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Any of you guys ever found the Development Hell level? Just a fun little easter egg I stumbled onto the other day.

As a conversation starter then, what are the best easter eggs you can think of? Did you find them yourself or did you use a guide?

Best Bundle Ever


I'll save you the suspense of loading the page.. Here are the games:
•Amnesia:Dark Descent
•Swords and Sorcery EP

Seriously, get this now if for no other reason than Psychonauts, though each of these games are probably worth over $10 alone.

So, I'm through act 1, and still haven't played coop. If anyone is ever interest in joining me, my tag is Tungsten#1411

First one I actually felt was worth publishing. Let me know what you think.


Really happy with the editor, but here and there you play one that you know was done in Hammer and it's a major difference. Apparrently there is a way to set up your map in this editor and then export it to Hammer for finishing touches (non-flat surfaces, different texture sets, scripting capabilites). If you want to see what I mean, check out the "Decay" Maps in the workshop.


Anyone here making portal maps? Apparently there are already 35,000 of them. I might try to put one together this weekend (or next... who know's when I'll have the time). I'll link it if I get it together.


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