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In a recent Nintendo Direct Mini we got word that Square will be releasing the original Gameboy Final Fantasy Legend Saga on Switch this December 15th. The verdict seems mixed on the first Final Fantasy Legend but the series seems to be more loved from the second game to the third. With that, the Final Fantasy Legend series was one I missed originally and this December seems like a great time to jump in to the original Gameboy trilogy on Switch. According to Time to Beat the original Final Fantasy Legend takes about 10 hours, Final Fantasy Legend II is 15 and III is 14 so they aren't very long all told.

It seems to only be getting a digital release at the moment but even so I was wondering who might be picking this up come December?

I know what you are thinking right now. "Hey Jon can you share a 23 minute video about the origin of the sound effects in Doom?" Sure Internet friend I can do that and while you are flexing your finger ready to tap play on the video I encourage you to check all the other Doom content I've posted recently as well.

Doom is one of those games that is historically ported to just about every system you can imagine. Modern gamers joke about the many Skyrim ports but Skyrim has nothing on Doom. I've been on a bit of a Doom binge recently and decided to share this LGR video of Doom running on a very old digital camera from the 90's.

I've been immersing myself in a lot of Doom partly because the world is a pretty dire place with COVID-19 and partly because it's one of the best games ever made. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 just ended and they had a pretty impressive Doom block and speedruns I wanted to share.

Doom 3 by ripchip_ in 1:08:30 - The Doom 3 run by Ripchip is shared above and well worth the hour it takes to watch it. This is a speedrun of the original Doom 3 which is the launch version where you can only have our the flashlight OR a gun and it's a bit more stingy with health and ammo drops. Ripchip tears through the run and even though some view Doom 3 as a poor departure from the Doom franchise I really like it.

DOOM 64 (2020) by ZELLLOOO in 37:37 - This piping fresh Doom 64 remaster by Night Dive Studios came out this year and ZELLLOOO dunks the game in 37 minutes. This is a special run because ZELLLOOO makes Doom 64 look very easy even though what he is doing is quite difficult.


DOOM 64 (2020) - Lost Levels by ZELLLOOO in 12:12 - Night Dive added a new level pack, the lost levels to their Doom 64 remaster that is incredibly difficult. That said you might not tell watching this run as ZELLLOOO kills it in 12 minutes.


Blood by Psych0sis in 20:21 - Blood is one of those classic shooters I didn't hear much about when it came out yet it has an incredibly large cult following (har, har). Night Dive ALSO remastered this recently and as such there is a new resurgence of attention around it. Blood is a really dark game with an even darker premise and if you're not into gory and twisted stories I don't entirely recommend this run as a few times the games Doom style graphics and premise had me slight unnerved.


Last year iD Software released new source ports of Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 on iOS, Switch, PS4, XBox One and PC on the Bethesda launcher. I wanted to give these ports a try and was able to because I picked up Doom and Doom II on sale during Quakecon 2020. I also decided to focus my time playing the original Doom and to finally complete the first mission Knee Deep in the Dead. I've played a ton of that first mission as it was released for free as Shareware back in 1993 but, for whatever reason, I never actually completed it. I always had enough fun just playing and replaying the first few levels and never had the desire to actually beat it until recently. Knee Deep in the Dead is a great mission and the only level I really had a hard time with was Central Processing. That said, I was able to complete Central Processing giving it about 6 or so attempts and was able to make it to the end to defeat the two Barrons of Hell bosses to wrap it up. Right now i'm making my way through The Shores of Hell and find it to be a really nice difficulty update from Knee Deep in the Dead. I know Doom has been reviewed a lot already but I still find the original level design to be top notch along with the streamlined gameplay on the Switch.

And the gameplay improvements might be the best part of playing Doom on the Switch because compared to playing it on a keyboard in DOS, the Switch controls are a massive improvement. It's fairly easy to switch between weapons as those are mapped to the L and R triggers. Doom feels like it was made to be played on the Switch, which is a testament to how well the game feels along with the high quality of the port itself.

Many of you have played Doom ports on Steam and the like that essentially wrap the game in DOSBox which, frankly, it's a great experience. You can feel the game down res your monitor and the controls and preferences are the best 1993 had to offer. The new Doom remaster ports are not simply wrapped in DOSBox and it really shows as the games feel like they belong on the Switch.

Doom is one of the greatest games every created and deserves a modern port that gives it the attention to detail it deserves. I've included the DF Retro Doom remake update patch review as originally iD Software launched the new Doom ports to some very negative feedback. Since then iD has not only fixed the ports but improved the considerably to be one of, if not the best way to play these classic games.


Games Done Quick is an incredible speedrunning charity event that has switched to an online only streaming event due to the complications of COVID-19.

"Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online will not feature a live event in Minnesota. Instead, we will move the event to online-only, broadcasting the event from our studio with participants performing speedruns from the safety of their homes.

SGDQ2020 Online, benefiting Doctors Without Borders, will maintain our previously announced dates, broadcasting live from August 16-23, 2020 starting at 11:30 AM Eastern on twitch.tv/gamesdonequick.

Games Done Quick always had a very strong streaming presence and this year seems to be no different. If you are looking to watch some incredible runs I encourage you to check out the schedule below and also make a donation.


If you own a Switch chances are you own a few game carts and you might not know that each game cart you purchase can be redeemed for Nintendo Gold Points. Nintendo Gold Points are points you are awarded for games you buy and you get the automatically for digital purchases and need to take another step for physical games. Nintendo hands out more points for digital purchases BUT those game carts are still worth points and if you have enough of them you might earn a new shiny game on sale.

The steps to redeem are pretty simple in that you put in the game you want to redeem and when the game icon comes up hit +(plus) and select My Nintendo Rewards and Earn Points. I had so many unearned points I have about $6.00 in Gold Points which isn't a jackpot amount but should buy something fun on sale. Also those points expire on older games so redeem as soon as you pick up a new game.


If you logged in to the Bethesda.net game launcher during QuakeCon 2020 you got Quake for free. The version included is quite good and mostly resembles the version that launched in 1996 and as such can't go to resolutions much higher than 800x600. It also doesn't include Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails iconic soundtrack either due to licensing issues with the digital release.

iD Software released the Quake source and as such there are a myriad of source ports that enhance the original release that allow you the ability to select a higher resolution and use mp3 or ogg rips of the original Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. On a side note, the Nine Inch Nails site says they are working on making that release available so, for now, you can only legally obtain it on the original Quake CD ROM. That said, I do have the original CD ROM and ripped the mp3 files and am including a link to a Steam Community post on how you can get music into your version of Quake.

I've tried a few Quake source ports such as Darkplaces and Quakespasm and the one I recommend folks use is Quakespasm. Quakespasm has Windows, Linux and Mac ports and the download link for that is below.

One problem I have with nearly all modern Quake source ports is that they smooth over the beautiful old pixel textures of the original Quake. This gives the game a shinier and more Nintendo 64 looks but takes away the gritty flavor of the original. It feels like smoothing over the pixels in Super Mario Brothers or Zelda and likewise is entirely wrong. If you want to bring Quake back to the gritty pixel textures of the original do the following:

1) Open the id1/config.cfg file
2) Change the gl_texturemode to:

gl_texturemode "GL_NEAREST"

3) Make sure you change r_particles to:

r_particles "2"

The modern source ports also increase the enemy animation framerates and if you want to return to the original animations add these:

r_lerpmove 0
r_lerpmodels 0

Quake is a legendary game and modern source ports can breathe life into it but if you want it to feel like the original I'd make those changes before you start playing.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=119489135 (Quake Music)

Mario Paint was one of the most unique games on the Super Nintendo and it was sad they didn't include it on the Super Nintendo Classic. I know it may have been difficult to include a mouse with the Classic but selling an add on would have been fun. For many, Mario Paint was one of the first experiences they had with any kind of digital creation software and this Gaming Historian video does a great job of showcasing that and it's important history.

"In the early 90's, Nintendo faced mounting pressure to provide more educational games. Their answer was Mario Paint. Learn the story behind the game and how it changed the lives of 3 creative individuals.

Intro - 00:00
Part 1: Mario Paint - 03:03
Part 2: Mario Artist - 28:20
Part 3: Legacy - 32:32

The QuakeCon 2020 live stream & charity event has begun and if you are a Bethesda, iD and Arkane fan tuning in should be required viewing. One piece of fun news to come out of the keynote was that Doom Eternal is getting some story based DLC called The Ancient Gods: Part One on top of other multiplayer enhancements. Not a lot of details emerged in the keynote about The Ancient Gods DLC itself and it looks like a full reveal trailer will drop later this month.

One thing I wanted to highlight was that each year at QuakeCon Zenimax, Bethesda, iD and Arcane markdown their games and this year is no exception. One particular thing I found fun is much of the classic iD catalog on Switch is marked down such as the original Doom($2.49), Doom 2($2.49), Doom 64($2.49), Doom 3($4.99) are quite cheap. Which is to say I picked up 4 incredible Doom games on Switch for about 13 bucks. Those deals are on a lot of platforms right now, so make sure to check them out.

You can watch the live stream on YouTube and twitch below:


Please check out the charities that you can donate to during QuakeCon below:


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Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch

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