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Um... duh...

Why don't they make a DotA mode for Diablo3? It would take about 2 seconds of coding, and about 3 months of balancing, but it could easily be done, and I'm sure it would be fun. Blizzard kind of invented DotA, I'm surprised they haven't done it yet.

The kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation ended yesterday, and it was a huge success: They raised over $2,200,000 with a goal of only $900,000 dollars. The best part is that they announced everything that they will do with the extra money. There are new planet types, a full orchestral score, a making of documentary...

My personal favorite is that they're adding a Galaxy Meta-Game where each match you play has some effect on a giant war going on in a galaxy. Their vision is having clans battle it out over territory using individual matched games. It looks very fun.

This is my first kickstarter anything, but I hope to be sucked in like this again. It's fun feeling like you're in on the ground floor on something and you can watch it develop. I probably won't get my game until July of next year, but I'll be following its progress the whole time, waiting.

It's also nice getting a game made that the devs admit would never be published by a normal company. Kickstarter has enabled us gamers to get outside of the CoD-WoW-Halo-Skyrim Box (not that I didn't love those games, it's just that everything seems like a derivative of those these days).


Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo vs. VALVE

When was the last time we had a 4th box? Jaguar? Rooting for Valve, but history says someone is going to lose here.


Should have posted this a while back because it's probably been two months since I played it. I ran through this game this Summer and had a great time doing it.

In a lot of ways, this is the anti-GTA of the RockStar world: It's (very) closed world mayhem where you never drive a vehicle or get any down time. No sandbox here, this is straight story action story action rinse repeat.

If fatigue didn't set in, you could easily play the game straight through. There is never a loading screen, no signal to stop playing except for mid-chapter inserts that are usually so captivating that they keep you playing. More than once, I realized I was playing more for the story than for the action. I love a game where you actually care about the characters, and this one really pays off. Shoot there's this one time where ***SPOILER DELETED*** and you are like WTF! I literally shouted at the screen, and promptly blew some poor guys virtual head off.

If you like combat in other RockStar games, you'll love this. That said, to me it feels a bit loose, and the bullet time takes a while to really get down. Headshots in slow-mo are fun, though, and this game get's pretty brutal. Definitely not one to play with someone else in the room if you mind them seeing you commit horrible acts of bloody carnage.

Graphics are pretty awesome: the game sports some pretty awesome lighting, filters and animation (and I'd love to see some hi-res PC shots some time, the XBOX just can't do those things right), and the Euphoria engine (the thing that makes people move like... you know... people) leads to some interesting stuff. Bad guys grab at their wounds, try to hang on to railings, and generally move more like thinking human beings than rag-dolls. It actually seems like canned animations until some small bug throws off the vibe, but they're few and far between.

It's music keeps with the RockStar tradition of late: awesome and responsive to the action. The song that plays through the last level is awesome (maybe not "Far Away" in RedDead awesome, but pretty good none the less), and I've taken to playing the soundtrack while farming in Diablo.

It's a good game. Maybe not a must buy (never really played the MP, but if that's good I'd go for it) but certainly rent/GameFly/borrow/demo/SteamSale worthy. Try it out.

Okay, well this isn't a game... yet.


From the people that made Monday Night Combat comes an RTS, the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation.

I actually picked up Total Annihilation the other day and have been playing the heck out of it, when all of a sudden I watch this video. This may be what finally gets me into kickstarter.

Oh, and if you think this video is cool BUY TOTAL ANNIHILATION (GoG.com, $5.99) AN LET"S BLOW EACHOTHER UP!!!

Sorry, I'm just sick of the AI... but not the explosions.

Next blog about the 1.0.4 patch is out. It addresses the problems they've had with legendary items, and I must say their fixes look pretty awesome.


Anyone else want fire chains?angels and demons? Molten shielding?
Oh, and that axe at the end would make me consider a two-hander.

In the didyoueverplaythat category: Little Big Adventure 2

I asked for this for Christmas at some point before the age of 16, having played the original Little Big Adventure. Originally a french game I believe, it never got much exposure here in the states. My father had to go to three or four stores to find it, but I'm glad he did.

The game is a true action adventure, kind of like a semi-isometric zelda with more humor and story elements, along with a few Monkey-Island esque puzzles. It's on GoG.com if you have $6 to kill and don't mind a game from the very early 3D era.

So... didyoueverplaythat?

Picked up this gem out of the bin at a GoodWill today. Even if I only get through one complete game it will be well worth the $1.99

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