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In what may be the biggest gaming deal ever, Microsoft has purchased Zenimax for $7.5 Billion. That's almost twice what Disney paid for Star Wars, just to put that in perspective.

This means they now own Bethesda Softworks, Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog, and Roundhouse Studios.

This gives Microsoft a huge swath of exclusives going forward. While they've said they're excited to bring these games to Xbox and PC, they haven't specifically said that new games from these studios won't come to PS5, but it's very doubtful they'd pay $7.5 billion and keep making games for their competitors. While they're now ironically publishing a few timed Sony exclusives, it's a fairly safe assumption that when the Elder Scrolls 6 finally releases, for example, it'll be Xbox and PC exclusive. In, y'know, 2035.

I really only want to play most of the games that this acquisition affects on PC, so this isn't a huge hit for me, but this definitely cuts into the argument that Sony has the best exclusives. Right now, they definitely do, but give it a couple years and things will change.

What's most surprising about all of this honestly, is that it didn't leak. Nobody was talking about this at all.

In this episode we're dusting off our favorite old consoles as we take a trip back to the early days of gaming, in our review of Netflix's new documentary series, High Score. For this review, we covered the first 4 episodes.
Tale of the White Wyvern Season 3: The Wyvern Race is now open! In this season, we're changing up the goals a bit. This time, it's a race to see who can get three Wyvern kills first. Once that threshold is met, the season will end and the leaderboards will be filled out.

To help speed this up a bit, we're also increasing the number of forest fights and PvP fights, as well as giving you a bonus to experience gain and gold find.

Come join the race, whether you plan to be competitive or just want to play a second game!
Hello adventurers!

Tale of the White Wyvern launched last year on July 28, 2019. We are celebrating our anniversary with an in-game event in which the Wyrmdoor residents celebrate the town's founding!

From now through August 3, you can get some great bonuses as with all of our events:

  • +11 forest fights.

  • +1 fishing.

  • +3% to forest fight gold.

  • +18% to forest fight experience.

But the main attraction is the Wyrmdoor Jubilee itself. Head over to Jubilee to play Ring Toss, Wyvern Smash, and Bean Bag Throw for some awesome prizes, and talk to Ilsa to learn more about the event.

Helga, as always, keeps the history of Wyrmdoor available for all who are interested, so check in with Helga to learn more about the founding of Wyrmdoor and the Wyrmdoor Jubilee.

And stay tuned, tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the Tale of the White Wyvern launch, and we have an episode of Cheerful Ghost Radio dedicated to talking about our first year.

The year 2020 has been with us for approximately 57 years now. Experts are still at odds on the specific amount of time it's been. But we're still here, and we're back this episode to tell youwhat we've been playing and watching in the absolute hellscape of 2020, and also to dish about the Fallout TV show that may be filmed if there's ever a time when it's safe to be around people again. Plus , we talk COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and other things hitting us hard in this nightmare of a year.

FYI: There are Final Fantasy VII Remake spoilers from 47:25 to 52:50 so please skip that part if you want to play this and haven't.

Plus Travis mentioned Daveed Diggs and how amazing his hip-hop group was, but couldn't remember the name. The group is called Clipping:

In this episode of S̶t̶a̶r̶ ̶W̶a̶r̶s̶ ̶R̶a̶d̶i̶o̶... ahem, Cheerful Ghost Radio, we're here to talk all about the home release of The Rise of Skywalker and see if our opinions have changed since December.

You may notice we are a bit late with this one, and as you listen you might notice from date cues that we recorded this a while back. With people across the world protesting for a great cause, our podcast seemed less important, and we didn't feel the timing was great for releasing new episodes. We hope listening to this can give you a fun reprieve from reality, but please don't let us, or anything, distract you from the importance of what's going on around us.
The Bundle for Racial Justice has just finished up, raising over $8.1 million, and now Humble is out with their version of this.

There are currently 50 games and 25 books, too many to list out here, but a few highlights are in the image above.

This is a starting price of $30 if you want to get the goods, but it's well worth it. Head over to Humble and support a very worthy cause!
There's a massive bundle on that will probably continue to grow. At the start, a few days ago, there were only a few dozen games in this bundle. Now there are 740+ works total (not all games, but a huge majority) from 560+ creators. All proceeds go to two non-profits fighting for the cause of racial justice, and I can't think of anything more worthy of our support.

I'll let the copy speak for itself:

We live in a time of racial injustice, inequality, and police brutality against black people. We hope that everyone takes a stand in any way that they can. We’ve partnered with creators from all across our platform to support organizations that are working directly with those affected.

We reached out to our community and an unprecedented number of creators donated over 740 projects to be part of what we believe is the largest bundle ever. Over $3,400 of paid works are available Pay-what-you-want with a minimum donation amount of $5.

All proceeds will donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.

This is a great way to start your library on if you haven't used it much before, and it's a cause worth supporting. Please give as much as you can and get some pretty great games.

Grab the bundle here:

You may not know this, but we recently unlocked latent psychic abilities, and in this episode we are here to tell you exactly what's coming to gaming in the next ten years. But this episode is not the most important thing right now.

While we usually boost ourselves on social media when we drop a new episode, but this time we aren't doing that. Right now, the world is hurting. If the pandemic wasn't enough, the senseless murder of George Floyd has resonated throughout the world, and this seems like the wrong time to try to boost ourselves. We hope this episode provides you with a welcome distraction, but we aren't going to try to spread it around. Instead we'd like to boost those who are working to make a difference right now.

Instead, we want to boost those who can make a difference.

If you want to protest or help financially, or just help by boosting others, there's a cardd on that's being updated with resources to help out.

The Obama Foundation is working on the My Brother's Keeper initiative to change how policing is done.

The NAACP and Southern Poverty Law Center are always working toward racial equality and stamping out hate, and can always use your support.

And finally, check out the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter for more info on the current up-to-date happenings of these protests, and help spread the word.

This is a stain on our history, but it is also a source of hope. What happened to George Floyd is inexcusable, and the conduct of the police during the protests is as well, but the rising tide of support for Black Lives Matter and meaningful police reform is a heartwarming reprieve from the suffering.

We usually try to stay away from politics on Cheerful Ghost, but this is too important. We 100% stand with Black Lives Matter, and hope we can do our part to spread awareness and support.