Cheerful Ghost Roundtable

The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable was a bi-monthly YouTube videocast for the community about what was awesome in video games. We wrapped our final episode February of 2017 to celebrate it's incredible 5 year run! The Roundtable lives on in Podcast form over at Cheerful Ghost Radio so check it out!

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The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Season 2 Episode 1 is upon us and as always we bring the video game talk.

Show notes & time-codes so you can skip to what you want to hear.

What we have been playing

  • 1.49m : Grand Theft Auto 5 / Online

  • 4.50m : Assassin's Creed IV / Liberation

  • 5.30m : Elder Scrolls Oblivion

  • 5.50m : GTA Online Cheerful Ghost Online Crew

  • 9.15m : Bioshock Infinite

  • 9.55m : NW Expo Game Event / Gameboy Games / Pokemon

  • 11.50m : Shovel Knight Releases March 31st

  • 13.05m : Starcraft 2 releases more as Free to Play

Valve Showcases New Steam Machines at CES

  • 16:25m : Gabes CES Steam Machine Unveiling

  • 22.25m : Are Steam Machines Going to Flop?

  • 28.46m : Are Walled... Read All

This is our last episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable in 2013. We talk about what we've been playing, the recent Starbound beta, SteamOS and Steam Machines beta launch, our top 3 most played games in 2013. We also ask Baby New Year to grant us some wishes when we look forward to 2014 in gaming.

Also, WhiteboySlim shows off his holiday sweater and I get a bit upset when I hear Steam Machine beta recipients are installing Windows..... Barbarians.

This was a special episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable as @CapnCurry and @Travis were out hunting Vampires that sparkle. We talk a bit about the games we are playing and dive in to some awesome game news.

We give our thoughts on the new Starbound Beta and just how much of it we will play. We both break down some new Steam Machine news and Valve's promise to not release SteamOS exclusives. We round things off with some PS4 happenings as well as some awesome games on Kickstarter right now.

As always, if you don't watch and subscribe to your YouTube channel, Mario needs to go to one more castle to find the Princess.

show notes

  • Terraria 1.2

  • My first thoughts on... Read All

In The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Episode 7: Halloween Special we take a bit of a break to talk about horror themed games we have played that have had an impact on us. @CapnCurry drops a story during our roundtable about "Gonzo the Norn" that is a must hear. It's a really interesting tale about an experience he had with a particular Norn in Creatures 2. Experience the story that prompted us to spontaneously clap when he was finished.

We also polish off the episode by going over games we'd like to see come to Valve's upcoming SteamOS and Steam Machines. Come for the video game discussion stay for us dressing up strangely!

In this smashing episode of The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talked about the new Steam Controller, Steam Machine Specs and the Terraria 1.2 update. We let our thoughts out of the bag on how we think the new Steam Controller will stack up with our gaming preferences and also talk about which of the three new Valve announcements we'd rather try first. Whiteboyslim & I then wash the rest of the episode down talking about the amazing new Terraria 1.2 update and our experiences with it pre-hardmode. Warning, it's pretty geek-tastic.

show notes

In this episode of the Cheerful Ghost Roundtable we talk about Valve's new SteamOS and Steam Machines. As always we discuss the games we are playing and dive in to Valve's new console news and what it means for our gaming habits. Is a Steam Machine a good thing or should we just stick with Sony and Microsoft?

show notes

Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Episode 4 takes a bit of a different turn as @Travis, @CapnCurry and @scrypt are away with bubonic cancer. @WhiteboySlim and I talk about some really interesting game news bits and show off what we are playing!

show notes

In this episode we discuss the PS4, XBox One, Wii U, Steam Box and the current generation of consoles. We also talk a bit about what sucked in the last gen. and what we want to see going forward.

During the middle portion of the video I was experiencing technical difficulties, which happens from time to time with a live show on Google Hangout. On one hand, technical difficulties suck but on the other hand, hilarious!

Show Notes:

With the recent news of Phil Fish closing down development of Fez 2 and quitting gaming we focus our Roundtable on "The Internet Hate Factory." Is it ok for people to actively act against others online or should cooler heads prevail? Do people need to develop a thicker skin or should be all be more nice?

We discuss that and the games we are playing as well as a few fun bits, like Travis building an Internet Hate Site focused directly at me, jdodson.

show notes:

Phil Fish closes down Fez 2 Development:

Phil Fish and Jonathan Blow talk about Japanese Video Games:

Jon Carmack Responds to a... Read All

I am happy to bring you The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable Innagural Edition. Featuring awesome community members such as WhiteboySlim, CapnCurry, Travis and myself.

In the first episode we talk about the games we are playing, some site news and our roundtable topic: THE INDIE GAME REVOLUTION! Loved the way it turned out, but since its our first episode there are a few rough patches.

So check it out and let us know what you think about it and ENJOY!

The Roundtable features people from the community so if you are interested in joining us, hit me up.

The Cheerful Ghost Roundtable uses Google Hangouts on Air so the next one will be live which means you can watch it as it happens.... Read All

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