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We are living in the age of the video game re-release where a game company or publisher takes an older game, maybe not even that old and dusts it off, upgrades the textures and makes it easier to play on modern systems. As a huge fan of retro games I think it's great so many games are becoming easier to play. Recently Gearbox had a huge PAX East presentation and two bits of news were that Borderlands and Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection are getting 4K remasters. If you own Borderlands on Steam this new version will be applied to your existing version for free and if you have the Handsome Collection it's also a free upgrade.

The Borderlands 4K remaster is a bit more than a graphical overhaul, with the included new features it's a lot like a new Borderlands game. According to PCGamer:

"As well as a minimap in the style of Borderlands 2 which you can switch on or off, the inventory system will be simplified, and you'll automatically pick up items found on the ground like ammo and health.

There are more fundamental tweaks to the game, too. The game's final boss has been altered for a tougher, more rewarding challenge, and to make it a more "engaging" encounter—we'll have to give that a try before we know exactly what impact that makes.

The SHiFT player rewards are also coming to the game—anyone who's played Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel on PC will get 75 free Golden Keys, as well as two random new weapons when they create a new Vault Hunter. Six new legendary weapons have been added to the game, too, which you can unlock by hoovering up Golden Keys or by defeating bosses. More customization options are being added for player characters, too, with five swappable sets of head gear for your Vault Hunter available at the start.

The original Borderlands on PC has always been a bit shaky, and I can't wait for this new version to give it the love it deserves. I found the loot drops and story to be more my style in the original Borderlands and I can't wait to jump back in to the fresh new version to see how well it translates.


Today GOG.com released the WarCraft Bundle which includes WarCraft and WarCraft II: Tides Of Darkness + Beyond The Dark Portal expansion. Much like the Diablo re-release earlier, you can choose between two version of WarCraft II which is the original Battle.net edition or the revamped version that works better on modern computers.

The GOG release below talks about the anticipation of the 25th anniversary of Warcraft which may imply that they will launch the WarCraft III HD Remaster around that time. I hope that includes a mention of a WarCraft IV but I wonder if Blizzard is interested in making that kind of game again?

"In anticipation of the upcoming 25th anniversary of Warcraft, we brought you the real-time strategy classics that started it all Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II Battle.net Edition, including both the original Tides of Darkness and the Beyond the Dark Portal expansion. Starting today, players can once again explore these universe-defining games as they become available digitally and DRM-free for the first time ever!

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans takes players back to the original battle for Azeroth, challenging players to pick a side and raise an army of human or orcs capable of bringing ruin to their enemies. Warcraft II and its expansion take the battle to the high seas with a host of naval units, and introduces more of the races that make up the Alliance and the Horde, bolstering the human and orc forces with elves, trolls, dwarves, and more.

The first part of the legendary series plays and feels just like the original from 1994, it’s just updated to run flawlessly on modern operating systems. Warcraft II Battle.net Edition, similarly to the release of first Diablo on GOG.COM, comes in two versions, which players will choose from the launcher. The classic one allows for the authentic experience and a fully functional multiplayer with Blizzard’s Battle.net online gaming service. The updated version comes with a number of fixes to provide full compatibility with modern machines as well as hi-resolution support and upscaling.


The Elder Scrolls turned 25 and to celebrate Bethesda is giving away Morrowind for free on Bethesda.net with the promo code TES25TH-MORROWIND. Head over to the link below and redeem now because it's only going to be free until Sunday, March 31st. They have been experiencing some massive server issues due to the high demand of free Morrowind so I've waited to post until now because the servers are now responsive.


Polygon has a huge new interview on the "Morrowind: An oral history" so head over there if you want an epic accounting of one of the best RPG's of all time.


Gearbox dropped an all new trailer teasing the upcoming Borderlands game they will reveal via a livestream tomorrow at PAX East! There have been some leaked details but I won't spoil any of that for you as I imagine most of it will be revealed tomorrow in the Gearbox livestream.

It's not known if the game will be called Borderlands 3 but it seems like it might feature quite of bit of off Pandora adventuring as teased at the end of Borderlands 2.

"Mayhem is coming! Tune in tomorrow at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT at Borderlands.com for Gearbox’s PAX East livestream."


