection showing you people that have played in the last week. Full player list lists all players.

In game Gold Transfers: You can now transfer gold to other players in the bank. The amount of gold you can transfer depends on the player receiving it and the scale is graduated based on their level. You can effectively transfer the gold the receiver would acquire by fighting 5 times at their level in the forest. Right now you can ONLY send and receive one gold transfer per in-game day.

Portland Retro Game Expo: Added the Portland Retro Game Expo in-game event. Players that join the game during that time will be a fun bonus to daily forest fights.

What’s Next and the Post Endgame

October 18th - 20th Cheerful Ghost will be hanging out at Portland Retro Game Expo at our booth #611. Beyond that we are working on an upcoming in-game event called The Pumpkin Festival which runs October 23rd - November 2nd and will not only provide some daily in-game rewards but also an entirely new Pumpkin Festival square to hang out in and enjoy the festivities. In terms of new features we have finished the concept of another all new area that should add some fun new gameplay that we can’t wait for you to try.

Oh, one more thing… Many players are coming around to kill the Wyvern for the 5th time and not only does that unlock the final chapter in the Tome of Lore but also awards the player the Wyvernslayer title. We’re not going to talk about all the updates to the endgame here but from a high level we still consider the 5th Wyvern kill to be the proper Wyvern story end. With that we are adding another 5 Wyvern fights to the mix and adding more opportunity for people to unlock even more incredible titles! Wyvern power wise we will scale the 6th-10th fights like the 1st-5th. We don’t feel having each Wyvern fight after the 5th be as hard would be very much fun. There are a few more changes to the post endgame that we’ll talk about in a future post that we think will give the game even more replay-ability so stay tuned!

For me, since its launch, Link's Awakening has been all over game news sites, the YouTube channels I watch and gaming podcasts. It seems the little Gameboy game made a huge impression on a ton of gamers and because of that, and the incredible artistry of the remake by Grezzo, this month might as well be called Link's Awakening month.

For years I've downloaded and included the video game remix albums by OCRemix into my gaming playlists and they are back with an all new remix album to celebrate the Link's Awakening remake. OCRemix already released a Link's Awakening remix album in 2010 that I consider one fo the best remix albums of all time called Threshold of a Dream so the bar was set pretty high for this release. That said, they are back with an all new 14 track album called Song of the Sirens that is quite good and if you want to jam even more Link's Awakening into your earholes... this album is for you!

My standout tracks on this remix album are Domain of Darkness, Tal Tal Future, Imprisoned (Color Dungeon), Le Mystere du Possion-Reve and Why is the Island Gone?

After you give this a listen i'd be very interested to know what songs you enjoy.

"Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed is the 71st free community arrangement album published by OverClocked ReMix. It features 14 arrangements of the soundtrack to legendary Game Boy adventure title The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening from 14 artists in a variety of styles and in celebration of this classic game's remake for the Nintendo Switch."

Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed:


and if you are looking for Threshold of a Dream released in 2010:


Games Done Quick at this years Twitch Con was a weekend of incredible runs and as I've been catching up watching the runs I missed I wanted to share with you this speedrun of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by mustbetuesdaymusic and megmacattack. The run clocks in at 1:17:12 making this a quite speedy run of Adventure of Link but one difference is that instead of hearing the in-game audio mustbetuesdaymusic plays the score on his piano for the entire run. Come for The Adventure of Link and stay for the sweet piano ballads during the entire run.

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