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The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable was a bi-monthly YouTube videocast for the community about what was awesome in video games. We wrapped our final episode February of 2017 to celebrate it's incredible 5 year run! The Roundtable lives on in Podcast form over at Cheerful Ghost Radio so check it out!

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In this episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we get together to work our fears and thoughts on the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens. We also discuss what we are all playing which is mostly Fallout 4.

Come for the fun banter, stay for belt references along with WhiteboySlim and his hat.

Welcome to the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Halloween special. We talk about what we've been playing, if it's good to release two triple a games at the same time a few retro games and the new Star Wars trailer.

This is a shorted Roundtable as we take off a bit early to stream a bit of Telltales the Walking Dead which you can watch below:

Travis, WhiteboySlim and jdodson are back at it talking about what we've been playing, the upcoming games we are all planning on getting and then one of our favorite games Terraria. Terraria is a special game for Cheerful Ghost as we have been playing it for about 3 years and 5 group servers. We talk about our love for the game, the parts about it we love the most and our most recent server experiences. This may bring our total mentions for the game to damn near close to infinity.

In this episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk about E3 2015! We swoon over Bethesda's showcase of Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, Fallout Shelter & new Doom. We talk about other things about E3 that interested us and what games we would bring back from the future to play right now. We round off the discussion talking about Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's talks and how we all hate exclusives.

I asked Travis for the old Doom 4 leaked footage, here is the link:

If you want to watched Bethesda's epic presentation:

In this episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk about what we've been playing, the latest Humble Nintendie Bundle & the latest craze with free to play games. In this episode you can find out how much our lifetime spend is on free to play games and if we regret any money we've put into them. You're welcome internet!

In this Episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk about the Cheerful Ghost Games Club and what we've been playing with that. We talk about replaying Half-life 2, Guild Wars 2, Titan Souls and the recently released Hearthstone on phones. We head to the main Roundtable discussion covering GDC and Valve's final Steam Controller, Steam Machines & Valve's new VR headset. As always we keep the discussion fun and hopefully Travis can answer why robots kept him away from this episode as for now, it's a secret to everyone.

We are back with the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Season 3. We talk a bit about what we've been playing over the holidays like Shadows of Mordor, Destiny, Risk of Rain, Pokemon & Super Mario Brothers.

During the Roundtable I mentioned beta testing Half-life 3 for Valve and as I was talking script drew something that reflected what I was playing.

We also dig into what we are looking forward to with gaming in 2015 and more!

In this brand new Halloween episode of The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk a bit about what we are playing as well as.... Tie Fighter coming to GOG, the new Star Wars Battlefront, our most favoriate Halloween themed games and more.

Check it out, IF YOU DARE!

As an aside, this will be the last Roundtable for the year. Check us out in January for our all new season! IT WILL POSSIBLY FEATURE DANCING GAMER CATS!

After taking a break, the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable is back on the air. Since we have spent so much time away, this episode is a bit different and contains a few more technical glitches than usual.

We break into song and dance talking about what we've been playing since the last Roundtable as well as the new that Microsoft purchased Mojang for 2.5 billion dollars. With all the negativity surrounding the recent #gamergate controversy we talk about what positive influences games have had on our lives.
Every other Wednesday, a few of us here in the Cheerful Ghost community come together and talk about video games and the industry that produces them. This week, with the events that have transpired in our country, we felt it necessary to focus our attention on bigger issues. However, as we discussed the episode as a group, we were humbled by the weight of it all, our thoughts heavy on what the family of Michael Brown, and the city of Ferguson, are going through. We concluded that it would be much more productive to push that focus away from our own voices, and listen closer to those, not just in Ferguson, but around the country, that need to be heard. We hope that you... Read All

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