Wolfenstein: Youngblood has a shiny new trailer out as well as launch date of July 26th along with some pretty fun news. Not only will Youngblood ship on PC, PS4 and XBox One on launch but also the Nintendo Switch! It's awesome to see iD Software treating Switch as a first release platform and if the Doom and Wolfenstein II ports were a tell, the game should run really well. The best way to play this will be on a fully maxed PC but the Switch offers a cool option to people that have the system and don't care about 60fps 4K graphics.

That said, the game is set in the 80's where BJ Blazkowicz is missing and his twin daughters attempt to find him in Paris. Hmmmmm, legendary figure goes missing and doesn't want to be found..... is this BJ's Luke Skywalker Last Jedi moment? According to the incredible trailer, BJ won't be the last person to fight the Nazi's at all.

Oh and it looks like Youngblood will come with a Buddy pass feature allowing you to play the game co-op with a friend if you buy the Deluxe Edition.

"Liberate Paris from the Nazi threat as you search for your father in the first open-ended co-op adventure in the series, either with a friend or an AI companion. Wolfenstein: Youngblood releases on July 26, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

With the Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition you’ll receive the Buddy Pass so you can invite a friend to join the Reich-stomping fun—even if they don’t own the game!


Jack Black recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to gaming and is already at 4 million subscribers. Jack posts videos once a week and they are typically about 15 minutes long and are a sort of variety show where he plays games with his kids and then does some game streaming. Lately he's been playing Brutal Legend (the game he lent his voice to as the main character Eddie Riggs) and in the video linked above he continues that session. Jacks YouTube channel is called JablinskiGames and seems like part video game show deconstruction / genuine admiration for anything gaming adjacent. If you love Jack's humor or just want to watch something fun, you really should check out his show.

JablinskiGames : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuriCa9loP_OsH75_5j8M5w

Mega Man 11 might be a perfect game on the Switch. It's a fun platformer with a ton of charm and quite challenging in all the right ways. When I first started out with Mega Man 11 the style took some getting used to as I am most familiar with Mega Man 2. The biggest difference is Mega Man 11 isn't meant to be played start to finish in one sitting, it's a game that leans into longer boss stages and modern consoles ability to save your progress. Plus you start out quite underpowered and can gain screw currency to unlock abilities and items to make the boss stages much easier. Starting out, Mega Man 11 was so difficult I spent some time grinding to collect screws to unlock everything I could. The most notable thing this did was make the boss stages much easier and as such I completed them all last week. Each stage is quite unique and just like the bosses you fight, the robot powers you acquire are really unlike anything I've played in a Mega Man game yet. One of my favorite boss items is the Acid Shield you get from killing Acid Man. The Acid Shield surrounds you for a time and absorbs bullets and some enemy damage. If you do a power move each bullet that is absorbed into the shield is reflected as an acid attack which makes this item a must have for level segments where you have to jump on small ledges while avoiding enemy fire.

I was getting into a good rhythm with the Mega Man 11 boss fights and stages and thought that would translate right into the Wily stages. Good news is much of what you learned does translate but the first stage is SO MUCH harder than any before it. If you do make it to the end of the first Wily stage the Yellow Devil MK-III awaits which is a revision of the Yellow Devil fight from the original Mega Man. Not sure if this is harder than the original game but I haven't been able to kill it yet.

Mega Man 11 is the right amount of Capcom/Mega Man hard while also remaining fair. I'm not sure I could do well in the game without buying all the power-ups but then again, it's a fun way to play it and if I want more challenge I can do it again with stock Mega Man.

Starting April 18th of this year Konami is going to release three all new retro game collections to celebrate its 50th year anniversary! Kicking things off with an Arcade Classics pack taking them back to their early company roots they are including Haunted Castle, Typhoon, Nemesis(Gradius), Vulcan Venture(Gradius II), Life Force, Thunder Cross, Scramble and TwinBee. Each of these Collections are digital releases that will drop on PS4, XBox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch and the first pack is only $20!

