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Hey everybody! Thanks for playing Tale of the White Wyvern and reading this game update, we’ve been working on a bunch of quality of life updates to the game as well as getting ready for Portland Retro Game Expo. As such there is a lot to share and we’d love to get your input on it all so let’s dive in!


Wyvern Balancing: Significantly changed the 5th Wyvern fight balancing and how the fight operates. The fight is much more fair to players that don't dual class. 🐉

PvP Update: You can now attack players one level below you in the fields. We’ve also Increased the cost of staying in the Inn to a graduated scale that is roughly the amount of gold you find from 3 forest fights at your current level. The Inn protections stay the same.

One piece of feedback we were hearing from players is that they wanted more opportunities to engage in PvP. Also, the Inn protections are so good it was discouraging people from attacking. We think that Inn protections as is are something we want to keep but we thought we could make changes to the fields to encourage more PvP. The goal of increasing the cost of gold to stay at the Inn and broadening the levels you can fight in the fields increases the distinction between the Inn VS the fields and gives the choice more weight.

Player List Update: Change (L)ist Players to (P)layers Online in the menu for clarity and consistency. We now have two selections in the Players Online section in Active Players and Full Player List. Active players is the new top most selection showing you people that have played in the last week. Full player list lists all players.

In game Gold Transfers: You can now transfer gold to other players in the bank. The amount of gold you can transfer depends on the player receiving it and the scale is graduated based on their level. You can effectively transfer the gold the receiver would acquire by fighting 5 times at their level in the forest. Right now you can ONLY send and receive one gold transfer per in-game day.

Portland Retro Game Expo: Added the Portland Retro Game Expo in-game event. Players that join the game during that time will be a fun bonus to daily forest fights.

What’s Next and the Post Endgame

October 18th - 20th Cheerful Ghost will be hanging out at Portland Retro Game Expo at our booth #611. Beyond that we are working on an upcoming in-game event called The Pumpkin Festival which runs October 23rd - November 2nd and will not only provide some daily in-game rewards but also an entirely new Pumpkin Festival square to hang out in and enjoy the festivities. In terms of new features we have finished the concept of another all new area that should add some fun new gameplay that we can’t wait for you to try.

Oh, one more thing… Many players are coming around to kill the Wyvern for the 5th time and not only does that unlock the final chapter in the Tome of Lore but also awards the player the Wyvernslayer title. We’re not going to talk about all the updates to the endgame here but from a high level we still consider the 5th Wyvern kill to be the proper Wyvern story end. With that we are adding another 5 Wyvern fights to the mix and adding more opportunity for people to unlock even more incredible titles! Wyvern power wise we will scale the 6th-10th fights like the 1st-5th. We don’t feel having each Wyvern fight after the 5th be as hard would be very much fun. There are a few more changes to the post endgame that we’ll talk about in a future post that we think will give the game even more replay-ability so stay tuned!

For me, since its launch, Link's Awakening has been all over game news sites, the YouTube channels I watch and gaming podcasts. It seems the little Gameboy game made a huge impression on a ton of gamers and because of that, and the incredible artistry of the remake by Grezzo, this month might as well be called Link's Awakening month.

For years I've downloaded and included the video game remix albums by OCRemix into my gaming playlists and they are back with an all new remix album to celebrate the Link's Awakening remake. OCRemix already released a Link's Awakening remix album in 2010 that I consider one fo the best remix albums of all time called Threshold of a Dream so the bar was set pretty high for this release. That said, they are back with an all new 14 track album called Song of the Sirens that is quite good and if you want to jam even more Link's Awakening into your earholes... this album is for you!

My standout tracks on this remix album are Domain of Darkness, Tal Tal Future, Imprisoned (Color Dungeon), Le Mystere du Possion-Reve and Why is the Island Gone?

After you give this a listen i'd be very interested to know what songs you enjoy.

"Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed is the 71st free community arrangement album published by OverClocked ReMix. It features 14 arrangements of the soundtrack to legendary Game Boy adventure title The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening from 14 artists in a variety of styles and in celebration of this classic game's remake for the Nintendo Switch."

Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed:


and if you are looking for Threshold of a Dream released in 2010:


Games Done Quick at this years Twitch Con was a weekend of incredible runs and as I've been catching up watching the runs I missed I wanted to share with you this speedrun of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by mustbetuesdaymusic and megmacattack. The run clocks in at 1:17:12 making this a quite speedy run of Adventure of Link but one difference is that instead of hearing the in-game audio mustbetuesdaymusic plays the score on his piano for the entire run. Come for The Adventure of Link and stay for the sweet piano ballads during the entire run.

October 18th - 20th Cheerful Ghost will be at the Portland Retro Game Expo at booth #611! This year is going to be a fun one as we have quite a few things happening at our booth you will absolutely want to check out!

Our Retro Gaming Tournaments

We are running two retro game tournaments per day over the course of the two expo days starting with Super Mario Bros. 3 and F-Zero on Saturday and finishing up with Super Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario on Sunday. The rules and prizes for the tournaments are on the PRGE website and will be printed in the guide available for all attendees.


Tale of the White Wyvern Free DLC, In-Game Event and Stickers!

We'll have an expo build of Tale of the White Wyvern available for attendees to play as well as handing out special Portland Retro Game Expo in game DLC. Attendees of PRGE 2019 that stop by our booth will get a special code to unlock the "Dot Matrix Defender" title alongside 500 gold and 2 gems! This special DLC will only last a month after the expo so make sure to redeem it once you can! To add to the fun we'll also be running an in-game Wyvern PRGE event that will give everyone that logs in during the Portland Retro Game Expo extra forest fights as a fun convention bonus!

We also have some brand new Tale of the White Wyvern stickers so check out our booth on how you'll be able pick one up.

You can play Tale of the White Wyvern for free right now at https://thewhitewyvern.com/

VHS Tapes For Sale

Each year we hand select fun VHS tapes to sell and this year we will be curating an extra special selection that will make your Magnavox jealous.


To celebrate Batman week the Epic Games store is giving away the three Batman Arkham Collection games including
Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition, Batman Arkham Knight AND Lego Batman the Video Game, Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes and Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham.

This is an incredible amount of free Batman games on PC and if you were interested in playing these games this is a good time to get them.


When Tale of the White Wyvern launched on July 28th we also released the free Original Hype DLC pack. If you share or have shared the game on any social media platform we will send you the Original Hype DLC pack for free that includes the Original Hype in-game title, 500 gold and 2 gems! If you haven't picked this up yet, I encourage you to do so because when October 1st hits the DLC will expire FOREVER!

The Original Hype unlock-able title you earn in Wyvern will transfer to any new game we create so get this now to be the envy of future Wyvern players!

Check the full post below if you are curious how this works and if you share it on social, let us know and we'll get you the Original Hype pack!


When the Link's Awakening remake was recently announced in a Nintendo Direct I was in. Link's Awakening was already one of the best Zelda games in the franchise and remaking it seemed like a great idea. I pre-ordered the Dreamer Edition and it finally released last Friday and I wanted to write up my first thoughts as well as recap a bit of what others are saying about it.

A Worthy Remake of a Classic Game

In a nutshell the Link's Awakening remake is a very worthy remake for one of the best video games of all time. You can tell that a lot of love and attention was poured into this game by Grezzo and Nintendo and a very keen eye was paid to recreate the original game nearly beat for beat. That said, it's not perfect and a few glaring issues keep it from a perfect score.

Link's Awakening Suffers From Framerate Problems

The biggest issue that of the Link's Awakening remake is that it suffers from framerate issues. The game mostly keeps to a 60 hz/fps rate but at times dips to 30 and it's quite noticeable. Apparently this was an issue that many people noticed when the game was demoed originally that has improved but some issues still remain. I hope Greezo and Nintendo are working on an update because playing this game entirely lag free would be incredible. That said, it's a great game, you're just gonna notice the lag or at least, I do.

The Score

As a huge fan of the original Link's Awakening I consider that Gameboy the Gameboy Color DX to be nearly perfect games. Grezzo and Nintendo decided to go with a score that remakes the original chiptunes in a Breath of the Wild style orchestral motif. The end result is a very personal sounding score that makes you feel like the musicians are in the room playing along with the game. The recording of the songs is quite dynamic and the musicians themselves put a ton of style into the songs creating something very special. With that, this is one part of the game i'm not entirely sure about. The music is fantastic but as someone that adores chiptunes on the Gameboy i'm not sure the music is better or on par with the original score. Not all aspects of a remake will be better and for me, perhaps, i'm still stuck in the past with respect to the score.

