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The 7th Saga is a Super Nintendo RPG I never quite got around to playing but heard good things about. The world is that it's a fairly hard RPG but many of the Super Nintendo era RPG's are quite challenging and require a fair amount of grind compared to modern games. I recently watched Hungry Goriya's review of The 7th Saga and wanted to share it for folks that were wondering more about the game and also ask if anyone has played it and if so what they thought of it?

"The 7th Saga for SNES is a turn-based roleplaying game with a reputation for being an extremely difficult adventure. Sure, it's a tough one, but I don't feel it strayed too far from many other RPGs of the time and lined up with my expectations. I'd recommend this one to anybody that loves hardcore RPGs like Ultima IV, Phantasy Star, or Miracle Warriors."

Dean of Doom is a new YouTube channel I watch regularly and I wanted to share his latest video reviewing Doom II. While I enjoy Doom II a lot I'm mixed on a few of the maps I've played and so far I prefer the original Doom to Doom II. The inclusion of the new enemies and weapons such as the doubled barred shotgun are essential additions to Doom, that said I think the original maps were more iconic even if Doom II was more influential to the mapping scene.

As always Dean of Doom gives Doom II a fair shake and there if you haven't played through all of Doom II the Dean gives it a good overview.

Sony released this official PS5 teardown video and a lot of folks in gaming are excited about it. It's not quite my cup of tea and being honest, this generation of Playstation hasn't excited me as much as others but this video does serve as a good example of what you will get in terms of hardware with the Playstation 5. I did notice that they didn't say how fast the Ethernet in the PS5 was but even if it's gigabit that is still really fast.

One thing I was wondering is that for folks getting the PS5 early or later, do you have it standing it up or put it on it's side?

Digital Foundry takes a peek at the backwards compatibility of the XBox Series X and the results are quite good. XBox is the clear backwards compatibility winner and these numbers seem to further solidify that. My hope is that after PS5 launches Sony attends more to compatibility but that remains to be seen.

"Rich goes hands-on with Xbox Series X and puts its backwards compatibility capabilities to the most extreme tests possible. How much more graphics power does the compatibility mode deliver? Can it deliver 60fps on some of the most challenging Xbox One X games we've looked at over the years? The answers may surprise you."

NVIDIA's new 30XX RTX series is here (if you can find one to purchase) and they seem to be a very impressive leap in the next step of PC gaming. With any new graphic card improvement it's important to be skeptical of how much more powerful it is over the previous generation and it looks like NVIDIA has stepped up to deliver something quite impressive. Should most people upgrade to the 30XX series? Maybe but it's hard enough finding one and affording it is another story too.

Regardless of availability and price these graphics cards are here and soon enough will drop in price and eventually the tech will be incorporated into lesser powered systems as power requirements lessen as time marches on.

"The Ge-force RTX 3090 is here - and it's the most powerful GPU money can buy... and you're going to need a lot of money to buy it. But just how much faster than RTX 3080 is it? And who actually needs one? "

I know I'm late to the game in writing about the new Mandalorian Season 2 trailer but let's do it anyway! The Mandalorian was the show that kicked off the launch of the Disney+ streaming service and became a quick Star Wars fan hit. The show was so popular that "Baby Yoda" or The Child spawned numerous memes that are still quite popular. If I had any critique of the first season it was that it felt a bit rushed and some episodes felt a bit "monster of the week" where I would have preferred them to be all threaded to the main narrative. That said, I really enjoyed The Mandalorian and after watching the latest trailer I'm excited for the new season to drop on October 30th.

This new season looks to have The Mandalorian keep on as the caretaker for The Child on a new quest to find the Jedi. I've also heard a few rumors about the show that spoil a lot of beats that would be fun to experience fresh so I won't put any of that here. That said, looks like Disney+ is planning The Mandarlorian out to season 4 so if you love the show that seems like good news. Looks like we have to wait about that long to get Baby Yoda's origins but frankly I'm not sure that's as interesting to me as just being with the characters as they make their way through the Star Wars galaxy. I'm not sure what Yoda's origins are and if I found out I'm not sure that would make The Empire Strikes back or the original trilogy better for it. Not to say learning more about Baby Yoda would be bad, but it's not anything I'm clamoring for.



Hero Quest is an epic adventure board game many geeks played in the late 80's that was published by Milton Bradley. As such it was widely available until it wasn't and then was only available to play if your friend still had it or you could find it used. I've been on the lookout for Hero Quest each time I enter a thrift store but have never yet found a copy. You can find the old Hero Quest used on Ebay or Amazon in upwards of $400 and always felt that was a bit too much. It seems all of that searching has come to an end because Hasboro Pulse has just released a crowdfunding campaign for Hero Quest that looks to bring back the original game and each expansion with a bunch of cool extras.

"Deep inside another dimension, face battling barbarians and evil magic on a quest for adventure in a maze of monsters. This is HeroQuest, the fantasy adventure game, where winning means mastering the art of combat and magic. Once you get into it, you'll never be the same."

You can fund the campaign at $99 for the base game and $150 for the base game and the two classic expansions. It's incredible to finally be able to own Hero Quest and if you are looking for a fun dungeon delving board game that stays simple and fun, Hero Quest is just the thing!


When iD Software added download addon/mod support in the Doom & Doom II official ports they included some historically incredible mods available for free. They said over time they'd add more community mods and since the community has made some absolutely incredible stuff it seems like a nearly limitless prospect. Today iD added it's first total conversion Mega Wad called Rekkr that legit turns Doom into an incredible Hexen inspired Sword & Wizardry FPS straight outta the 90's.

"A total conversion of DOOM (1993), REKKR takes on a Norse-inspired setting casting you as a mighty warrior who, after narrowly surviving a shipwrecked expedition, encounters a terrible occupying force…one that doesn’t seem to be of this world."

You can download Rekkr right now in the official Doom or Doom II Unity ports on any platform you wish or free from the Rekkr site or Doom World to play in the source port of your choosing.


To celebrate including Rekkr in the official Doom ports as a download iD Software has an interview with the lead creator Matthew “Revae” Little.


In an unsurprising move Nintendo seems to be silently discontinuing the 3DS. This makes a lot of sense as the 3DS isn't selling as much as it once was and Nintendo can now focus entirely on Switch and other new hardware production such as the new Game and Watch. Nintendo has historically been at the top of mobile gaming starting with the original Gameboy and continued that dominance with the DS, 3DS and Switch. I picked up the 3DS late in it's life-cycle and was able to get a lot of incredible DS games and 3DS games as Nintendo started focusing more on the Switch. In fact, if you wanted to start collecting for the DS and 3DS now is a great time as many stores will start to mark down stock.


A week ago I discovered YouTuber MtPain27 who has recently published a new YouTube series of videos that looks back at classic Doom megawads and reviews them on some fun criteria. Most YouTubers focus on Doom or Doom II and the main wads and there hasn't been someone that has gone deep on the community megawads.

MtPain started things out reviewing The Plutonia Experiment and recently TNT Evilution which are the two megawads featured in the Final Doom release by iD Software created by community wad teams. On a fun side note if you want to play these they are available as free downloads in the recent Doom Unity remasters.

So far MtPain has reviewed the original 1993 3 Doom campaigns, Final Doom, Alien Vendetta, Vanguard and Eviternity. I'm quite impressed with the clip that these reviews come out and hope it's a series that lasts quite a long time. I'm currently playing my way through Doom II and am excited to focus on a newer megawad and I have my eye set to play Eviternity soon!


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