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Disney/ILM is researching new forms of entertainment with VR and it's pretty interesting to see how they utilize the hardware. The thought of a VR Star Wars film is interesting but I am not entirely certain of how awesome it would be. I imagine someday I might be reading this and thinking my fears quaint but I don't know if it's obvious to anyone how a traditional film would work in VR. Not to say I wouldn't want to experience that at some point. Perhaps they will offer a 2D and VR experience for future films so you can watch it as you'd like?

*Update 12/2019*
Edited, removed links no longer relevant as free upgrade is no longer available

Recently, Windows 10 was released. I decided to take up the free upgrade offer and so I upgraded from 8.1. I think it's common (and not a bad idea) that many people hesitate upgrading Windows as soon as a new version is released. This is because there may be bugs and other issues, so people tend to prefer to wait a while until many of those issues are worked out. I'm not one of those people, obviously.

Before it was released, I noticed an icon in my notification tray for the upgrade. That little piece of software made it so that you could sign up for the upgrade and it would... Read All

Bane was in both Batman and Robin and The Dark Knight Rises. Red Letter Media has mashed up 2 Batman-Bane fights, with Batman from Batman and Robin (George Clooney) and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises (Tom Hardy).

They fit really well together! Enjoy!

Did anybody pick up Rare replay?

I've been play Viva Pinata with my son. He likes gardens and animals, so I thought it would be up his alley. So far he has enjoyed watching it.

I also played RC Pro Am (Haven't played that in a long time). Man, the d-pad sucks for steering the car, but it is still a lot of fun.

If you haven't checked it out, it is for the Xbox One and costs $30 for 30 games.

I'm playing it again, I'm about 2 hours in. I need something else to play besides Terraria. This will be my third time starting it. Anything I should know going in? Anything you wish you knew when you started?

I'm playing as the female Shepherd and that's really helping. She's much better performed than the male Shep.

hey everybody! My name is levi. And i am 15 years old. Ive never used cheerful ghost before so im sort of just winging it. Anyways, recently i Have made a clan called roag. Roag is a clan on xbox360 and Playstation3 consoles. We have three gameplay divisions in our clan...Sniping, Regular Gun, And Competitive. Each division has different rules and standards for joining and playing as a member of roag. If your interested in hearing more or have any questions to ask i would be more then happy to talk to you about it if you add me on xbox. My user is levionater15. If you dont play but you would like to watch a some samples of us you can subscribe to our youtube channel... Read All

I pretty much love everything RedLetterMedia does, but this is even better than I was expecting!

Here it is folks! The new trailer for "Space Cop" - To be released soon. When it's done. Starring internet legend Rich Evans. Produced by internet frauds Mike and Jay.

Starship Rubicon is coming to Steam very soon, *cough* tomorrow *cough* and I wanted to let everyone know that we are happy with how the Linux port turned out. That said there are a zillion Linux variants out there and we wanted to drop some tips for people on how to get things running as smooth as possible.


Linux has some problems with sound effects not playing and/or being at wonky volumes. Go figure. It uses OpenAL by default (I have not been able to get FreeAudio to work) but apparently needs the 32-bit drivers. On 64-bit Ubuntu, you should be able to get them with:

sudo apt-get install libopenal1:i386 libopenal-dev:i386

Other linux distros need to modify that... Read All

I'm just now hearing about Amazon Echo. Completely freaked out, but I so want one! Skynet be damned!

I recently saw a pretty cool fan creation called "Predator Dark Ages." It's an exceptionally good fan creation that pits the Predator against some Dark Ages Knights.