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I was listening to the radio today and they were talking about the recent controversy with the ending of Mass Effect. When the host asked for an example of a great ending to a game, this is the one the interviewee provided.

True enough, it was the best ending to a game that I can recall.

By the way, if you haven't played the game, you're not really going to benefit from the ending in the video above. It's purely an emotional payoff and if you haven't put the time into the game up until that point, you're not going to get it, so don't spoil it for yourself.

Also, if you haven't played the game, do so at your earliest convenience. It is much much more than GTA in the wild west.

One of the best games ever. If you have any interest in tactical RPG's, you owe it to yourself to pick it up. You can get it on Steam and Wii (and emulation...).

Sequel? One of the best written comedy games ever. Sure, the platforming could drive you mad (I never actually did beat the meat circus), and it had its share of bugs, but it also had some of the best art, characters, and pure inventiveness, all wrapped in that patented Tim Schafer cleverness.


Did you guys play the original? It didn't sell well (though I think I've technically bought it three times myself). What do you think about the idea of a sequel?

I haven't been through Skyrim in about a week. I have Deus Ex, game of the year to several institution, sitting nearly untouched. I have about 6 games from the last humble bundle that I haven't even downloaded yet.

Tiny Tower is dominating all of my time...

Tiny tower is one of those "freemium" games where you do something a little fun, but then it starts to take a lot of time unless you give them money. In this case, it is building a tower, filling it with apartments and businesses, and stocking those businesses with products and services.

It sounds inane, and it kind of is. But I can't stop...

Anyone else ever get hooked on this evilly addictive little gem?

Play this now. It'll take you about 20 min. to beat, and oh boy is it worth it:


Do you like puzzle games? They you might like this. Don't be fooled though, this isn't really a puzzle game. It is much more than that.

This game tricks you into being an engineer. It starts out all cute with these simple little puzzles, and 10 0hours in you're managing multiple plants, multiple processes, matching inflow with outflow, all while shooting lasers at giant floating pyramid.

I've never really been able to pick up coding, but I have a feeling that this game kind of feels like that. You are given a task and you begin to put together different little tricks that you have learned in order to complete that task. When you find out that your old methods won't work you have to devise new ones. Then you refine your design, improve upon your tweaks, and rework solutions in a more holistic manor to improve efficiency and economy.

Trust me, try the demo and you'll get hooked. You'll make your first solution and be all proud until you see that someone else solved it in half the number of cycles using 1/10 the commands, and you'll spend three hours tinkering until you can match half their success.

I know, it's really hard to explain why this game is so great. If you want a taste, go to www.zachtronicsindustries.com and try out "The Codex of Alchemical Engineering." It is a very similar game (though much cruder than space chem) and you should be able to see what I'm talking about. (While you're at it, if you're really into driving yourself mad, try out "Kohctpyktop.")

My quick first impressions from the beta (<1hour in):

I miss the old art style. I wasn't a hater on the original footage, and I think that it's okay for the series to move in a different direction, but so much of the game right now looks like the early areas of WoW when you start as an undead. It's good, its fun, its interesting, but it's not how I think of Diablo.

One thing I really miss are the old 2D sprites. They were so detailed, while the new models seems so cartooney, just like the base models of WoW mobs.

Enough with the bashing. The gameplay is spot on. It's just like you remember except they've added fun little things like environmental damage and a more intuitive ability system, while ditching frustrations like identify scrolls.

I'm playing as a Monk and he's fun. click-click-click-CLICK and everyone's dead. I do feel perhaps a bit over powered right now, but I'm sure I'll go back on that the first time I die.

Overall, I'm very happy, and I'm sure I'll get used the the art style soon enough. I'm sure I'll pick this up whenever Blizzard deems it ready.

Let's do some math:
Deus Ex: $15.99 ÷ 36 hours ≈ 44¢/hr
Skyrim: $54.99 ÷ 213 hours ≈ 26¢/hr
Portal2: $49.99 ÷ 23 hours ≈ $2.17/hr

And you know what, Portal was worth every penny.

It was my favorite game of last year, over Skyrim, over Deus Ex, over... everything. Shoot, there should have been an option to leave your web-cam on during the entire game so that you can go back and just watch your own $#!? eating grin for hours on end.

There wasn't a part of that game that I didn't think was about perfect.

Possible my favorite part is this: you go through an entire game without hurting a fly (unless you count personality cores or turrets). No, I'm not a huge pacifist, and I have zero problems with games where you run around cuttings heads off and running over prostitutes, but isn't it nice to be able to play a game that wins completely on gameplay and personality rather than OMGTHATISSOBRUTAL!!! It's a game that I show people who don't like games.

Can you think of any other games like that, "evangelical" games as it were?

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