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Super Mario 3D All Stars is a triple pack collection of 3D Mario games on the Switch. From Mario 64 to Sunshine and ending with Mario Galaxy it's a great way to see the line from early Mario 3D games to the most modern incarnation in Super Mario Odyssey.

I appreciate Arlo's review of Super Mario 3D All Stars as he gives the games a fair shake and talks about a lot of the issues with 64 and Sunshine. I've heard a lot of criticism about this collection in that it's not a good value but I agree with Arlo here, if you are a fan of these games and want to play them this collection is a no brainier. I'd skip this collection if you aren't wanting to come back and play these games but if you are interested and don't have your Wii and 64 hooked up to your TV this is a great way to go. Personally I've never played Super Mario Sunshine and Mario 64 so this collection was a good way for me to catch up.

I consider Super Mario Bros. 2 to be one of the most unique and creative Mario platformers around. Even so the complaints about it being no more than a lazy Doki-Doki Panic skin are plentiful but how accurate are those critiques? According to a timely Retro Game Mechanics Explained video, apparently Super Mario Bros. 2 does some creative sprite magic to add the Mario characters to the game in that they use two sprites to get more than 5 colors for each character(4 colors per sprite being a hardware limitation of the NES).

If you are looking for more Halloween gaming fun you can get Blair Witch & the recent Ghostbusters Remastered for free on PC on the Epic store until November 5th! Happy to see this Ghostbusters game get a proper remastering as it's the last thing to feature the voice talent of all four original Ghostbusters before Harold Ramis passed.


Digital Foundry reviews the latest RTS classic that gets the definitive edition treatment from Microsoft. Looks like a lot of care was put into this port and it looks beautiful but there are some issues with it's performance but it might not matter to most players. If history is a guide Microsoft could patch this game to fix the performance issues and I hope they do because these kinds of legacy ports really bring life to classic games.

"Join Alex Battaglia for an in-depth look at the new Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition - plus a detailed look at the crucial 2D to 3D transition point for the real-time strategy game genre. The new Age of Empires certainly looks as though it retains the gameplay of the original and makes a number of impressive visual upgrades - but is performance everything it should be?"

Marques Brownlee has a new video out that unboxes the Playstation 5 and all of the launch peripherals so if you are interested to know what to expect when you get the PS5 you need to watch this! No surprise that the main PS5 unit itself is quite tall compared the PS4 and even the XBox Series X.

"Welcome to launch day for Terraria 1.4.1 on PC! As we have alluded to in previous news items and spoilers around this update, Terraria 1.4.1 is primarily focused on adding in pieces that were not quite ready in time for the Journey's End launch date - along with more fixes, balance tweaks, and a few new tidbits that we decided to add along the way. Located below, you will find the full changelog for Terraria 1.4.1"

What's in the 1.4.1 update?

New vanity sets, Princess NPC, Achievements, Summoner items, vanity item management overhaul, several Quality of Life UX changes, balance and bug fixes. For the full list with all the details click the link below. It's amazing to see Terraria get even more content and this looks like the final update...... until the next one?


The Command & Conqueror Limited Run packages are shipping soon and if you were wondering what was included in each box Metal Jesus has you covered.

The 7th Saga is a Super Nintendo RPG I never quite got around to playing but heard good things about. The world is that it's a fairly hard RPG but many of the Super Nintendo era RPG's are quite challenging and require a fair amount of grind compared to modern games. I recently watched Hungry Goriya's review of The 7th Saga and wanted to share it for folks that were wondering more about the game and also ask if anyone has played it and if so what they thought of it?

"The 7th Saga for SNES is a turn-based roleplaying game with a reputation for being an extremely difficult adventure. Sure, it's a tough one, but I don't feel it strayed too far from many other RPGs of the time and lined up with my expectations. I'd recommend this one to anybody that loves hardcore RPGs like Ultima IV, Phantasy Star, or Miracle Warriors."

Dean of Doom is a new YouTube channel I watch regularly and I wanted to share his latest video reviewing Doom II. While I enjoy Doom II a lot I'm mixed on a few of the maps I've played and so far I prefer the original Doom to Doom II. The inclusion of the new enemies and weapons such as the doubled barred shotgun are essential additions to Doom, that said I think the original maps were more iconic even if Doom II was more influential to the mapping scene.

As always Dean of Doom gives Doom II a fair shake and there if you haven't played through all of Doom II the Dean gives it a good overview.

Sony released this official PS5 teardown video and a lot of folks in gaming are excited about it. It's not quite my cup of tea and being honest, this generation of Playstation hasn't excited me as much as others but this video does serve as a good example of what you will get in terms of hardware with the Playstation 5. I did notice that they didn't say how fast the Ethernet in the PS5 was but even if it's gigabit that is still really fast.

One thing I was wondering is that for folks getting the PS5 early or later, do you have it standing it up or put it on it's side?

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