They are continuing the hype train with two more releases in early summer of this year with the Castlevania Anniversary Collection as well as the Contra Anniversary Collection. So far the announced games for the Castlevania Collection are Castlevania, Castlevania III Dracula's Curse, Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge on Gameboy & Super Castlevania IV. That Castlevania Collection is already incredibly good but they also have four more games they have yet to announce and as such I'm sure you have some games you'd like included so let me know what you'd love to see in the comments. The Contra Anniversary Collection is also coming and so far they have announced Contra, Super Contra, Super C and Contra III The Alien Wars and as with the Castlevania Collection they have four more games yet to announce.

If Konami keeps the $20 price point per collection, this might be one of the best retro game digital download values of the year. Castlevania and Castlevania II were included on the NES Classic but I felt like not adding Contra in favor of Super C was a missed opportunity so now you can relive the glory on your PC, PS4, Switch or XBox One!

"In celebration with the 50th anniversary since KONAMI was founded, this Anniversary Collection series highlights many of the iconic arcade games and classic console titles that have been loved by fans throughout the years, and are made available on many of the latest platforms. From the shooters to action, these collections are packed with beloved titles that are simple to play and yet addicting to the core.

KONAMI welcomes everyone, from those who were glued to their CRT TVs or the arcade machines back in the day to first-time players, to enjoy a part of our history. All collections will be digital-exclusive and can be downloaded from the various online stores. We give our utmost gratitude to each and every fan from all over the world for playing our games throughout the years!


Google unveiled its next gen video game streaming service Stadia today at the Game Developers Conference. The response on social media was pretty standard, lots of jokes about lag and a general "meh" attitude. The "who cares" attitude makes a lot of sense with just some basic information in hand, that said after I watched the above Digital Foundry Stadia spec explanation and comparison of it alongside current generation consoles it seems much more compelling.

Stadia First Generation Machine Specs

The first thing that's compelling to me about Stadia is that Google is focusing the first generation offering on a cloud system spec that blows current consoles out of the water. Whereas it's not hard to get a PC to beat an XBox One getting that to run seamlessly in the cloud is and if Google ties all of it together well, Stadia could be very interesting. According to Digital Foundry the base Stadia specs are 2.7GHZ Hyper-threaded CPU, Customer AMD 10.7 Teraflop / 1495 MHz GPU, 16G RAM & practically unlimited SSD storage.

Stadia Will Stream Through YouTube

Google has said that you can watch a video of Assassin's Creed and immediately click a button to play it in Stadia. Apparently Stadia games will be easy to share and embedded just like YouTube and just as easy to watch on all your devices. It's an interesting concept that you could buy a TV with Stadia embedded in it and play triple A games streaming right to it without any updates right out of the box.

The Stadia Controller Connects over Wifi

The Google Stadia controller doesn't connect to your device over Bluetooth but Wifi so you can play games on devices that don't support controller connectivity such as Google's Chromecast. I've never heard of a controller connecting over WiFi which would impose some lag but also make connectivity as easy as connecting to Wifi.

The Final Countdown & Questions

Simply streaming video games isn't enough to get people to use Stadia but the way Google is approaching it will. After this announcement I was solidly moved from the "meh" camp to eagerly interested in Stadia. That's a big movement considering I love owning video games, films and music and have quite a collection already. I view Stadia a lot like I view Netflix in that the films and games I love i'll still buy but Stadia might offer a great alternative to ownership when you just want to play something for a handful of hours or don't want to invest in expensive hardware.

My only question at this point is how Stadia be monetized? Will you buy games on Stadia just like any other store and then Google streams that game to you for all time? Will Stadia be a Netflix like service where you pay Google monthly fee for all the games you can play?

It's a secret to everybody.


Avengers Endgame is coming to theaters April 26th (yeah, it's that soon!) and to keep the hype train non-dusted Marvel has dropped a brand new trailer. It's a fun journey through the MCU starting with the first Iron Man and also shows clips of Captain America over the years. The trailer also shows a brief spoiler in that Tony Stark seems to survive being adrift in space.... which makes sense as killing off Iron Man by slowly suffocating doesn't seem like a fitting end to his character. The ending of the trailer has a fun moment you have to watch fresh so I won't describe it here, but it's something you should check out.

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