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Elder Scrolls MMO Details (not completely sure how reliable this is, but it's been linked to on some major sites).


Screenshots: http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/05/elder-scrolls-online.html

Honestly... disappointed. This looks like every other MMO we've ever seen, which isn't all bad, but it certainly isn't going to pull me in.

Well, I've got to bitch for a second. The stupid pre-downloader for this game is driving me nuts. I run it for like 5 minutes, and it just closes: no error, no exception, no sign that anything went wrong except that it just gone.

You can pick up where you left off, but I've been downloading it as much as I've been able to (I don't have the best bandwidth), and I'm just over 60% done. That is after over a week.

I've tried Admin mode, Safe mode, no anti-virus. I've got a ticket in with Blizzard, but... eh... not really sure what to expect there.

Okay. A little bit of seething and I feel better... okay that's not true: I'm pissed.

Blizzard! Diablo or GTFO!

Any of you MMOers out there... do you think your game would let this happen?


Ever since I first heard about it, EVE has tempted me. I don't really have the time, and I doubt I could really pull off explaining the monthly subscription to my wife, but a game where this happens sounds... entertaining. All of the other games try to make you "believe you are part of a larger world." Well, guess what: this game actually let's you interact with everyone and change the world, even if it's for destructive purposes Just like the real world.

Just played a bit of Tribes: Ascend. It's pretty cool. It rides the line between chaotic and smart well. It's almost like a first person SSX with guns. it has this skiing mechanic that becomes natural after just a few minutes, and I think it might make other shooters seem hobbled in comparison.

Check it out. If you do, I'm TungstenSt4

EDIT: Did I mention it's free?


Worst game I ever played. Almost unplayable. I love the show and thought to myself: "even if it's a steaming pile of $++t, I'll be able to pull $20 of enjoyment out of it."

Not even close.

What's the worst game you ever bought?


For all you math nerds out there.

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