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Earl's got some mad swagger.

Lip syncing is so much easier with puppets it turns out!

I found this totally awesome old Genesis promo video for Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition. So much amazing 90's cheese. Plus it's also fun to watch an old take on a classic game the time it came out even if it's from the horses mouth.

PSA: If you're tried one of the free weekends and liked what you saw, but you were waiting for it to be really, incredibly cheap, now is your opportunity.


$10 for regular, $15 for the Deluxe edition. Since there's no monthly subscription, this is as close to totally free as it's likely to get.

Blizzard sent me a few Heroes of the Storm beta keys and I have a few left and wanted to give them to anyone that wanted one. Drop your request in the comments and i'll send you a site message with the key.

**EDIT** All the keys have been sent out

Hello, my fellow Cheerful Ghosts. I just thought of a new discussion topic, that I think could generate some dialogue. I want to know what your thoughts are on Early Access games. I'm curious as to what your opinion and experience with them has been. Have you been disappointed or delighted with any? Are there any Early Access stories you'd like to share?

I continue to watch my interest in them increase. For instance, Starbound, Salt, and Stranded Deep. I think they are good games and I'm looking forward to watching their development. I think that's the good part of it, knowing (or hoping) that there's new content coming and bug fixes to be applied. The bad part is... Read All

I found this Ars Technica article on the state of Linux Gaming worth recommending. It notes the sad state of Linux gaming not too long ago and how there are a ton of choices now that Valve has entered the market.

As someone that was Linux only back in the day I can say that running the few native games was fun, yet extremely limiting. I had success running some games in Wine but it was never great and I couldn't get the full power out of my hardware. Things are much better now, even if the article outlines how imperfect Linux gaming is.



Can't wait! Although shining light directly in to my eyes sounds unhealthy....but I am willing to give it a try to ride a dragon or fight orcs!!

This video makes sense and makes the game look pretty deep.
What do you think?

I'd like to see what you think about game difficulty. How hard or easy to you like your games? Do you like being able to adjust the difficulty level? Do you like a challenge?

I've been thinking about this in recent months because of I've been playing Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros. (Wii U). Honestly, when I'm playing a game, I want to have fun, that is my priority. I want to enjoy my gaming experience. However, there are many games that offer challenges, some of which can be down right frustrating. Sometimes, I get really frustrated and therefore have to take a break from the game to calm down and relax a bit. Sometimes, I just have to search the Web for strategies and... Read All

Jam Session is a Nintendo DS game that was released in 2007. The game is rated "E for Everyone" but featured the above commercial in an Australian ad campaign. The game may not have a classic, but this amazing commercial lives on,