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Not the worlds most amazing achievement to be sure, but one I am happy for. If you are playing Hearthstone and want some incentive to land 300 gold, keep playing because at a thousand wins you will get your wish.

Not sure how many videos I will create, but i'll keep them posted to the forums here. In this video Link learns Manbo's Mambo a song Link learns after completing the Angler's Tunnel. You can use the song you learn on your ocarina to take you to Crazy Tracys so you can buy potions.

After posting the video earlier of The Ballad of the Wind Fish I decided to do a few more videos as I play through the game. Same dutch angle and keeping the videos to story beats in Link's Awakening. This video is of the games introduction and I really enjoy how the pixels go crazy during high white flashes in the intro.

Rich and Jack are playing Helldivers and accidentally invite a couple random players (another funny moment is https://youtu.be/LwdfSPCkP1g?t=1h17m when the first player joins and surprises Rich and Jack) to play along with them.

In the main video, one of the random players has his wife start scolding him apparently for being too loud, and for being 30 and talking to people on a computer game. The funny exchange starts at about the 7 min mark. smiling_imp

I just read a preview about Final Fantasy VII Remake and watched a couple of videos for it. It definitely looks different in many aspects, not just visually upgraded. It looks like it won't have the classic turn-based combat style.

What do you think about this? Is this the reason to get a PS4 if you don't already own one? I'll wait and see. We don't have a release date as of yet, but this does seem like something that could get me to buy a PS4. Although, what I read seems to hint that it may be coming to PC and possibly even the XBox.

We always knew they were coming back

Independence Day was one of my favorite movie experiences in my teenage years, so I'm excited to see what the sequel will bring us. This trailer looks pretty rad, and there's a cool interactive website that shows how the world has progressed since the War of 1996. It's a bit clunky, but cool to click through :)


I was just recently thinking about which is superior, between PC and console games. I guess this mostly stems from playing PC games and running into multiple bugs or issues. However, console games aren't immune to these issues. Long ago, in the early life of video games, consoles didn't receive patches for issues, but now they do.

One of the problems with PC games is that there is a huge variety of hardware that these games are supposed to run on and therefore support. So, one PC gamer may not see the same issues as another, perhaps because they have better hardware. Consoles, on the other hand, don't have this issue. So, I think that makes consoles a bit better and... Read All

Recently I heard someone (Jay from RedLetterMedia for those that care) talk about how he listens to a type of music called Synthwave. I looked it up and found out that I really like it. It's been around for a while, and you might recognize if from movies and video games such as Drive and Hotline Miami.

From Wikipedia:
Musically, synthwave is heavily inspired by new wave and the soundtracks of many 1980s films, videogames, cartoons and television shows. Composers such as John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream are frequently cited as influences. The style is mainly instrumental, and often contain 80s cliché elements in the sound such as electronic drums, gated reverb, analog... Read All

Since I visit GameFAQs.com every day to participate in the daily poll, I also tend to check out the latest in video gaming news. When I see something interesting, I like to share it here with you. Today, I found an interesting news piece about Jimmy Kimmel posting a video about the "avalanche" of backlash he received from gamers about a joke he recently made.

It was probably a few days ago that I saw that Jimmy Kimmel said, "[t]o me, watching another person play video games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you." Although I mostly disagree with his statement, I think it's funny. It's obvious that a lot of the gaming community doesn't... Read All

Just a funny picture :)