The Remake Changes A Few Things

A few things I noticed that the remake changes were the opening cinematic. It's fairly faithful to the opening Gameboy scenes except the new anime style doesn't have music. The opening Gameboy scenes and score are forever burned into my brain so when the new cutscene dropped the music this was one change I noticed. Instead the new cutscene uses the visuals and sound effects to create tension instead of leaning into the score. It's a fun change and works quite well.

The Trendy game you play to collect the Yoshi doll and other items is one iconic element of the original Link's Awakening and they include it in the remake with a twist. In the old Trendy game the items moved around in a circle on a conveyer belt and the new game forgoes that entirely. The Trendy game claw in the remake, just like claw games in real life, can drop your items in odd ways that feel cheap but in the end this version of the game might be easier. This isn't a huge difference, but something I did notice.

The Visuals

Any review on the Link's Awakening Remake is going to mention the new lush toy like 3D visuals and how incredible they are and everyone would be correct. I won't talk much more about it but will note that the new interpretations of the Gameboy classic is quite bold and sometimes goofy. That said, the original game was pretty goofy too.

The Influence of Link Between Worlds

One thing I haven't seen discussed when people talk about the new Link's Awakening remake is how it feels like a proper follow up to Link Between Worlds. Link Between Worlds was a sequel to Link to the Past on the 3DS and the Link's Awakening Remake really feels like a continuation of that Zelda gameplay, art and musical style. Link Between Worlds didn't feature such a shiny 3D style, my guess is because the 3DS wasn't quite capable of it. That said, if Nintendo continues with the flagship Zelda games ala Breath of the Wild and the top-down Link Between Worlds / Link's Awakening style of game I'm in.

To compare Link Between Worlds and the new Link's Awakening Remake check the Link Between Worlds Trailer below.


The Story So Far

I've played the game up to the Slime Dungeon and so far, it's been incredibly fun. Link's Awakening isn't a very long game and so far they haven't added anything to it in terms of extending the story. I'll do a full review once I'm done with the game but if the game ends like it starts, it's gonna be really fun.

Travis and I have been working hard on a bunch of new updates to Cheerful Ghost and Tale of the White Wyvern, and we wanted to talk about one that released today! Cheerful Ghost is an independent game community and this year we struck out and launched our first home baked text game Tale of the White Wyvern. Two important goals we had were to launch the game and find people that love playing it, and also build a sustainable ecosystem around it for the current and future games we create. Which is why we are launching a new way for you to support Cheerful Ghost today in incredibly easy memberships.

Incredibly Easy Memberships For Everyone

One thing we heard from people is that they want to support Cheerful Ghost but didn’t want another subscription, so today we are allowing people to buy a yearly Membership in one go using PayPal. We’re also providing two Membership options depending on which is best for you.

Yearly Membership Options

  • Cheerful Ghost Membership: $24 per year with Paypal. A membership gets you a shiny badge on your profile and any posts/comments you make, alongside a Membership trophy. This also lets you access member-only cosmetic items in the games we develop, such as weapons, armor, and hats in Tale of the White Wyvern.

  • Cheerful Ghost Super Membership: $60 per year with Paypal. Oh wow, you like us, you really like us! You get everything the member level gets, plus we give you a shout out in the credits on everything we make as a supporter.

On top of the new yearly Memberships, we have changed our Patreon Membership subscriptions to match: $2 per month (Member) and $5 per month (Super Member). For folks that prefer a monthly option, or if you already have a monthly membership and want to stick with it, the Patreon options are for you. If you were already supporting us at the original $5 Membership level, you can keep that option and become a Super Member.

Super Members!

For the incredible people that support us at the higher level we created the SUPER MEMBER status and will be recognizing these Members in each of our games in the credits! This is so super I had to talk about it one more time.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us over the years, whether financially or just by loving what we do. If you haven’t become a Member yet, I encourage you to join us today by clicking the heart at the top of the page, or follow the link below!


As a friendly reminder, we have a new Cheerful Ghost Zazzle Merch store up with Tale of the White Wyvern swag available. We have plans to add Cheerful Ghost branded swag as well so check it out!


This Thursday we are going to be releasing the 0.9.7 Tale of the White Wyvern game update and we wanted to talk about it before it hit because it's special. As we've been working on the game we've changed elements that effected gameplay but on Thursday we are going to make a big change to the game that will effect Rogues and we wanted to give everyone some lead time as it might change how you play.

The Rogue Update

When Tale of the White Wyvern launched I felt like the Mage and Warrior were classes we got right but Rogue always seemed too similar to the Warrior class. Frankly it wasn't obvious to me how to make the Rogue different so at launch the Rogue and Warrior ability were basically the same in that both abilities were a 3x attack. Warriors had a random chance to gain strength in Forkwood Forest and Rogues gained defense and this difference set them apart but the similar skill attack kept them way too close.

When the 0.9.7 update drops the Rogue (S)neak Attack will change to (D)isappear. Disappear is fun new mechanic where the Rogue will use its powers of stealth to be entirely invisible and immune to attack for four turns. So if you are in a particularly hard Forest Fight or Wyvern fight you can disappear taking up the first turn and you will stop taking damage for the following three turns. So, practically speaking, you can deal damage without any retribution for three turns.

The reason why we are letting players know of this change in advance is if you are nearing a Wyvern kill, knowing this in advance may sway your choice one way or another. After testing disappear it really changes the feel of the Rogue class and makes it quite different from the Warrior finally fixing something we didn't get quite right at launch.

We are also adding instructions when the patch drops to further clarify each class in terms of how skills are gained and what they do. There is some confusion from people in terms of classes they haven't played and what to pick and this should help clear that up.

Buckner's Haberdashery (The Hat Update)

When Thursday rolls around everyone will be able to visit the all new shop in the Town Square, Buckner's Haberdashery. Bucker is one of the newest citizens of Wyrmdoor hailing from the Dwarf forge in the Tristan Mountains. Not much is known about Buckner but his warm smile and cozy shop are a welcomed addition to the Town Square.

Hats are special items in Tale of the White Wyvern as they can grant strength and defense bonuses but also increased forest gold find and experience gain. If weapons and armor are the bread and butter of a strong adventurer, hats are the mashed potatoes and as such should be considered after you have solidly upgraded your main weapon and armor set. It's also worth considering that not all hats are a good deal and some might only be useful very late in the game or not at all depending on how you want to play.

To add some mystery to PvP we intentionally designed the game such that you can't see someones weapons or armor unless we randomly leak it out in the Daily News or you Spy on someone in the Tavern. Hats are different in that you will be able to see what someone is wearing on their profile page.

As with weapons and armor Bucker will have a Member only showroom where Cheerful Ghost members can buy alternate hats that have the same power but offer an alternate fun cosmetic set to wear. We've synced up the normal hat and member only hat set to fit in nicely with the corresponding weapons and armor such that if you want to match up each set of gear at every step, you can. For instance if you have Wool Tunic the Wool Hat thematically matches making for a fun ability to pair up equivalent items.

Since hats are an extra thing and not strictly required to kill the Wyvern we will list out the cost of each hat at the Haberdashery AND ALSO note the strength, defense, gold and experience benefits of each.

Bucker's hats:

  1. Wool Cap

  2. Feather Hat

  3. Leather Headpiece

  4. Iron Helmet

  5. Golden Yellow Hat

  6. Grey Fedora

  7. Bronze Helmet

  8. Dodson's Headgear

  9. Black Fedora

  10. Golden Monocle

  11. Silver Helmet

  12. Astral Rock Helm

  13. Crown of Fangs

  14. The Crimson Stetson

  15. Death's Helmet

Buckner's member only showroom selection:

  1. Green Feathered Cap

  2. Shiny Metal Helmet

  3. Green Plumber's Cap

  4. Silver Crown

  5. Blast Helmet

  6. Blue Feathered Hat

  7. Rabbit Mask

  8. Sorting Hat

  9. Newman's Headpiece

  10. Samus's Helmet

  11. Red Plumber's Cap

  12. Tiger Mask

  13. Blue Bandana

  14. Kokiri's Green Hat

  15. X-Wing Helmet

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